Lady Gaga - Stache Lyrics

Princess die high
Princess high die
Where's my stache?
Want to get high guy
I need my
Have you seen my
I can't find my

Where's my stache?
Can you feed my love
Can you feed my love
Where's my stache?
Where's my stache?
High princess

There's no exit, we're in John Paul's Sartre
Hope you don't think my obsession is awkward

[beat break]

Princess high die
Princess die high
Princess high die
Princess die high

There's no particular thing that I want
There's no particular drug that I love
But when I can't find my stache I give up
I need to deal with myself and get messed up

Where's my stache?
Can you feed my love
Can you feed my love
Where's my stache?
Where's my stache?
High princess

Where's my stache?
DJ Zedd, Anton turn it up
Let's party, let's get messed up
Let's get messed up
Let's get messed up
You're so messed up
Psychotic music head

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Lady Gaga Stache Comments
  1. Cassidy Gilgun

    It's 2020 and I still can't find my Stache.

  2. Forrest Laww

    2020 still here!!

  3. Mateus Santos

    2020 ♡♡♡

  4. República de España

    stache is better than all Joanne

  5. Educaited •

    I need this and PARTYNAUSEOUS on Spotify somethin FIERCE.

  6. Fran Molina


  7. Noel Guerra

    Playing this on the new years eve! Party!!

  8. Mito

    I keep forgetting there’s a version with lyrics because I keep listening to the release on the Clarity album

    no wonder it’s called Stache.


    Also WHY THE FUCK IS THE COMMENT SECTION MAINLY “who listening in 2019” LIKE


  9. Mariana Sali

    Músicao da porraaaaaa

  10. imthesameasyouihavenothing

    justice for ARTPOP

    Ryan Murphy

    just press play hun, that's what I do. check your distortion at the door

  11. T E R E N C E M C K E N N A B I T C H

    I feel like this is about her getting high and seeing Princess Diana lol

  12. Zara Pixie

    Paws up little monsters , #LG6 !!

  13. Derik Eatsbrains

    Still remember when this puzzle came out

  14. くんくぜ

    love the techno

  15. Flávio Brito

    Lady Gaga já era frita em 2012 e eu não sabia kkkk hoje eu sou frito e me arrependo por não ter aproveitado essa era da fritação ç.ç

  16. HALEY

    let’s get messed up 😫

  17. R.J. Kemmerer

    Almost 2020 🤪

  18. Helo Hello

    Where's the image from?

  19. Ishan

    zedd and gaga really just need to release a collaborative album already


    Should've been on ARTPOP, here's my dream track list

    1. Burqa
    2. Venus
    3. G.U.Y. (Girl Under You) (feat. Zedd)
    4. Sexxx Dreams
    5. MANiCURE
    6. FASHION
    7. Donatella!
    8. Jewels N' Drugz (feat. T.I., Too $hort & Twista)
    9. SWINE
    10. ARTPOP
    11. Do What U Want (feat. The Weeknd)
    12. PARTYNAUSEOUS (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
    13. Stache (High Princess)
    14. I Wanna Be With U
    15. Gypsy
    16. Applause
    17. Applause (DJ White Shadow Trap Mix)

  21. Michael David Perdomo Castillo

    Wow, I can't believe this wasn't part of ARTPOP when it gives so many vibes off of it.

    This is pure gold.

  22. nir123

    <3 <3 <3 <3

  23. Danielle Gordoncillo

    I'm deceased !! Die! How are ya?

  24. Bianka Neves

    alguem br

  25. Purple Stardust

    I’m listening in

    2012: ✅
    2013: ✅
    2014: ✅
    2015: ✅
    2016: ✅
    2017: ✅
    2018: ✅
    2019: ✅

    I still want Act II to be released.

  26. Yoni

    2:00 - 2:30 is just. WOW.

  27. Daenerys was just Remodeling

    This puts Mary Jane Holland to shame

  28. Ernest Jay

    Still love it ❤️

  29. Mark Del Rey

    Born This Way mixed with Artpop

    Ryan Murphy

    What does this mean? All I hear is Stefani's soul lol. Y'all are deeply confused I think. Stefani is not a concept. Stefani creates concepts. Please stop this nonsense I think you have hurt her very deeply!

  30. literal trash

    I remember 2012 and the BTWB castle and how artpop was supposed to be about the decay// possibilities// Disney princesses thrown into a rave. Amazing times

  31. Terry Harbor

    That’s why I love this track so much. I’m always running out of drugs (weed). And this really is the feeling that starts to consume your body and mind after you see yourself without weed to smoke.

  32. Alejandro Spears

    Completely Artpop, I can’t believe this was left out.

    Ryan Murphy

    Left out of your soul it seems. I am sorry

  33. M Moore


  34. Harmony Lasko

    Anyone know why the title is spelled like that?
    I honestly thought this was about mustaches the first time I heard it lol

  35. Dunno No

    Anyone October/November 2019?

