Lachey, Nick - Falling Slowly Lyrics

I don't know you
But I want you
Even more for that
Words fall through me
Always fool me
And I can't react
Games that never amount
To more than they're meant
Will play themselves out

Take this sinking boat and guide it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice
You'll make it now

Falling slowly, eyes that know me
And I can't go back
Moods that take me and erase me
And I'm painted black
You have suffered enough
At war with yourself
It's time that you won

Take this sinking boat and guide it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice
You've made it now

Falling slowly sing your melody
I'll sing along

I don't know you
But I want you
Even more for that

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Lachey, Nick Falling Slowly Comments
  1. Ms.C,C Wonderland


    Nice 👍😍😍😍😍💃🏼👾😂😥😭🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😜😍😘

  2. oilybohunk7

    That version of that song is horrible.

  3. Sarah Mullins

    Anyone know the name of that song?

  4. Anna Simpson

    They completely copied jays rumba from strictly two years ago except his was good but they copied the music and tried to copy the dance.....shame on you!!!!

  5. MC Wyman

    Peta, WTF was this choreography? It's just wacko! Nick isn't a great dancer, but let's face it, NO ONE could make this choreography look good.

  6. Kat Perse

    Why does everyone (almost) hate Nick? Sure, he can't dance to save his life, but people are beyond harsh about him and Vanessa. Sure, I'm not an american, are they on black list for something?

    Alexis Whitley

    BeClever I don't get it either, and I'm American. Its like they refuse to see his improvement.

  7. Catherine Nieves

    That was great! TEAMNICK

  8. Priscila Lemes

    Wow so beautiful

  9. bbfanthatsall

    What is Nick still doing there???He should just stick to singing. It's time for him to go damn it!!

  10. Mai

    Stop bashing Nick.

  11. Dangelyn

    Nick just moves. but he doesn't feel it. he's so worried about the steps he forgets to dance.

  12. Kristal P

    I died at 2:38 😂😂 cmon peta step up the choreo


    I am a big 98degrees fan and nick fan. Nick admitted he isn't the best dancer and has a long way of getting to his brothers spot of dwts they need to give him less challenging steps to help his upper body and having his wife in this i feel is a distraction to him focusing on what he is there for
    ... again I love nick. And hate to see him go. Would live to see him be at the top as his brother. But I don't think my fav member of 98degrees is going to make it next round.

  14. Nicole Campbell

    why do they still keep him on this show he's so lame, send him home

  15. lilyyyymaeeee

    I’m sorry this was absolutely beautiful and amazing and deserved at least one 9. They should be 2nd/3rd in this week’s rankings, not last. Everyone please vote for them.


    Anna Simpson
    I had no idea. The song and a couple moves are the same and if Peta actually consciously copied them that’s horrible. but overall just focusing on the dance I still prefer this one.

    Anna Simpson

    lilyyyymaeeee have u even watched jays?? I'm sorry but you must be a buck fan of nicks cause his dance is crap especially prepared to jay but everyone's opinion is there own watch the English one too tho it's way more strict techincally 👍🏻👍🏻


    Anna Simpson Yes I watched Jay’s and I’m not a fan of Nick, I had barely heard of him before this tbh. Yes, Jay’s was better in terms of technical skill but the choreography of this one was better in my opinion, even though some things are similar. I love the contemporary style of dance, maybe that’s why I prefer this over Jay’s rumba.

    Anna Simpson

    lilyyyymaeeee I don't think so as Jays was very contemporary and was less about being showy which is right as it's not a best show competition it's a ballroom dancing competition not only was jays contemporary it was techincally perfect had chemistry wasn't stompy or stroppy like this dance was and it was original not copied from a different show anyway I'm don't arguing I know which is better cause I know dance and it's not ur fault you aren't skilled in watching and understanding dance in more than a superficial way.....byeeee


    Anna Simpson
    Yeah I mean I’m not educated or skilled in ballroom dance, so entertainment value is a big part of my judging and I think this dance has it.

  16. FMS Studio

    dwts owes this guy a pre dance package having nothing to do with his wife. I get this one and the first week but I think their personalities are more dynamic and interesting than we are getting to know. He hasnt talked about his career how he got into music...etc its been solely about the couple angle which is not his fault but dwts takes these themes too far. Alot of these contestants have families which is one aspect of who they are but we need to get to know the whole person.

    Miss Shay

    Hoopvidz87 I agree, but I still think he's boring and can't dance. Now I only watch Vanessa's dance package because both her and Nick talk about the same thing each week. Plus, Vanessa has more of a personality than he does.

  17. Diane Banks

    nick should've gone instead of derek. seems like a nice guy but he's disconnected and not improving.

  18. Nia LG

    2:25 LOL wtf, Peta
    This horrible contemporary is up there with Maks's dysfunctional robot Foxtrot w/ Amber Rose, and Witney's Godly rope contemporary with Carlos.

    Nia LG

    Agree. Especially in Lindsay's case where the general public and the media are calling her the new Derek Hough of DWTS.

    Valerie Williams

    New Derek Hough, LOL. The fact Jordan is the only ringer she has had, she is nowhere near Derek as for as getting the cream of the crop. I would say Val is the new Derek, he hasnt had deadbeat dancer in awhile.

