Lake Street Dive - Hang On Lyrics

We once were luminous lovers, just you and I
We shone as brightly as the stars in the summer sky
My light was only supposed to shine on another guy
So lover, hang on

I'd grown accustomed to the role of the crying one
You brought me to another world where the crying's done
And now the other man's cryin' has just begun
So lover, hang on

Hang on, hang on
Until then I whisper to my lover
Tell him I'll be back again another day
Hang on, hang on
Until then I whisper to my lover
Tell him I'll be back again another day

Our night of luminous love was just a start
We're a brand new binary star, put us on the charts
Lover, hang on, first I've gotta go and break a heart
So lover, hang on

Hey goodbye
Gotta go, baby
Hey that's life
But you know that I hate it
Hate goodbyes
Hate long waiting
There ain't no fire
Like the one that I'm saving

(Summer's gone, winter's waiting)
Our night of luminous love was just a start
(Won't be long, I'll hurry back, baby)
We're a brand new binary star, put us on the charts
(Ain't no fire like the one I'm saving)
Lover, hang on, first I've gotta go and break a heart
Ain't no fire like the one that I'm savin' for good, baby

Hang on, hang on
Until then I whisper to my lover
Tell him I'll be back again another day
Hang on, hang on
Until then I whisper to my lover
Tell him I'll be back again another day

Hang on, hang on
Until then I whisper to my lover
Tell him I'll be back again another day
Hang on, hang on
Until then I whisper to my lover
Tell him I'll be back again another day

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Lake Street Dive Hang On Comments
  1. Relaxation Music Sanctuary

    Guys of the band: I love you!

  2. Shawn Thomas

    Your voice is unbelievable and yes u are definitely a beautiful looking woman to 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  3. Dominic Hayes

    That bassist has great voice tone

  4. evanjfraser

    damn this bassist is the greatest

  5. Steve Kravinsky

    Okay so this my fav LSD song...then I hear another and it jumps the line. I love everything they do. I'm hopelessly smitten with these five musicians. Love my LSD 🎶🥁🎤🎺 🎹🎻 🎸

    Ideal Dan

    Nailed it. I've been loving them for a decade and could not ever pick a favorite -- you're spot on, each one jumps the line.

  6. lincoln3307

    Damn Bridgette!!!! Please PLAY ME like that upright BASS!!!

  7. Stan Childs

    It’s all about the bass , yeah I know..,

  8. Le Lien

    Oh wow this is amazeballs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Cameron Lesley

    I love this band. I’m glad I stumbled across them. Each video changes my day for the better

  10. Magnolia Harris-Blackburn

    You guys are so amazing!!!! Can’t wait to see you guys and wood bros at Wolf Trap❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. William Conqueror

    Not only does LSD have the best live performances of any band around, their songs are so creatively original --a unique combination. When my Baby Boomer friends complain about today's music, I simply say, "You have not heard Lake Street Dive. Prepare yourself for a sweet sonic treat."

    james smurf

    Totally agree :)

  12. Arienzo Amadeus

    Great as always and even got better with the keyboard player on board .

  13. james smurf

    Love the new band member Arkie and his subtle keyboard skills, perfectly adds and extends the beauty of this band's performances :))

  14. heybratender

    I have loved listening to music for most of my 65 years.... but I have to say this some of the most enjoyable I have ever heard.

  15. karl sklar

    So fine...!

  16. friendofcoal

    Cover idea, "Walking On Sunshine"...…….

  17. themagstetrcat

    more bass in the mix please xxxxx

  18. BroughtUpright

    So dragon pants but I sense a sweet intro rambling on LSD ♥️🔮🐉🎸

  19. Kevin Gallagher

    This band DESERVES to make it. They are THAT GOOD

  20. Mike Solomon

    the thing with this band is they never stop Bringing It! They are all real Players, songs like this come to life because everyone innovates. yeah, Rachael's voice is always a phenomenal focus, the subtle interplay that everyone puts in.... but check out the amazing interplay between bass and bongos... only word for that is Tight

  21. Drew Gormley

    She has enough control to sing lead vocal into an sm 58.
    For those of you that don't sing, that's quite a feat.

    Eric G

    props to the sound engineer as well.

    Ideal Dan

    @Eric G 'struth!

  22. iRmonstr

    Best. Band.

  23. Geoff Isabelle

    Fantastic. I love the slightly complex rhythms going on in this song... definitely the collective Jazz educations coming out to play. Stellar stuff as always!

