LaBelle, Patti - If Only You Knew Lyrics

I must have rehearsed my lines a thousand times,
Until I had them memorized.
But when I get up the nerve to tell you,
The words just never seem to come out right.

If only you knew how much I do,
Do love you. If only you knew,
How much I do, I do need you.

I dream of moments we share but your not there,
I'm living in a fantasy.
Cause you don't even suspect,
Could probably care less,
About the changes I been going through.


No, you don't even suspect,
Could probably care less,
About the changes I been going through.

[Chorus x2]

Oh, if, if...
In my...
Love you...
Iife... You don't know,
I say you don't know,
How much I need you sugar,
If only you knew,
How much I do,
I say you don't know that I love you,
And I'm so fond of you... I love you baby.

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LaBelle, Patti If Only You Knew Comments
  1. sharron taylor

    Listen to the lyrics. Reading my mind

  2. Will Hendrie

    This Patty LaBelle is a woman who has a clear smooth voice,that is a one of a kind legend voice!!

  3. young one

    Listen won't produce these voices again....

  4. Jasmine Ramadan

    2020 just my shit i am only 18 with a old soul

  5. AFENI 305

    2020 Anybody❤️

  6. Reveron Everon

    This song show you that you never have to give up
    For your dreams will come true , it can take time but what is for you no one can take it away , bless the ones with believe , love you have to treasure it Love to you all
    The one and only 💓💕👬🌻☝🌹💋🌎

  7. Deontae Hunt

    2020 🎊

  8. MsKnowItall 3000

    If you’re here in 2020 go ahead and hit that like button!!

    Mister Coffey


  9. fmg evans

    2020 love this song my grandmother always played this 💓

  10. ibean365

    Played. 2020.

  11. Benjamin Pabulos

    2020?? Anyone??

  12. swnangs2

    10 freaky girls brought me there and I'm not disappointed😊

  13. Lasandra Smoot

    Its 2020 and i will still play this song

  14. ebony carmichael


  15. Peter Watson

    Dedicated this to Penny The love of my life

  16. EAR ART

    I played this for girl, she didnt feel the song, we drifted apart shortly after

  17. tony walker

    Songs that makes you fall in love without having a partner in your life.

  18. Byron Love

    I remember this song and I dedicated to the woman whom I really love and it's Tiffen Jones my future wife I love you so much.


    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥............. #TIMELES#MUSIC

  20. Shunkita Qualls

    Yes I grow up off this music love Pattie LaBelle

  21. Michael Davis

    Cant even listin to this song without tearing up.MY EX WIFE LOVE THIS SONG.I STILL LOVE HER

    Triple Platinum

    Do something then go get her

    Michael Davis

    Naaaaa i hurted her too much....livin my best life

  22. Denise Montgomery

    OMG! This song takes me back. I so love this song.

  23. Rel Turner

    Patti takes me back to that little girl listening to my mother get in her zone man memories and I still feel the same chills at I felt then and as my mama would say "you don't know nothing about this music" and guess what Ma thanks to you I know all about this here real music

  24. Erica Shepard

    As 2019 comes to a end and 2020 begins, who found love and really know its love in 2019 hit the like button.if your vibing to this

  25. Valenda Newell

    Patti's voice is soooo POWERFUL and EXPLOSIVE ...I love it when she kicks it up a notch, afterwards she comes back down to earth with us earthlings....KEEP GIVING FANS GREAT MEMORIES!!❤❤

  26. Danielle Sarmiento

    2020 for the win

  27. Jonathan Hill


  28. mellie mel

    Lamont I love you baby ti'amo ⚘ you have captured my heart and your truly are my angel sent to love me and your all I have wanted in a man . I adore how you look at me . You have captured my heart from the moment I saw you and I knew I would fall in love with you . And I will love you lamont tell my last breath. Kisses from my lips too your beautiful lips. I love you baby now and forever ti'amo ⚘

  29. Jackie Williams

    This song pops in my head every Christmas

  30. Dwight Ceesyu

    Merry Christmas, ya'll. 2019

  31. Kenneth McBride

    patti never made a video for her number one song.

  32. Antwaun Martin

    I do love U if only U knew 🤗😘 but the changes Imm going though 🤷‍♂️ 2019🎊

  33. Jake Brady

    No one better

  34. Laneasha Towns

    I love this song so much makes me think

  35. Prrry Crumbley

    Jonny vs roy

  36. Jackie Gamez

    2020 !???

  37. Denise Collier

    im here at the end of 2019 and will be here 2020 only if the lord say so

  38. TheCombs444

    Like Martin Lawrence said don’t let Pattie get to flapping

  39. Antônio Lira


  40. Yonga Ntamo

    Perfect song for when I walk down the isle 🤞

  41. Robert Young

    Dam Ms. Patti you do it to me every single time!!💙😌

  42. T U

    Thank You Patti 🙏🏾🙏💯🖤🖤

  43. L. Isabela Montez

    I dedicate this to S. W. I will always love you it's still there and will never stop.

  44. Fancy Butterfly

    2020 💖

  45. earl powell

    If you feel something-say something!

  46. Savage Shamary

    Not gon lie this song is in my damn head bruh dammit auntie🤦🏾‍♂️

  47. MANNSOUTH 100


  48. Debra Savoy

    Still a great song

  49. Pierre Rashad

    I love the ending of this song— when she really started to go off. It’s like she was singing to someone, and the point wasn’t coming across so she went off to convey how serious she was. This song is so beautiful

  50. Peggy Shields

    This is still one of my favorite artist. Been listening to her since early 70's and the LADY STILL GOT IT!!

