LaBelle, Patti - The Right Kinda Lover Lyrics

A real man
Strong but tender
Baby thats the kinda man i need
to his love i will surrender
Cause he'll keep his mond on pleasing me

he's the right kinda lover
I'll never need another
sure 'nuff he's got the stuff
he's the right kinda lover fot me

he's the right kinda lover
I'll never need another
sure 'nuff he's got the stuff
he's the right kinda lover fot me

An interesting conversation
Every night when i get down on my knees and pray
I thank the lord for sending me Mr. Right my way
This kind of love had to come from heaven down
I ain't never going to let him go
Because i need this kind of man around

he's the right kinda lover
I'll never need another
sure 'nuff he's got the stuff
he's the right kinda lover fot me

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LaBelle, Patti The Right Kinda Lover Comments
  1. Susan

    Wish my crystal work like Pattie’s

  2. Susan

    Wish my crystal work like Pattie’s

  3. Blueflower L

    can we please get a list of all the hot guys courting Patti Labelle in this video please?

  4. Jay Brown

    Yes iam

  5. Patrick Ego Woodstock Watts


  6. Abz M

    She is old man

  7. Britania L

    I love this song

  8. Cayke Phayce

    11/2019 reminds me when I was riding in my mama burgundy Elantra back in the 90's (I'm 30) ❤️❣😍

  9. wajutiem08

    This song is soooo '90s. You cannot mistake it.

  10. Gemz Forever

    2019 .. this is great when you can relate ❤️😁💕

  11. Tracy Martin

    Patti, put those stones on Amazon. Please and thanks!

  12. Ash Jac

    I used to be crazy about this song when I was a child. It was the best phenomenal song of all time.

  13. Loretta De Herrera

    So love her...she has it all...💖💖💖💖💖

  14. Trace713

    2:48 Mr. Melvin Riley 😍😘😘

  15. JRB

    Still listening in 2019!

  16. Justiceorelse

    Vlade Divac😂😂😂

  17. Brittany Foster

    I love me so patti labelle because her music is so calming and relaxing as well. Ms.labelle is my favorite music idol

  18. tymera jones

    Fall 2019

  19. Roxy Gaines

    My fav jam by miss Patti

  20. phillycash Plato Makaveli

    Somebody was blowin pattie back out, after eating her banana pudding from wallmart I see why

  21. WhitneyLover101

    Who still listening in 2019...😍😘

  22. Fashawnia Gary

    Love this song want more songs like this love me sum patti labelle

  23. jacqueline gladney

    I love danceing to this song

  24. -Can Ameri-

    OMG, This was my summer joint 1994. Just graduated high school and was on my way to FAMU. Nostalgia.

  25. Royce Rowland


  26. Martha Jibbs

    My jam. Cleveland Ohio in the 🏡...2019

  27. Cimaje Studio

    ok rose quarts and clear quarts

  28. Tosha Crooks

    Xx.... Pliars....xx

  29. musicnerd 72

    All the guys talking ruin the video... I just want to hear the jam!

  30. olusheyi banjo

    Happy 75th Birthday to Patti Labelle

  31. Moon In Cancer 111

    I found him but he’s not awake just yet,,,,I love you MAS, I always have, for many lifetimes,,,,🖖🏻🖖🏻🖖🏻❤️❤️

  32. Cherree Marlow

    Yes i got right kind man

  33. MissTranae

    Who's still jamming this song in 2019 💃💃💃💃


    Ms. trance...I am, am!!!! Is there anyone who understands French language, translate what David Charvet said...Thanks!

  34. DJBlack909

    It sounds like a hip hop song

  35. Corey Gibson

    2:09 looks familiar. Was he in baywatch?

  36. Edison Brooks

    Did the black bold head guy say Mr. Bell? 😃

  37. Blesstheworld1

    Mmmm 👑, yes Sweetie its you..."The Right Kinda Lover", my style...👑👄😘❤🌹

  38. J Maree

    This is coming from a 97 baby...……. This shit right here is FIYYYYYA!!!! I didn't even know Patti Labelle had bangers like this lol

  39. Sedrick Rogers

    Why did she pour ice down that man’s pants?

  40. Sedrick Rogers

    Vlade Divac

  41. Kay B

    Yaassss Patti!! Been My Song!! She Talking Some Real Isshhh!!💯

  42. Tracy Martin

    I need that crystal, Patti!!! Sale that at Walmart!!!!

  43. Lashayla Anderson

    This my song

  44. Jessica Bottoson

    Yasss love this song

  45. MinIanLC

    Where is 2019? Any listening to this legendary song in 2019!!