  36. Gino Simplicio

    This will ALWAYS be Zedd's best songs and one of his most underated songs he will ever make. Don't get me wrong I like all of his material but this song really has a unique sound and because of it, it will always hold a special place for me.

  37. jackeysmith19

    Man does this bring me back 😩

    M Moore

    Me too, when I was a little monster and Gaga was good

  38. Monster PedrozkiMusic

    Now dance ang get high princess

  39. Fran Mata

    So ahead of its time 🥺❤️, can we have an ARTPOP reedition

    M Moore

    When Gaga was good

  40. Fernanda Bautista

    September 2019

  41. Tarot Hara

    this song is actually really really sad. As a recovering alcoholic this song is so real.

  42. Leon Au

    Pre artpop and post artpop have the best unreleased songs ever.
    Princess die
    Brooklyn nights
    Cake like Lady Gaga
    you just can’t beat these gems

  43. Aneukarys Ledezma


  44. Calib Staggs

    where's my stash i... want to get high, guy

  45. Cameron Longknife

    Woah what is this I never heard it ?!

  46. Elizabeth madison

    Lady Gaga is sooooo Kool 😎

  47. Matty Cheww

    I didn’t even know zedd had his own version lol oops

  48. Tiff Iman



  49. Yugvijay

    I love the thumbnail with all the princesses

  50. husk kie

    hi aug 2019

  51. Andres Bustos

    no me gusto dislike jjajajjaja

  52. KESHA

    still slaps

  53. Jess Gaines

    I listened to this on repeat every day for like 4 months in 2012 or 2013. Still love it.

  54. m d

    Lady gaga can’t make a bad song! 👑

  55. Mátiah H. Lebron

    omg the bass though!!!!

  56. tchaugn

    god this is so fucking good

  57. Miguel Higa

    2019 squad?

  58. Arpit Patel

    She ruined the masterpiece

    Vitor Castro

    Way way better than the instrumental version 🤷🏻‍♂️

  59. Matt

    This is a banger, so good!


    STILL here for this #2019

  61. Sebastian Riojas

    this is such a bop ..... why doesn’t gaga give the gays what we want 😩

    Ryan Murphy

    Hello Sebastian. It is not Stefani's role on this planet to mold her Spirit to the whim of your unfulfilled personal needs. I would appreciate if you tried to turn inward and explore the development and actualization of your own divine beautiful soul. I love you much Sebby. please message me if you want to chat okay bye

  62. Sam Memou

    2019 big fan

  63. skangel cow

    God I wish this song was on iTunes.

    Ryan Murphy

    This is also a very strange distortion.

    Ryan Murphy

    Ears, audio waves, Soul/Voice

    Why are these not the only three ingredients here? Why is art so perverted?

    Ryan Murphy

    the medium, the perspective

  64. Rafaela Lucas

    tudo pra mim

  65. Mustafa Zengin

    2019 and still stunning!!!

  66. Stephanie H. C.

    who´s listening in 2019.. o_0

  67. Daniel Alejandro

    2019 omg


    2019. 💘

  69. Fernando Almeida

    2019 🔥🔥🔥

  70. Heart Beats Vanity

    Who else is still listening in 2019? Where’s my satche can you feed my love

  71. Alexandre Zamboni

    This screams early 2010’s and I’m obsessed. So many memories, I was so young and a crazy little monster ❤️

    Piotr Pyśniak

    it was actually like 2012 when she was touring all around the world

  72. Jason Shreiner

    What the fuck... what?

  73. pedro mantegazza

    only real fans listen this still in 2019

  74. KxSxA

    0.75 sounds similar to MJH 💕 Sounds Even Hella Amazing too

  75. JosseMonster

    July 2019.. someone?



  77. ༺V༻


  78. Matheus borges xavier

    who's listening in 2019

  79. Aquaaa T

    It's 09:34am on the 23rd of June 2019 in Fiji rn

  80. Marcos Sánchez

    2019 and I am here 👑

  81. oinotna zomar anidug

    I still in 2035 🤤

  82. We Are plastic

    July 2019?

  83. Chantelle


  84. Paulo Buuh

    this song knock out all Joanne's songs

  85. Two Hummingbirds Spirit One

    Just In Case
    Last Minute

  86. Angel Plasencia

    2019 where’s the real little monsters at ?

  87. Seplinda Tan

    I kept listening to this as a completely separated songs

    Ryan Murphy

    wow I can't even try to make sense of this. weird fragmentation. I am sorry

  88. Vitor Castro

    I really love the lines "But when I can't find my stache I give uuuu-UUUUp... I need to deal with myself and get messed uuuu-UUUp

  89. Diego Padilla duran

    This should be in ARTPOP 2.0

  90. Twon Montes

    I imagine a street fighter song at 3:30.

    Vitor Castro

    Haha would be amazing