L.A. Guns - Death In America Lyrics

Who shot the President
Who pulled the plug
Our truth and justice
Swept under the rug
Just like a time bomb
Gonna explode
A new reality
Watch it corrode

Just another
Death in America

Another incident
Media lies
Our killers walk the streets
Where time alibis
So much you're taught
Who says
Crime doesn't pay
Who runs the syndicate
Who's in the shade

Just another
Just another
Just another
Just another
Death in America

I shot the President
I pulled the plug
Our truth and justice
Under the rug
I'm like a time bomb
Gonna explode
A new reality
Watch it corrode

Just another
Just another
Just another
Just another
Death in America

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L.A. Guns Death In America Comments
  1. Anuar Jusoh

    Baby...kill me

  2. Diego ARDG Perpetva

    Stairway to heaven riff?

  3. Josh Bastian

    Zulita...I remember you...memories is all time young me...would you take me onto your arm

  4. Timm Haas

    I Like the fact that phill aways did raw tracks with no effects on his vocals

  5. Axl Kix

    Talk about a great album. Anything you find by these guys you should buy...excepting, of course, the American Hardcore album. But the Vicious Circle album is pretty damn sweet. Some good ballads but a lot of great hard rock.

  6. Laura Hutcherson

    very nice

  7. mikkydanny gray

    definitely the most beautiful ballad ever made by LA Guns

  8. Azrael Celestine

    One of the most beautiful rock ballads ever done.

  9. wengchunfist

    one of the best songs of LA Guns

  10. aline faghali

    I alerta love them

  11. Daniel M-

    From what álbum is this??


    The album is Vicious Circle its their 4th album.

  12. 57lesbian

    Was he really? I never heard that before. In fact I don't think I've heard "V.C". mentioned in years.


    my great uncle steven on drums


    on the 14th ill see them


    on da 14th


    im seeing them in march


    great song

  18. Brian S

    Tracii was in Vicious Circle, Tracii is the best.

  19. LORDGOAT1976

    No Shit man, I was just saying that this is a good album by the way.

  20. silvyr

    Been a la guns fan for a long time, this has always been a fave song of mine..thanks for posting.

  21. JMourcella1

    It's not Stacey on this

  22. LORDGOAT1976

    Any album without Tracii Guns sucked.well Vicious Circle was good though.

  23. SolusShadow

    so love this song .. one of my faves .. by one of the best bands .. and will see them in October (Phil Lewis version)

  24. MezumeTS

    i just love these guys, gotta love a friend who showed me "never enough" ^^

  25. cilomcity

    this song is fantastic... where did you find the mp3?

  26. paganuspaul

    @JohnVoland Phil Lewis's line-up is excellent!

  27. 87gunsnroses

    where did bands like this go? whos idea was it to make the shit pop garbage so fucking popular. music now couldn't even hit the g-spot on a ten pound pussy.
    damn i need a miller high life.

  28. Endless Bridge

    One of the best ballads i ve ever heard!!! And crystal eyes too!!!

  29. shane cook


    actually it's Hollywood Vampires

  30. TryHardCrxcify

    These dicks tried to sabatage gnr at a joint gig just cos gnr are more famouse

  31. ArchangelAzrael13

    This is my very favorite LA Guns song. Beautiful music and lyrics.

  32. FlameFlefery

    I don't care who's singing this song, its beaaaautiful! <3

  33. Jamie Burke

    its phil

  34. horrorjunkie92

    @LORDHATE76 Are Dokken bad live? Because I love that band, but they don't seem to tour world-wide.

  35. Jeffrey Latawiec

    Great post Voland...Thanx man.

  36. imajessachu

    Well i guess thats just the way that it goess!
    Why love dies nobody knowsssss!


  37. JohnVoland

    vicious circle, man

  38. Acekicken

    Why call this LA GUNS?

  39. 6nikkisixx6

    Which line up?

  40. 6nikkisixx6

    It's defantily Phil Lewis. You just have to listen very carefuly.

  41. JohnVoland

    lol, which one of the line-ups? there are 2 bands touring under a name of l.a. guns these days :
    tracii guns' band and phil lewis'..

  42. JohnVoland

    i think it is phil lewis, actually, although gotta admit he does sound differently than on the rest of this albums. kelly nickels does the vocals on "nothing better to do", but here it's lewis, alright..

  43. 6nikkisixx6

    This doesn't sound like Phil Lewis.

  44. glamdog69

    You too man!!! ;)

  45. glamdog69

    Thats because the first two LA Guns albums are way better....You can't argue with tracks like One more reason and Electrip Gypsy... Rip and Tear also.... Saying that though VC was a good album....

  46. glamdog69

    Crystal Eyes was originally from the Hollywood Vampires album so it was a more well known song.....

  47. glamdog69

    I wouldn't call it a masterpiece, One way ticket and Ballad of Jayne yeah but not this... although this song is good though.....

  48. glamdog69

    That other "crap" version of LA. Guns is the one with Tracii Guns and the original vocalist that was in the band before Phil Lewis... I wish they wouldn just make friends and get back together again as both versions are not as good as the classic line up.......

  49. Alejandro Garcia


    Where can i find their albums i caint find them at best buy.

  50. JohnVoland

    oh, btw -i've added lyrics in info aswell -enjoy! :P

  51. Jorge Brandão

    i hope they play in brazil sometime soon...not that other crap version of l a guns!!! heheehe

  52. JohnVoland

    hey, i'm glad u like it.. actually i got only this album, so can't really call myself a real "fan", but they're an awesome band :)

  53. telmo nobrega

    I watched you burn your hand in my flame
    tempting fate again and again
    faith is not enough something's gotta change
    where is the love without pain
    riding on a homebound train
    ticket to a place in the sun
    like a villain on the run train ain't got going home
    don't turn your back on a loaded gun

    Well I'm sorry darling I must confess
    and as much as I need your caress
    you'll keep taking till your very last breath
    so put your arms around me
    leave me with your kiss of death

  54. JohnVoland

    u know, i'm really glad ppl remember and appreciate this song.. feels like it was a good idea uploading it :)

  55. JohnVoland

    yeah, they rock :) sure, link me!

  56. telmo nobrega

    :D i love la guns thanks for posting this :) ive also made a lil tribute to this band wit vampire song :) u can check it

  57. JohnVoland

    i know man, obviously i had no problem looking up crystal eyes on youtube, and yeah -i think VC was one of the best sleaze albums ever made, yet no one seems to remember it, lol

  58. JohnVoland

    I dunno really, but "Vicious Circle" had another great ballad called "Crystal Eyes", which got much more attention. Besides "KoD" was the last track, so maybe people just missed it ;)

  59. JohnVoland

    i used to have an ancient tape in the car for years with this song -never had a clue what was it 'till the tape got jammed. so i had to find this tune :)