    Allen Temple AME


  46. justinewest87

    One time for my Aunt Patty

  47. aj reid

    That's my mama's favorite song and singer.

  48. aj reid

    That's my mama's favorite song and singer.

  49. elaine fox


  50. elaine fox


  51. #FineArtByTuckerDemps Tucker-Demps

    Snapping..WHODAT !!!!

  52. Me 2 them babies gone be the right kind of lover for yo old but, shame shame

    pat gorden

    That went right over your head lol but you will be all right I know Patti will

    Me 2

    @pat gorden, no....and you will bo okay.

  53. Eric

    I was a teenager when this came out.

  54. Edison Brooks

    Sound like Ann Nesbit

    pat gorden

    And his big wrote the song I believe but I know she was on the production of this song

  55. Carol Cunningham


  56. Vee Holman

    2019 💘 💘

  57. B-Town CHILL


  58. mike856ms

    I like the song but why is the video so 80's looking?

  59. Gerald Jackson

    Ms Patti still got it😍!!!

  60. Rebecca Singletary

    Patti I need one of those right sytle of man, send me one of them man girl

  61. Love Smith

    Thank you Patti.. The RIGHT KIND ..

  62. Carolyn Bratton

    She could probably be worth listening to if she didnt holler and scream so much

    pat gorden

    I can't and I won't complain and I've been listening to her for over 40 years screaming and all you claim😉 Go Patti!

  63. michael benkosky

    Bass guy so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttte.Sorry, but the gay stuff has to speak out.What we say.. YUMMY!!!!!!!!

  64. tatenda changamire

    Cosby show brought me here

  65. Melissa Foskey

    She a sanging machine...

  66. omar Aceves

    What a voice !!


    Uma das melhores vozes da música mundial um timbre uma potência impressionante.

  68. Drew Gilchrease

    Vlade Divac lol

  69. Mr Tom Whiteside

    I love this woman Patti. Patti you are good for all men 🌹😘❤️

  70. Andrew Flood


  71. Glenis Shelton

    I'm still tapping my feet to this. 2018.

  72. Cameron Potts

    hahaha I'm not Putting in my Bid to be somebody's slave. That's why there's Strippers and hoe's lol hahah lmao hahah love savage godlike yea yayahaha ;D But Patti Labelle is a God because she has made Everybody Soo happy for so many years. She deserves Equal treatment she has given to everybody!!!! Love Savage Godlike yea yayay ;D

  73. Berty Walton

    Well did anyone notice that Patti was utilizing a Rose Quartz in her video ... which was a sure clue for attracting love.

    Kimberly Thornton

    Berty Walton peeped that too lol!!!!!

  74. D SpeakingDat Truth

    This song was written by Ann Nesby from the group Sounds Of Blackness ,she said for her Husband !! 😎😀

  75. Strong Woman

    Alright Ms. Patti I see you dancing fabulous. Please make a come back!

  76. KELLY Franklin

    Love you Patti U number 1

  77. Alonzo Clark

    Ann nesby wrote this

  78. Lonnie Baby

    This my song ❤❤

  79. Ronald Williams

    That’s R&B😍

  80. Barbie Girl Mya Alexander

    GOOD OL MAN!!!!😉😉😉😉😅

  81. Tasha Mcclary

    I'm very happy for her she deserves a good man

  82. michael benkosky


  83. Gontse _

    You can tell that this song was made by Jam & Lewis! Amazing!

  84. Loretta De Herrera

    Get down on my knees to pray love it still praying 💘 💘

  85. michael benkosky


  86. Ashley Watkins

    I plan on having auditions like this

  87. Carolmel ATL Productions

    PREACH PATTI👑👑👑👑👑😁💯

  88. Nicholas Mardis

    I use to listen to this song all the time back in the day.

  89. Brittany Green

    I'm playing this at my wedding next year


    Brittany Green Did you play it?

  90. Lisalisa T

    Omg I love this song

  91. I.AM.NIC

    The man can go! go! go!

  92. Demetrice Patterson

    An oldie but goodie!

  93. ICTphoto7

    Patti.....I love you so much and when I'm by myself and feeling lonely all I have to do is listen to your music and my heart dances with happiness and joy in my spirit. Thank you for being in my life. I love you so much.

  94. Shatima Buckner

    Yassd Ms. Patti ❤

  95. Anthony Smith

    "That's how he keeps this permanent, smile on my face"😁😁😁🎤🔊🎼🎵🎸🎹....#CLASSIC!!!

  96. The Black Hole

    She's such a gay icon.

  97. My Dogs Best Fren

    this is Heat 🔥🔥i swear of all the voices theres just somethin about patti lol 🙏💯💚💛❤️