Lake Street Dive - Ellijah Lyrics

Elijah has brains and long legs and wears jeans at his hip
and nary a girl in the world has been missed by his grip
He’s long curly hair, that when wet, goes as far as his chin
and his knowledge of poets and punks is debatably thin

The thing i like most about him is what I see on the surface
Like two distant shores, we are bound by a love that’s an isthmus

Oh Elijah!

Elijah, he lay in psychosis one bright sunny day
and even in sleep I cannot make myself walk away
So pretty was he, I said something I couldn’t retract
and so for three years, he spent most of his time in the sack

Although it’s November, I know we won’t make it to christmas
Like two distant shores, we are bound by a love that’s an isthmus

Oh Elijah!

Elijah once told me in private that he’d like a break
although he revealed through his actions that he was a fake
And so, then in public I told him that he’s too dependent
and now to this day I maintain that I am unrepentant

All he can see through the tunnel is none of his business
Like two distant shores, we are bound by a love that’s an isthmus

Oh Elijah!

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Lake Street Dive Ellijah Comments
  1. heybratender

    Love everything about LSD.

  2. Ralph Hooker

    Bridget rules!

  3. Alex Pullen

    Thank you so much for making this video!

  4. Gordon Anderson

    Back when you were 15 {so good} and working towards the day you would be old enough to play in Clubs!

  5. Emma Manalastas

    Please come to Winnipeg Manitoba Canada!!!!

  6. sophomorocat

    Arguably the best of twenty or more LSD vids I've watched since noon yesterday when I discovered them. Last time I loved everything a band came out with was the Beatles.
    Not bad company to be mentioned with!

  7. Burning Fireplace!


  8. Hallands Menved

    It's so good it hurts!!

  9. Tommy Park

    So did you guys go play at school?

  10. Karen Henkels

    Fabulous even nicer than the other version I've got so sweet at the end to.

  11. Michael Wampler

    Those bangs

  12. David Nathans

    I have to know... Did you go to the neighbor lady's school for 4 year olds and IS THERE VIDEO! Bridgets reaction to her request was priceless. :) This band ALWAYS makes me smile.

  13. Garry Girard

    any chance you guy's will be coming to philly anytime soon?


    +Garry Girard guys plural not possesssive GN

  14. Jack Martin

    Did they ever visit the school?


    Well, Rachael has another video on this channel that's from a playground... it's possible.

  15. Josh Lewis

    These cats are awesome. What's mike even playing. A rail and armrest and still rocks it. Come to Michigan please!!

  16. Sam Vimes

    I love the "thrown together" look if this, the one thing being that people don't just carry around orchestral basses.  Sorry, Bridget.  :)

    The Stuport

    Bridget makes her "Chad" as normal as if she was carrying a back pack! Cheers

  17. deniseg812

    I love it the woman wants them to come play at her school for 4 years olds, guess they are going to learn what 3 years in the sack mean?

  18. Coveskipper

    How is the whole neighborhood not out there in the street listening by halfway through this?

  19. deniseg812

    There is going to be a free concert on June 20 at Prospect Park Band Shell with LSD, I can't wait. Brooklyn, NY baby!

  20. Find ALL The Things

    Love it so much <3

  21. Ahntara123

    Rachel, you should post more videos.  Your fans love you.

    Nenad Ilic

    Ahntara123 i agree

    Joe M

    Ahntara123 - Her name is spelled “Rachael”.

  22. Jonathan Zabala

    Love that for shuffle

  23. Robert Harper

    My new favorite song, so very much.

  24. Casey Cash

    Too much! Minimal equipment and maximum music. Rachel looks like she is going to levitate. Please keep on doing what you are doing.

    Joe M

    Casey Cash - Her name is spelled “Rachael”.

  25. Joey Pedras

    gahhh this is awesome

  26. Doug Keene

    One of my favorite running songs. So, so fun.

  27. imfromtambunan

    More please

  28. Chad Goins

    I recently found you by accident, thank GOD!

  29. Elie Hoover

    The end is the best part! :)

  30. LinkHerdsManyGoats

    My favorite part of this video is how the woman at the end was all like "I was talking about having someone come play at my school"

    this group is amazing, saw them for the first time ever at the bullfrog.. became an instant fan after having the opportunity to become an interim soundbwoi for them all. =))))))))))

  31. Get Your Sketch

    Love it! I am a fan!

  32. dbaide01

    loving this song...there was another LSD video I found the other day and I LOVED it but now i can't find's filmed in the kitchen and rachael is playing uke and sitting on a couch. there's also a cute dog that makes a guest appearance...??

    keep up the amazing work!

  33. Richard Kusaba

    So, uuhhh... did you go to the school for four-year-olds?

  34. Richard Kusaba

    Liked it a lot!

    "Isthmus" can now join "moot", "cupcake", and "antibiotics" in my ever growing list of improbably song words.