Lacuna Coil - The Maze Lyrics

My thoughts can be so vicious
Committed to a plan
The fear becomes ambitious
Taking me till I am gone

I don't know how it started
Beating up myself
I've come to realize
I can barely carry on each day
This life is so destructive it's blowing out my mind
My breath is running so short

I'm lost here (deep inside)
In this maze
I'm running through the halls of emptiness
In this maze
I can't find a way to get back to the end
In this maze
I'm feeling like I'm stuck inside a cage
In this maze I won't feel the breeze 'till I break this maze and run

I don't know how it started
Thinking to myself
I've come to realize
I couldn't carry on each day
This vibe is so destructive
I'm smoking up my mind
So by the time she left
I was lost here
(Deep inside)
Will I ever see the sun?
Shining through the prison clouds

In the darkness you can hide
Go inside, free your mind

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Lacuna Coil The Maze Comments
  1. Matthew Jojola

    Best album since comalies..

  2. Davide Mareggini


  3. Hortencia Ramirez

    the maze wow cool my jam though 😎💀

  4. Hortencia Ramirez

    this is some kinda of my life like for real😱😱

  5. Hortencia Ramirez

    this is my song go lacuna coil❤❤

  6. Luis Tejeda

    The Pain
    The Maze
    I Like It
    I Wont Tell You
    Im Not Afraid
    I Survive

  7. Shane Wolfe

    I love this song so much x3 I literally named one of the character I used to write about after it. Riley Maze :3

    Hortencia Ramirez

    Shayde Wolfe sup

  8. jessiamber

    I think there should've been a music video to this song. C:

  9. marry-alice cult

    i love the tune, the lyrics, the meaning, its perfect i love this song XD i looooovvvveeeee it!

  10. vampy326

    Jeese this song fits life right now. it's like every turn that is tried is a dead end.

  11. Sabina Ferreiro Aracil

    Yeah¡¡I like this song¡¡

  12. OwenSøund

    We have to break the maze to find that we are caged

  13. Razain666

    I loved alwmost every somg on this album

  14. Dean Smith

    Nice tune

  15. Dean Smith

    Some quality tunz

  16. EnigmaticamenteME

    the maze, pain anche spellbond are the best song of the album!

    Hortencia Ramirez

    i know right

  17. werewolfbladenight