Kurt Vile - Air Bud Lyrics

Strange, strange days is inside
My mind is daily changin'
And it's charged by
The shifting tones of time flyin'
Just in case you were wondering where I

Strange, strange days inside
My mind... is daily changin'...
As result of the black cloud comin' down
Just in case you were watchin' the

(We want out and we want it now)
(We wanna take it outta town)

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Kurt Vile Air Bud Comments
  1. Charo García Medel

    me encanta esta canción❤

  2. Xentra7

    On a dark day (which was the following of many other dark days), this music came like a fresh breeze and a beautiful sunlight to me. It makes me feel happy. Thank you!

  3. mysterytrain14


  4. Free2 Roam

    Sending love and thanks from Canada to all of you. Every comment is positive, wow that really
    makes me happy. Beautiful amazing music is created and we have the honour of listening to geniuses anytime we want. Thank you Kurt.

  5. gangstersayfock

    Airbud of Kurt Vile was one of my 8 favorite songs of 2013! I have experienced so much positive emotions because of Airbud! It was always so much fun when it was played on Dutch national radio in 2013! I felt so enthusiastic when I heard it on the radio! It was also a very special experience to see Kurt live in Paradiso in May 2013 in Amsterdam Holland. His show resonated so much with me and I felt so touched! His guitar solo's where so great and his music was so good live! It was for me personally also a very special experience, because it was my first time in Paradiso! I still have the concert poster of that show on the wall in my livingroom and see the movies of the concert sometimes on youtube. I always get a smile on my face when I see those movies of the concert again:).

    Susan Johann

    Wow, Paradiso? Blast from the past!! I went in May 1970. What a great place to see Kurt Vile!

  6. Ross Anderton

    Amazing track one question I heard a song by Luna side show by the seashore! Is this sampled a little from this love both tracks.

  7. Brian Mendez

    Bad ass song. Kind of reminds me of Pete Yorn, the melody and all. I love how Kurt finds a sweet melody and just sticks with it and drives it out. No need to have all these changes, which means entire song play value. No need to restart song when it gets to a bad bridge.

  8. Çağlar Polat

    I feel proud to somehow discovering Kurt on my own and earning the privilige to listen to his art

    Michelle Richie

    Çağlar Polat f he turtu gu it yyy tp


    I knew you could do it!

  9. kevin hughes

    so i want to buy the whole album now

  10. TheFunkyRenegade

    5:20 this guitar reminds me the intro of bowie's "heroes" WELL DONE.

    ram rod

    i agree.

  11. jamlaw

    some of this has a little Stone Roses vibe. Nice!

  12. marqoogomes1

    "My mind is daily changin' and it's charged by the shifting tones of time flyin. Just in case you were wondering where I was..."

    So good

  13. Diego Salazar

    My mind is daily changin'.......

  14. Martin Vang Kjær

    Slacker blues par excellence

  15. Just Jeanne

    i dig it

  16. pbucci

    Kurt Vile and The War On Drugs are rockin it ...... good work Philadelphia !!

    Mathew Birkenbach

    screw war on drugs

    Keef Riffard

    What a stupid comment.


    Keef, which one


    Mathew Birkenbach are you talking about the band or the policy?

  17. Lawrence Frauens

    This is one of the best albums in a long time, thanks Kurt!

  18. Forrest Moore

    Haters gonna... oh, I guess not!

  19. Hugh Good

    I bloody love this

  20. Richard Nibbler

    Greg Gutfeld sent me here. Thanks Greg.

  21. nakedfunk

    This one takes me so far away in my mind!

  22. Barry Lyndon

    So good I could eat this mo phugga!

  23. MrMartycbt16

    Classic track

  24. Fern Jones

    so god damn good. cant even

  25. T Nash

    This album is just too good. Thank you Kurt!

  26. crown_fried_official

    yes! and some stone roses I think

  27. Pamela Newton

    Really great.

  28. J Daniel Charles

    so good .. i was searching for that song !! thanks for posting it :D Kurt Vile the best :D

  29. G Mick

    kinda similar to "brothers" by war on drugs (chord wise) but equally as awesome.

  30. Brennan Goodwin

    literally one of the best songs I've ever heard