LaCue, Sylvan - Goodnight Goodbye Lyrics

Months after triple F where that time go
Since the speculators, good riddance, I never mind those
You niggas still struggle on shit that I've done with my eyes closed
Bad boy shampoo
Feeling like it's 1999 with Timbaland's [?] flannels still tryna cock those cut
Last those shots Picasso's, this ain't for reminiscing
More like a premonition
Don't ever let em' swear your vision
I see I said, stick to me I said
Why not ride a wave where you can breathe a whole sea I said
Meetings with ORC had me on my feet I beg
Me I guess, had to star with nobody else when it started
I've grown tired
Still deciding which way to take over
Play the game or rig the system, she close to get closer
A couple squires came [?]
Then fucked around and found [?] worth to you niggas
What's the point of fitting in, I'm leaving earth to you niggas
I'm from that 3-0, five with the [?] they do some dumb shit
Funerals manifest over jealousy and assumptions (What is balance)
I phone twenty niggas back in Orlando
Hoping to Jesus none of my niggas ended up cancelled, my hands closed
Pray to the father, cross in your right mind
Just learn to pay attention, you'll come across to the right signs
There's no life lines
Family of fans while I'm out in the West, mm
I should be back in Georgia connecting with uncles I haven't seen or heard from in ages
Congratulations from distant cousins on Facebook pages
They going through stages is like
Out of all of my niggas, I'm still the only one holding onto the bigger picture, what's the purpose?
Wise, wise, wise no disguise, since the [?] get revealed and do time

Black lives matter three text race to my left eye
Trigger happy it force me itching to lean me best side
Coulda been onto, to close to home when that text slides
Innocent red with mugshots, family send them death cries
Systematic construction, I told my younger brothers it's over season watch your back, front, right and your left side
Skittles, CD's, cigarettes fail ya to signal
You gotta be a criminal for these pigs to kill you
Soon as you show your genius, watch how they end niggas [?]
Annotation of culture my youngens [?]
The benefits of us, made me go
Play bingo, little bo peep when it's deep it's such a shame we go
To the trials and tribulations, false accusations
Treat us all up with pistol peters and [?]
Oh lord, oh lord what a sign to end the times
When killings get recorded, show for the public view that rewind (no justice)
Middle signs found within these hashtags
Murdering stress the uniform, entertained by the backlash
My black ass, skin could eradicate me from being human
Cause of the disses, you motherfuckers could never move it
It is proven, documented well for me to write this
Been hunting years later, improvement's moved in the slightest
What the [?] motherfuck twelve, motherfuck twelve
But all I see is blood trails, the cops yelling "Goodnight! "

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LaCue, Sylvan Goodnight Goodbye Comments
  1. Percutial Xenon

    Shit goes hard

  2. xydem set

    this is a moosh and twist beat use

  3. zombies Gaming

    I see u