Kur - I Love The Dough Lyrics

I had a talk with my mom, she about to lose her crib
Where da fuck she gon live, shit I tell it like it is
And my man just had a daughter how he suppose to do that bid
Trynna give my nigga 10 so he gon see her till she 10
Same nigga yellin free him prolli never go to see him
Never wrote him he just seein what he seein
And I done seen the pain and the struggle where it rain and it thunder
When friends'll do you dirty, family'll make you wonder
No 9-5 we hustle, college wasn't a option
Fuck payin back loans I'm trynna get me a dollar
Seen death for a [?] my homie was movin powders
They mind focused on money ain't money why would you bother
Niggas ain't have they fathers all we had was each other
Was youngins up in the struggle with nothin I mean nothin
Shared clothes with my cousin trynna get me a bundle
So Me and Phil can go splurgin and blow it like it ain't nothin
Them bitches ain't never want us called it ugly and duck us
But soon as we got some change they trynna fuck us and suck us
Feelings was for the suckas my heart colder than ever
And Lil like my big brother his pride bolder than ever
NGB what I'm reppin Vernon Road what I'm reppin
Sharpnack what I'm reppin real niggas we well connected
And Will he in da cell and Rick he up in heaven
And Troy he need a lawyer so everyday man I'm stressin
But everyday is a blessin, live my life to the fullest
My cousin just lost his life I swear that I'm goin through it
My Mom she still be smokin, the house it still got roaches
So everyday I'm hopin our bond it won't be broken
And friends be actin different, let me paint you a picture
Soon as you gettin money them niggas'll catch you slippin
Niggas ain't really got it, them niggas be talkin hard
But niggas ain't really bout it
My homie he got a 40 to put you niggas on quiet
My homie he got a 40 to put you niggas on quiet
Listen, check
I'm just doin me like I'm suppose to
Phil said watch them niggas that you close to
Niggas talkin work Lil got them O's to
Macbook on the strip got them protools
Make tracks niggas like wassup bro
Shawty if you catch this train we gon leave you stuck tho
Niggas use to hate when I was down but I came up tho
And girls touch me because I touch dough wassup tho?
I don't even chase these hoes that's played out
Niggas I don't play them close they get you laid out
Me and Roe we stack chips right at [?] house
My mom talkin bout curfew fuck it I stayed out

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