  24. Eric G

    at 0:34 did Bridget release a silent one? 😂😂😂 Akie's facial reaction when turns to the right to grab some fresh air as Bridget looks at him wondering "did he smell it?'

  25. Tim Bo

    Very, very nice.

    I only found LSD a few weeks ago and now each new song or re-listening deepens my appreciation. I find that I can hear the voice of each instrument and the vocal and then they all come together to make the magic. Share from me.

  26. Eva Harris

    absolute perfection as usual, and akie bermiss at 2:03 though (and of course the entire time)--incredible!

  27. Chris Warren

    Please come to Toronto.

  28. dissociated

    So beautiful, looking forward to catching you in San Francisco in September!

  29. Kevin McKinney

    Beautifully spare version of a very cool, very unusual song. Love it, on multiple counts, but not least because, to my knowledge, I've never seen another drummer power a 5/4 groove on muted bongos.

  30. Corinne Mazloum

    Aww man. aww man aww man aww man awwwwww man etc.

  31. art2liv4

    In the band's pre-Akie era, the piano break would would have been a trumpet break. Not complaining, just noting.

  32. Emily Gercke

    Love Mike C's harmony on this one! It's just a third below on "on" but sounds so unexpected for some reason.

  33. Andrew Cosio

    3:23 😍👌 that smile

    Ideal Dan

    yeah, when it just can't get any tighter

  34. AwesomeTinyHobbit

    Just found out you guys are coming to my college town... couldn’t be more THRILLED!!! 😁😁

  35. Dan Anthony

    That mic sucks. Not a fan of this recording process .

  36. RaisedByCats

    Really appreciate the sound quality of the stuff you release on YouTube.

  37. Renato Pessoa

    Kd a brasileirada que curte o som dos caras?

  38. Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca


  39. Viktor Ferenczi

    When you think LSD can't be better, they release a song in 5/4 time that's actually catchy...amazing

  40. menom7

    Her Voice is simply an ADDICTION for me!!! LOVE LSD!!!

  41. 1969nathaniel

    Wow! I love you guys! How about a New Zealand tour ? can crash at my place.....

  42. Joseph Boyette

    Holy shit I just realized that with Akie y'all can now group cosplay as Mystery Inc, it's perfect.

  43. Christopher Sloan

    You all are Brilliant!!!

  44. rloomis3

    Love how Rachael's vocal lines would sound right at home on a horn or a guitar. So many pop/rock/etc. singers can't truly be called "musicians," but there's no shade of a doubt when it comes to Ms. Price.

  45. lar1414

    They really need to mic the bass. That girl is jammin' way to hard to barely register the sounds she's creating.

  46. Tim Burns

    Wow...this is an amazing song...loved it

  47. 김동찬

    What more can I say?

  48. ZWICK 6

    Think I like this version more than the cut on the album...

    Kevin McKinney

    I love that version, too, but it is pretty awesome to have this 'deconstructed' reading available. One of the great things about LSD is how much they can do with a minimal live setup like this. And how about the fluency of Mike Calabrese in translating the full drumset part he normally plays down to a pair of bongos? Bearing in mind that the groove of this song is in a very unusual 5/4 meter? He's seriously underrated by most, I think, maybe partly because he always makes it look so easy and natural.

    ZWICK 6

    Kevin McKinney Yes-that’s the true sign of anyone who is great at what they do- they make it look easy. I’m a drummer, and he definitely has my respect, as well as all the other members...

  49. Emerald kat

    I am just so happy whenever I listen to you guys! In fact, your band has brought me so much closer to my father-in-law. We can't wait to see you at Red Rocks!!! Much love from CO!

  50. James Von Maxwell

    Rachel is exceptionally pretty today...just saying.

    Joe M

    James Von Maxwell - Her name is spelled Rachael.

    Aquí estamos P

    And have you checked the other Hang on You Tube version..?

  51. James Von Maxwell

    Beautiful production, and an excellent song. Well done LSD.

    James Von Maxwell

    Might add...Led Zeppelin esque...beautiful.

  52. Richard Lane


  53. Sarah Knndy

    She looks like a young Ruth Bater Ginsburg

  54. sharif

    This is my favorite song off the new album. Just excellent.

  55. Harold BeaumontFinns

    Frick that’s good HHHHAAAAAANNNNG ONNN

  56. Jimmy Brobeck

    Y'all givin' me chicken skin with your musical presence!

