Lajoie, Jon - The Best Christmas Song Lyrics

This is the best Christmas song that ever existed
This is the best Christmas song that ever existed
If you don't believe me, well you should believe me
'Cause this is the best Christmas song, so listen to it now

Christmas is my favorite Christmastime of the year
Bells are jiggling and the angels are making Jesus
It's a silent night except for my neighbor's washing machine
It's very loud; that's why I'm wearing my second-favorite earmuffs
Santa Claus is coming, so you better be naughty or nice
He has a beard so you can't even see his neck
He flies around with horses that have branches on their ears
'Cause there are no earmuffs in the North Pole; there are only trees
He brings presents to the kids, but he doesn't wear mittens
Probably because they make his hands very itchy
Leave Santa milk and cookies so he can have a snack
It'll be easy for him to pick them up 'cause he won't have mittens on his hands

This is the best Christmas song that ever existed
This is the best Christmas song that ever existed
Other Christmas songs don't even talk about Christmas stuff
But this is the best Christmas song, so keep listening to it now

Santa comes in from the chimney, so don't block it with a mattress
And if you don't have a chimney, make one out of a mattress
Santa, what is the present you're gonna put in my tree this year?
I hope it's not the shoes that I already have
I already have those shoes, so that's not a very good present
A better present would be to make my family still alive
Or a bicycle; that would be good, too
Also, can you move your beard? I want to see what your neck looks like

This is the best Christmas song that ever existed
This is the best Christmas song that ever existed
Mittens aren't even a super important thing
But this is the best Christmas song, so keep listening to it now

Everybody do the Christmas arms
Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, arms, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, arms
Everybody do the Christmas face
Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, face, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, face
Everybody do the Christmas talking
A-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra, talking, ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra, talking
Everybody don't put mittens on
No mittens, no mittens, no mittens, no
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, I tricked you to not putting mittens on
Now your hands are cold; that was my Christmas trick
Another trick I like to do is I give people chocolate
And I'd say "Happy Easter," and they'd say "What? It's not even Easter!"

This is the best Christmas song that ever existed
This is the best Christmas song that ever existed
Maybe Santa's neck is a different color or something
But this is the best Christmas song, and now it's finished

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Lajoie, Jon The Best Christmas Song Comments
  1. PinkFishsticklz studios

    dude, don't do that. I left my mittens at home now and i'm cold >:( Why bro

  2. kanjimanji

    I listen to this song every day now, and every time it's on repeat for a minimum of 10 times. This might be the best song ever, forget Christmas.

  3. Scary Owl 8

    Best song

  4. Filthy Lizard

    My hands are not cold

  5. Michael McDowell

    Anybody here 2020 like if agree

    Kaitlin Meuse

    Best Christmas songggg that ever existed!

  6. KayciOnTheCoast

    I listen to this song every Christmas time while I have two soups.

  7. Angel Campbell

    That time of year again ❤️


    Im still here, boys.

  9. The Part Time Memer

    Thank you, YouTube, for recommending this video to me on Christmas Day.

  10. Eliza McKinnon

    What’s your first favorite pair of ear muffs

  11. SubZeRoy9

    Still my favorite Christmas song. I send this to all my friends every year. Lol

  12. insanylum13

    My hands are very itchy and I'm not even wearing mittens


  13. Fiona Fatuova

    I played this at 11:57 and it ended at 12 on Christmas

  14. Sawyer Harris

    Merry Christmas in 2019!

  15. FestiveTwix

    its christmas and im watching this

  16. HeyitsLuna!!!

    I watched this 102925435267282929927625255 times it is what the title says

  17. Shane Bolo

    In the future this is the best Christmas song that should be played!!!!!

  18. Bain

    christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas christmas

  19. 13ullfro6

    Damn it, I was checking out that reindeer thing

  20. nikos pant

    I was looking for a good carol to sing. After this i lost all faith in humanity and god and i'm this close to cutting my ears with a chainsaw so i can't hear anymore. Thankfully it is out of gas and no gas stations are open on Christmas at 1 o'clock in the morning, i will have time to rethink this, with a therapist.

    edit:for grammatical and spelling errors.

  21. Seija Kennington

    merry Christmas

  22. JohnnyPlayzz05

    My choir teacher played this at the beginning of class, me and my friend recommended it and we were laughing our butts off the whole time😂

  23. Gavin Ward

    This truly is, the best Christmas song!

  24. Esufer

    can't get sent to whamageddon if i'm blasting this on repeat

  25. Sea Is For Cookie

    Merry Christmas 2019 Jon. Thank you for teaching us to not give so much of a fuck. Christmas is so much more relaxing.

  26. Sydney Van Dalen

    Thanks for making my day!

  27. Polar Playz

    I tricked you into not putting mittens on now your hands are cold

    Top 10 pranks that went too far

  28. Michael Berman

    Good job

  29. N P

    The Angels are making Jesus

  30. Camden M

    It has been about 7 years and still this is the best Christmas song that ever existed

  31. Kyle Larsen

    How does this video not have 1 billion+ views?

  32. Colleen Hunter

    *this is my favorite christmas song*

  33. UltimatAlex Films

    This just gets better every year.

