Kurt Vile - Dust Bunnies Lyrics

You may think that it's funny now
That I got a headache like a shop vac coughin' dust bunnies
It's hard to see when it's all red
And all you hear are just white noises

This little one she's a delicate creature
No safety features to hold her down
Girl you've been running on all cylinders
Pulling the yard and cutting hard

But no they won't find us lying down on the ground
And it ain't at the bar where I am or you are
We'll take a puff on a cigarette and see what we get
An invigorating fix and a black lung

Don't know much about history
Don't know much about the shape I'm in
There ain't no manual to our minds
We're always looking baby all the time

But no we won't find it rolling around on the ground
And it ain't at the bar where I am, where you are
I took a puff on a cigarette, saw what I get
An invigorating fix and a black lung

You think you're tired, put your face in my place
We swap faces and I see you're tired
It's hard to think with a squashed brain and
Let's hope that don't leave a permanent stain

How can you talk over all that racket
What's there to feel but totally whacked

But we don't got time to wallow around in it
Though it don't look so far away from where we are
I wanna put out the cigarette and leave it behind
Hold you real close, take you by the hand
We'll walk away
Walk away

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Kurt Vile Dust Bunnies Comments
  1. Resierlloh

    Intro riffs sound kinda like...Local H - Bound For The Floor...

  2. Gerardo Topete

    I feel like this song talks about autism. And i love it.

  3. Gérald Schneider

    Feels so bunny

  4. Michael Victor

    Kurt is the best one out there

  5. Ines navy blue

    Absolutely love thiis styyle <33 :)

  6. Deji1337

    Thanks vinny

  7. crypto currbit

    Incredible! Song! Just love this so so so much!

  8. Suki Marek

    Takin a puff of a cigarette thought of this song lol

  9. Suki Marek

    This song stuck in my head for dayzzzz ♡

  10. Averi Gengler

    I've never quite heard inflection like this in the way he sings before. Truly one of a kind and I absolutely love it! Keep it up KV!

  11. Dan McKinney

    Pull in the yard and cut it hard

  12. Rob Rob

    This one never gets old or wears off on me

  13. Robert Seibert

    Badass bless your heart

  14. Dell Carter

    Shit man

  15. Justin Hall

    Hope and everything connected. Pass the J.

  16. Essentials of Biology

    Viva Falsetto!!! Existential truth conveyed by muscle contraction.

  17. uuu yyy

    Hook always reminds me of Found Out About You

  18. Katie Fara

    I love his voice. It's great :)

  19. CAM

    Where I am where you are

  20. Stray Fox

    His voice reminds me of the singer from cage the elephant.

  21. tommotd

    Cool throwback rock sound
    with household and yard machines
    gets me up off of the ground
    with his great lyrics

  22. David Papazian

    I hope he's getting paid to play these tunes.

  23. David Papazian

    Real music with a blues beat. Who could believe it in the year 2016! When the radio plays nothing but hip-hop and god-knows-what-the-fuck-it-is.

  24. Tyler Durden

    Any hot chicks diggin this?

    Tate Hudson

    Haha this guy

    Wesley alan

    Tate Hudson ....lol, you took th wrds right outta my mouth

    Suki Marek

    Sure y not

  25. Zach Goff

    This guy sounds fuckin' retarded.

    Chase Nyland

    Stick to Disney soundtracks, kid.

  26. Sarah Carr

    I had to shazam this. sounded like Thurston Moore at first. I'm likin it!

  27. Mish D

    and I can hear Iggy Pop! pretty good sounding like a bunch of Musical Genius Greats all at once :-) it only took 2 seconds for this to be my current favorite song.

  28. Mike McHaney

    Wow, Tom Petty memories.

    Kimberly Elizabeth Clarady

    Exactly =)

    Cande Bas

    You read my mind!

  29. Malice of The Product-1Hunid

    Great track

  30. Celery Man

    kurt is one of the best around

  31. Brad Torrence

    singing this walking around at a 1 yr olds bday party today lol good catchy track

  32. tulllguy

    great talent

  33. Gilda González

    I can't believe it's only received 244 likes! I <3 Kurt Vile

  34. J Slice

    dude kills. that's some just get it shit.

  35. Al White

    what is with this "how deep is your love" in the middle of this mix? get that shitty robotic ear pollution off this list. there's nothing worse than great music being interrupted by absolute shit music.

  36. Michael Stone

    vocals like Lloyd Cole ..way cool

  37. Joseph Halawani

    I love this song but the main riff sounds just like bound for the floor by local h

    Solidus 5150

    haha it does

    Jacob William Gorey

    local H...there's a name I haven't heard in a while

    Rick Just Ing

    kinda does but love both songs haha no wonder

    badgerbadger_badger Poppy?

    Fuck, now I can hear it lol

  38. cbillon

    love this song, love the whole album, cant say enough
    but the beginning of this track reminds me of UNTITLED by Interpol every time
    anyone else hear that or make that connection?


    yeah. I thought that too. This song is way more chill than Interpol. Love them both.

    Michael Victor

    This song is great keep it up Kurt

  39. john1212333333333333

    Traveler's Song // Kai Ehnes

  40. QG QG


  41. Seamus Gaelic

    Oooooooooooooo MAMA!

  42. joe binne

    younglings making great sounds.. Keep it up!!

    midcentury american

    +joe binne I know. All is not lost in the world just yet

  43. Edwin Norry

    Great track. Heard this for the first time today on BBC 6 Music, and felt obliged to track it down on Youtube. Sounds like Pavement covering Supergrass.

    what in tha fuck

    same :) bbc6 are good sometimes

    James Upson

    +Edwin Norry I got Kurt Vile from BBC 6 too

  44. One Man's Chorus

    Thank you, KEXP.

  45. Samuel Mateo Corral

    kurt. eres un genio!

  46. St. Botreaux

    Estee Tabernac -- who or what is RTX?

  47. Estee Tabernac

    in which KSV channels RTX, puts it back into the hands of the folks. hashtag blacklung.

  48. andrearusso89

    I can hear The Jim Carroll Band in this song.

    James Werth

    wow, you're right

  49. CaptainCorpulence

    This is dope as fuck.

  50. Woodcock

    The album is officially released, but I've been enjoying it for a month now. It's grown wonderfully on me.

  51. David Jones

    in which Kurt Samuel vile hits to the heart of the nail on the head. great song

  52. B Revell

    Great, Great Song.