  57. MrDaveFab

    Love it!!

  58. Tere Mertz

    Going to see them in September 😌

  59. Terrye Williams

    Ever since I heard these guys a couple of months, I’ve just been obsessed with their music. Just love the basic instrument sound, the vocals, such raw talent!

  60. Andrew Bates

    by far the best song on the album.

  61. cadwalladee

    liquid awesome.

  62. dave hendo

    That was excellent.Love watching this band mature. ......Bridget's hair's a bit Queen(the band),circa 1975,

  63. S.P. Price

    Fantastic band!!

  64. Steve Garbarini

    Consistent high level songcraft...again! That's a double positive, btw. :)

  65. Alex Momeyer

    I loves me some 5/4 meter! Well done LSD!

  66. Joan Schofield

    Yea! So good.

  67. Hank Merman

    The editing on this video lacks both rhythm and narrative flow. It is frustrating, nearly unwatchable. Great song, though!

  68. pollyboy12

    I’m so in love w Rachael

  69. Catherine Krawiec

    Favorite song on the album. Such a treat to hear it live and acoustic. Thank you!

  70. The Stuport

    Love My LSD....BEST TRIP EVER......Cheers Everyone!!

  71. Francois Theron

    Hang on!!!!

  72. Rene Kurowsky

    I like your music so much, hope you come to Germany again soon...

  73. Joy Jackson

    love the video the only band I follow <3

  74. davekpghpa


  75. Kane Keefer

    Amazing! Inspired!

  76. LukeTheDuke93

    Yessir. Keep it up!

  77. ArtFartzy

    Sounds really good, love it :)

  78. William Conway

    I can’t for the life of me figure out why LSD isn’t all over the radio. Just so much...everything!!!


    William It’s okay - they’re fairly successful and will hopefully remain so... more for us. The masses ruin everything. :) They’re *too* talented to get that huge.

    Dean Roddey

    They actually play instruments. That disqualifies them for modern day success. Now if they broke out a laptop and some samples and auto-tuned Rachael, they'd have a chance.

    Eric G

    people still listen to radio?


    This is music for grown ups. There aren't so many grown ups anymore since the youth revolution in "68.

  79. Corey Mineard

    Another great song. Thank you.

  80. Roderick Legato

    Alan Tudyk always does a great job on guitar.

    Bog Nostroclump

    If Wash could play guitar like that, Firefly would still be on the air.

    j ppitch

    This comment is underrated hahaha

  81. Blue Blub

    Great song

  82. sean treacy

    Such a great voice

  83. Greg Camara

    Yes! Another great tune. LOVE IT!

  84. Max Cruz

    My ears perked up the minute I heard the intro, man do I love this band. I love the fact that they give u this organic sound of their songs, although they have the studio produced version..they just keep it real, they give it to u the way they prob wrote it..please , please keep it up guys. U guys are my favorite band hands down. It's like the Beatles or Jimy Hendrix all over again.

  85. Cooden B Laymer

    Sweet damn, this is nice music!

  86. ZoovFam


  87. Vincent Bifano

    I don't believe I'll ever tire of this band being stellar...

  88. R.P. Rosen

    When LSD publishes a new video, my day gets a free upgrade to ... FIRST CLASS!

  89. timkjazz

    Favorite current band, hands down.

    Wayne Simpson

    If you haven't already; treat yourself to seeing them is too short not to.

  90. Are you Serious


  91. Bryan Berrett

    Yes! Ever since I heard this live a year ago I have been waiting for this version.

  92. Gretschnut

    Fabulous tune and wonderful performance. Love you guys!

  93. Rick Horner

    Too much talent to be contained in a van, even a luxury van such as this is

  94. Kieran Leopold

    I will listen to this band on a stage.
    I will listen to them on a bus or in the street.
    I will listen to them while I tap my feet.

    Emerald kat

    I would listen in the rain!
    I would listen on a train!

    I would listen here. I would listen there.
    I will listen to them everywhere!!!

    Rick Flores

    Dig the rhyme!

  95. Air-headed Aviator

    Its a good feeling when one of your bands puts out new music

  96. Andrew Kurtz

    Yes. Just... yes. Amazing.

  97. T.O.N.

    Hope I get to see you live someday :-)

    Wayne Simpson

    At the risk of sounding like Nike or LeBeouf...'do it' , I did...knock down those obstacles, it's all worth it.