LaBelle, Patti - I'm In Love Lyrics

I'm not an innocent debutante baby
I've lived enough to know
Infatuations don't mean that it's forever
So I decided to take it slow

But when I saw you a voice deep inside me
Said you would be the one
To fill my life with the joy I have dreamed of
And warm my nights like the morning sun

I'm in love
I've found someone for me
I'm in love
Can't believe
That I'm living my fantasy

Took me a while to reveal all these feelings
Cause I was so afraid
I'd messed it up by exposing my emotions
Scared I'd be giving it all away
Since I've surrendered my heart to you darling
I haven't been the same
Because of you my whole life has come together
Your tender kiss has erased the pain


Wherever you lead me
That is where I would want to be
Ooh loving you is so easy
Cause it just comes so naturally


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