  34. Robby Hughes




  35. HCGShibby

    i'm running out of mattresses every year

  36. Plasma storm 04

    This smacks


    I have listened to this song every Christmas since it was new ... and I only now just realized his neighbors washing machine can be heard when he takes his second favorite ear muffs off!! 😶

  38. SS Tiny T3rr0r

    who’s getting into christmas spirit by listening to the best christmas in december 2019


    SS Tiny T3rr0r I heard this while baking kookies with My dad

  39. scorchingflame to ashes

    Play this at 0.25, it's really good

  40. S Anderson

    Branches on their ears! 😂😂

  41. scorchingflame to ashes

    I heard this on the radio this morning, and I died laughing XD

  42. Igogoplata yobitch

    Its that time again. Lets bother the family😏

    Oh wait. They aren't alive.

  43. Tee Mac

    I've tagged my best friend in a link to this every year since it was released 😂

  44. 69 Subs With No Videos

    Xmas is over

  45. jeremyjamesdewitt

    Maybe Santa’s neck is a different color or something. I agree.

  46. Michael Lawrence

    help me pls

  47. M Becile

    This is the exact personification of Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. combined. Prove me wrong.

  48. Angelica Keffer

    This is my new favorite song yall.

  49. shady7one4

    I’m telling my kids this was Michael Bublé...

  50. Car Tag

    It has begun. Holidays 2019

  51. BobbyYukitsuki

    It's that time of year again, boys.

  52. UnaT1muS

    Almost that time of year again

  53. Rizzla s

    Poetry and Art dont have to rhyme

  54. Bella

    Can I have the chords for this please, I need it

    ᔕOᖴTIE ᒪOᖴTIE

    Bella heyo homie

  55. power bender 3

    Not many videos from 2012 are recorded in 1080p, and this is one of them.

  56. power bender 3

    0:35 It's a silent night, except for my neighbor's washing machine. It's very loud, that's why I'm wearing my second favorite earmuffs.
    3:30 The song ends, and there is silence.
    3:32 He takes off his earmuffs, and you can hear his neighbor's washing machine.

  57. Shannon Martin

    CHRISTMAS S MY FAVOURITE HOLIDAY! u should practice some singing please, than I will subscribe!

  58. Kenneth Fisher vlogs

    2019 this is the only Christmas song that should be played

    chris bayer

    dude... go listen to south park's the dirtiest song ever... then denis leary's merry fucking christmas lol

  59. HeadCanon

    2:57-3:05 top 10 anime betrayals

  60. HeadCanon

    1:54 only OGs know that his family got downed, and ever since then his favorite thing to do is tricking people into thinking that he likes soup

  61. Elizabeth's Funland!!!!

    I found this guy from the best song ever made in the world when I searched up Barney earrape and went into the playlist, it was Halloween and I was at my friends house so now he is our lord and saviour

  62. David Johnson

    Thank you Jon lajoie, now I finally have assurance to what the best Christmas song is, because I always thought it was jingle bells.... I will sleep and now I know everything.

  63. Jesse Morata

    He merely sounds like Johnny 3 Tears when not singing the chorus

  64. Maryn Torres


  65. Hope .M

    The angels are making jesus" 😂

  66. Hope .M

    I love the holidays 😂

  67. Sophie Perry

    When it’s September and your singing all the words

  68. Ruby Reardon

    i watched this so much last christmas i know every single word

  69. Colby Stratton

    cool guy

  70. Bri Morv

    I think about this a lot

  71. Cody Wills

    it's getting close that time again people!!

  72. Mr monkey 78

    Saying happy Easter when it's not Easter!?!? Top 10 pranks gone to far.

  73. Cody Wills I the only one still watching this?

  74. Danny Wood

    Your so anoying

  75. Jo Commerford

    7 years later: still the best Christmas song that ever existed

  76. Death

    Ded subtitles

  77. Logan Gaming z

    Jonlajoie:sings the song
    Santa: welp he’s getting coal this Christmas

    power bender 3

    Jon Lajoie said to be naughty or nice.
    I guess he was naughty.

  78. ZT Aquatics and Exotics

    Fucking mittens

  79. Mariana Stillman

    life hack:

    if you don’t have a chimney, *make one out of a mattress*

  80. Chris Gabriele

    This is the best song

  81. Back off haters

    i also like how this was posted in November

  82. Back off haters

    forgot to mention i died laughing when it got to the mattress part XD

  83. Sophie Young

    It's July rn...... My friends have been singing it all day so I had to see what it was about

  84. Back off haters

    i usually listen to Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer as my favorite Christmas song......i'm sure this is my new favorite song, i'm gonna put it in my album

  85. Brody Mies

    Tell me if your in 2k19

  86. polrnta]

    Bro cringe

  87. Christian Jacques


  88. Nathaniel Rosenthal

    Can you lift your beard so I can know what your neck looks like.

  89. Hayden Cook

    Probably the best Christmas song in existence

  90. BobbyYukitsuki

    TFW he rhymes mattress with mattress.

    What a legend.

  91. Ron The presloth

    𝔹𝕣𝕒𝕚𝕟 𝕕𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕙

  92. Rasmus K.

    u better be naughty or nice.

  93. ZeNiLixiLan

    "Hahaha, I tricked to not put on mittens, now your hands are cold-

    *top ten anime betrayals*

  94. •Blue moon •

    I didnt know angels can craft jesus in minecraft