Lake Street Dive - Dude Lyrics

Allow me to introduce myself
I am the hottie you roll with at night
I am a body, a soul, and a mind
Lately, you left me behind

Now we don't seem to talk anymore
We used to kick it like Joe and Obama
Now you just leave me at home playin' mama
You give your friends all your time

Would you like me more
Would you like me more
Would you like me more

If I was a dude
Rollin' with your crew?
Would you give me high-fives
If I was a guy?
And in the end, would you wanna be my friend, too?

Take me out to the ball game, baby
I wanna stay up and party like a lady
I wanna eat all the biscuits and gravy
Lately I've been so very hungry

Come on, let's get back to when we used to be brothers
How did I end up as only your lover?
I want you over and under the covers
I hate how you run when you're done with me

Would you like me more
Would you like me more
Would you like me more

If I was a dude
Would you think I'm cool?
Could I play in your band
If I was a man?
And if I was a dude
Greasy, tough, and crude
Would you think I'm fly
If I was a guy?
And in the end, would you wanna be my friend, too?
And in the end, would you wanna be my friend, too?

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Lake Street Dive Dude Comments
  1. Janay Hair

    Beautiful voice. She's definitely one of my favorites. That High c# is a little strained though. Could definitely use more resonance. Too pitchy for it to be comfortable. I felt uncomfortable hearing that high vocalization being a singer myself. I'd suggest to Rachael Price, to open up behind her eyes more when she sings up in that range to bring some warmer colors into the timbre. Without that it sounds a bit shrill. Overall I like this song. Fun.

  2. Jackie Flowers

    First time seeing you live in Wilmington NC on Sunday night. Instant fan and purchased both cds on Amazon that night.

  3. Oliver Klozov

    Rachael Price is definitely my favorite vocalist of all time. Such an incredible vocal range and truly the voice of an angel

  4. Steve Kravinsky

    I did not realize Rachael could hit such a high register. What can't she do with that fab voice? Wow.

  5. Stephen Wyatt

    0:33 This band is cool and all, but that was kinda cheesy, lol.

    Jacob Shirley

    Yet, the crowd always gives a great response to it lol.

  6. Trevor Seppola

    yeah i know. power in the voice!

  7. Lone Post

    DUUUDE that outro was like great gig in the sky meets the jimi hendrix of trumpet..sick asf

  8. KBMusic

    That high C#! I knew Rachael was an amazing singer but I had no idea she has that kind of range!

  9. 123rockfan

    Is this basically a song about Hillary Clinton losing the 2016 election?

  10. vprince1173

    I can seriously always tell when a song was written by Bridget. Tell em, girl. You tell 'em. <3 <3 <3


    vprince1173 That's really cool that you can tell!

  11. Adriana

    3:40...WOW! Simple validation as to why her voice is easily one of my favorites.

    Robby Sturtevant

    Adriana Auten not gonna lie, I though that was a guitar or something at first!


    Robby Sturtevant Me, too! Rachael is incredibly stunning! I initially rewound the song some once I realized it was her. Don't doubt she can do this live, either :)


    Having seen them on Saturday in Chicago, I can attest that her sister - who she brought out for that insane run at the end there - is just as talented. This whole family is cray.

    Jacob Shirley

    Seriously, the live version of that part is mind-boggling.

    Katie Arthofer

    @Adriana I wonder how often she does it on tour - it must be hard on the voice to do that night after night amidst a whole, already challenging set.