    Mier Garz

    Valerie Williams I won't even call Val the new Derek hough, Val sticks to traditional choreography majority of the time, he's not what you call "creative" you can see that in his freestyle routines. But he has had an amazing streak of great partners and successful seasons. I do see Lindsey being called the new Derek but It was cause she was so creative, I never knew someone else was doing her choreography until now so now I can't agree with people who call her that now. Also your right Jordan is her only ringer and by far her best partner. She's had only decent to eh partners in the past, this is gonna be her winning season hopefully. Honestly I don't see any pros on Derek or Marks level.

    Valerie Williams

    Mier Garz, I wasnt referring to vals choreography when comparing him to Derek. I know V is not on the creative level as derek but he has gotten what people use to always be angry about with Derek and that is great dancers without any real challenge. He has a challenge this season with victoria but even she isnt the most challenging thing ever.

    Valerie Williams

    I don't mind the pros getting any help if its outside of their particular genre like contemporary, jazz, hiphop or any other genre that is not related to ballroom is fine but when u r getting help with what should already be a master in, to me u lose a good bit of ur credibility as pro.

  19. Vanessa Lewis

    He needs to win dwts

  20. Vanessa Lewis

    he is not going home

  21. RazzMaTazz

    Nick wobbled around a little when Peta threw herself at him. He is not a good dancer. He should leave next week. Very simplistic choreo and still can't handle it well. Exterminate Nick next week, people are tired of him stomping and walking and being out of sync when he dances.

  22. Daniel Shumkin

    Great song, interesting choreography, but too simple. He didn't do much dancing. He finally acted the dance brilliantly, putting his heart and his soul out there, but as a contemporary dance I found it weak. A 6.

  23. Evie

    Nick looks more stiff on the upper body area. 😂

  24. Evie

    Im still shook seeing Peta look so GOOD 😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. toli moli

    I actually was very moved by his performance, there was a lot of emotion in that... Louis van Amstel who was a pro on the show said he totally disagreed with the two 7's, & that it should have been all 8's, & I'd agree with that based on some of the scoring we saw tonight, I mean this was Nick's best dance to me

  26. Niesha McCoy

    Trust me. Next week, it's either going to be Terrell or Nick.

    Joana Macià

    I hope so, cause I'm sick of potentially good/decent dancers (Debbie and Derek) being sent home over Terrell or Nick...

  27. Hannah McMillan

    i feel like he’s purposely trying to get eliminated so his wife can win

  28. Poll Jones

    Oh my God - Peta needs to stop being anorexic. It's not a good look on a family tv program to show young girls this sort of unhealthy, undernourished look. Have good think about what you're saying is OK here DTWS.

    Naomi Higgins

    Poll Jones omg, what's wrong with you? Peta isn't anorexic. She had a baby last year and she's obviously been working hard on losing the weight. She looks healthy and beautiful. You must be blind

    Lara Brooks

    How about you take a second to think about whether your comment is a good thing, Jesus. She's a dancer & that's not skin & bones, it's LEAN MUSCLE. Dancers are athletes.

    Niesha McCoy

    Poll Jones Peta is not anorexic. She just worked off her baby weight.

    Amanda Huang

    wtf stop body shaming. she worked hard to achieve a healthy that body she is proud of and that's all that matters. and if that's the message she's sending to girls, to be happy, healthy and work hard, then i think that's fine.

    Neve Maher

    Poll Jones ok 1) it’s none of your business if she has anorexia or not 2) what gives you the right to comment on what someone else’s body looks like and 3) YOU 👏 CAN 👏 NOT 👏 JUST 👏 ‘STOP’ 👏 ANOREXIC 👏 it’s not like you can just go oh well I’m sick of this not anorexic anymore it’s not a choice it’s an illness

  29. Emily Sorano

    man this cover of falling slowly is a fuckin travesty. why does dwts gotta do that to one of the best love songs

    Kristal P

    I noticed they always have bad singers lol

    Anna Simpson

    Emily Sorano watch jay mcguiness rumba to this it's fucking awesome way better cover to

    Anna Simpson

    Emily Sorano watch jay mcguiness rumba to this it's fucking awesome way better cover too

    madison wilson

    Emily Sorano a

  30. Daniel Guizar

    To be honest this felt underwhelming. I expected it more. If they want him to continue he has got to step it up. However that being said it was his best dance.


    The choreo was very simplistic, because Nick can't handle anything more complex. It is obvious this is true, all you have to do is to see him dance as proof. He should have gone this week. Derek is a better dancer than him.

  31. Sandy M

    Why they ask ballroom specialists to choreograph contemporary routines is beyond me. It ends up being awkward flailing, lifts and 'reaching out to nowhere' moves that does nothing for the celebrity or the viewer. Also didn't understand why Peta put jumpy moves to a slow song ...smh


    I don't put all the blame on Peta. Look who she has to work with. Nick is not a good dancer. Tonight's dance was simplistic and he still had a balancing problem and was not that great. I would say that dancing is not one of Nick Lachey's talents.

  32. Shay91

    He was out of sync/off beat. He should've went home tonight.


    Nick can not handle the choreo that Peta gives him. The choreo tonight was pretty simplistic, and Nick still had balancing problems. Peta was pretty brave to throw herself at him during one point in the dance, and Nick did wobble a little. Nick should have gone home tonight, I agree. He is not getting any better.

  33. bvmbshelled

    He's so boring, he needs to go home next.

    Brown Hazel

    ss stop

    Brown Hazel

    ss it her opnion so watch it

    Brown Hazel

    ss you have nothing to say dont start with me

    Ms.C,C Wonderland