  51. Jasmine Miller

    Love this omg

  52. Matt McCoy

    This song is to My older brothers Sam and Mark rip!!!

  53. Victoria White

    Im still gonna play this in 2020 this a classic

  54. pretty darkie

    My wedding song REALLY love Miss pattie labelle you well sing this song

  55. James Rambo

    I hear her , faith Evan's in this song they both sang the song good i love both versions

  56. 95894L00L8934702 _xnyhf

    I love your music and your pies!

  57. Fortune Manana

    Patti's voice can tear the roof off when she hits high notes. How I wish she had a duet with Whitney Houston. Imagine those 2 incredible vocalists in 1 song.

  58. Diana Cantu

    I left my job and home to reunite with the man I'm in love with just to be dropped off at a park while he drove 8 hrs away to meet up with his so-called wife. So now I'm homeless unemployed and dealing with breast cancer.

    Joseph Rome

    So sorry to hear that 😢

    ken r

    Love is a 2 way street lust is a one way ticket to hell

  59. Mr Trell

    Rip grandpops and my childhood kinda😪😢

  60. Cassandra Shenault

    Who's still listening In 2019? 😊

    Brandon Morris

    Merry christmas

    Marilyn Williams

    I am since she started


    Cassandra Shenault , one more thumbs up before 2019 is over!

    Michael Hall

    And in 2020...

  61. Robert Greenfield

    Miss Patti Hello 💕 ! Gon And Sang ! Such A Beautiful Timeless ,Timeless Classic ! 🎙️.....

  62. Dark Storm

    ♥️ if only you knew ♥️

  63. Lori Dilorenzo

    To vence this song is for you

  64. Jay Brown


  65. Jay Brown

    If you only knew Patti

  66. shocktherapyhelps jones

    To all my dudes with women that hold you down no matter what, make sure they know how much you love and appreciate them.

  67. Trevor Robinson

    This song brought so many memories back in my life but I'm still jamming it today

  68. Spare Time Novels


  69. Elana El


  70. Super Ack

    Yeah People don't, Realize a Good Person,till there Gone...

  71. Jeremiah Judah

    Wedding song

  72. Elizabeth Matheny

    My brother had someone sing this at his wedding last month November 16 2019

  73. Carame11o

    May 3rd 2020💍💑

  74. Black Out

    Who listening in December 2019??

    Black Out

    If only you knew how much I do

    Adore Katalina

    Me 😩

    felicia wilson geswindt

    I am..
    She never fails 2019 December..

    Black Out

    She can really really blow a tune

  75. YellowboneYT

    RIP Moma 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  76. Jacqueline

    Ever just get in your feelings listening to her ..missing someone you don't even know!!! The magic in music that moves the Soul!

  77. Denise Isaac

    Her and Aretha on a track would have been lovely

  78. hardlines4

    A time when we had REAL music!!

  79. gwendolyn shaw

    Yes!!! I love this 2019

  80. Trixiesongzxoxo 2012

    The Voice Of An Angel ♥️

  81. Chief 66

    If only she knew. How much i thought of her.
    Thought i was done an would never think of her again.
    Wrong couple nights ago thoughts of her came back.
    Even after getting ghosted buy her.
    Maybe if ment to be i’ll run into her.
    I deleted her info from my phone.
    Maybe cause Christmas is near why I thought of her.
    Any way L.L. I’am thinking of you

  82. LaToiaMershay

    Anytime my newborn is crying and can’t be calmed down we play this song and the harmonic sounds of Ms.Patti always calms him down as well as puts him to sleep. Thank god for her 😭

  83. Sabrena Powell

    Robert who was she sung rhat song to like I'm singing it to you 8 love you baby almost rherre

  84. Nayshawn Lewis

    Classy classical clasic 🔥

  85. Lucas Yanity

    Who still here 2019 to 2020

    Jeremiah Judah

    Im roccing 💯

  86. QUEEN ME

    Who old school?! Im only 14 and im old school i know all the old school song and this is one of them and I love this song Pattie she song this song so good🔥❤ I love her ❤ 2019-2020!!?

    -ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴏsᴛ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛɪᴠᴇ ᴏɢ-

    Same girl I'm 17

    Elizabeth Matheny

    Same I was raised on all of this


    @Elizabeth Matheny same here

  87. Dirty jersey

    Hear this song just makes me think about my mom. Thank you for bringing me up right. I love you RIP always in my heart

  88. Sabrena Powell

    I love and need you baby we need eachotger

  89. Vanessa Holmes

    This song speaks volumn!! When we love, we love hard!!

  90. Tisha Williams

    This song goes to all my family “ my kids my all my love Robert Tabarez “ all my kuzn s. And my loved 1 s. “. Please know. That I truely love u and hold u so close to my heart ❤️ and always will no matter 💋😘😍🥰

  91. MR Goode

    2019 I'm still listening to the beautiful Patti LaBelle

  92. Tiamoa Paige

    I wish my husband knew how much I love him!!!! I Love u so much Kevin!!! I’m sorry for past trespasses against u babe !!! 💙 I pray that u see my sincerity and that we can move forward and keep our marriage alive !!! 💙💙🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾#ifonlyuknewdad😢

  93. Ms. King

    Dedicated to anyone going thru family immigration process. Stay positive your time is coming.

  94. Erica Richardson

    I dedicate this song to my husband ottis Jordan he is my world my everything I love him more than anything in the world ❤️❤️❤️❤️#teamjordan

  95. jj3cca

    I always think about God singing this to me😊😊😊