Lagwagon - Fallen Lyrics

Yesterdays are numbered
In many ways we could see the fall coming
But lull prolonged, some will never belong
So children age into prisons
They establish shame with their poor inheritance
They build covert roads
Some become addictions
Suspicion, in position
Yeah it's bound to have been
I guess I thought you were going to be around
Going to be rewound
But you were honest
I know you did the best one can

People speak of demons
To simplify the life then honor you my friend
They rationalize trouble-free hypothesis
He's broken, too damaged, but bravely profound
I guess I thought you were going to astound
Going to stand your ground
But you were full pride
I know it killed you to fail them

Hey, dog boy
The whistmas souls would deploy
You needed them, believed in them
It's better to pretend
I guess I thought it was your rising
You're long drawn out win
'cause you were on it
I know you did the best one can
I thought you'd be around
I thought you'd be rewound
But everyone succumbs to some
We are all fallen

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