Kur - I Hope You Feel Me Lyrics

Dot use to call me so much I use to turn my cell off damn
I think I'm the reason Why we fell off
We use to ride our bikes he never laughed when I fell off
Saturdays we watchin cartoons and eatin Kelloggs
Damn I just dwelled off
Thinkin bout the trips to Plymouth Meeting on the L Dawg or think about the 22
Bus to Willow Grove when we wanted Aeropostale dawg
Straight to foot locker for then 2 for 80 shells dawg
Now act like you remember
Remember all the times ain't had no jackets in the winter
Remember I would ask the lunch lady for some seconds just to pack it for my dinner
Me and Jamie eatin slim Jims and crackers for our dinner nigga
Jeff remember all the shit you gave me
I could never pay you back its like you fuckin raised me
My mom got so high one night she tried to rape me
Never hold it against her she prolli don't remember
Hey Phil Do you remember our first cup Shit
We was floatin on water like were part of a surf club
And Bree was my first love
She let so somethin small come between us and left like She ain't been through the worst stuff
And 'Kees still stressed bout this work stuff
I get a deal he'll never have to work again never have to hurt again
Never have to got to aces sell another shirt again
Told him get back on his shit cause he deserve to win
Trynna get my shit straight movin on to bigger plans
Lifes to short for the grudges I be the bigger man
But I ain't fuckin with these niggas man
I rather see my niggas dead then see em in the can
I just wanna give em more than alot
I'm laid up with a bitch while I think about Tum
I know he thinkin bout me as he lay in his Cot damn
I hope my uncle saved me a spot
What if me and Lil never met
In my life I shouldve never took several steps
Better yet I wouldve been at this expensive college
Fucked up trynna pay em off a heavy debt what you expect
Me and Reem got close so we laughed more
I told him bout my life and how I use to be past poor
He told me bout his He said he had the shit that he asked for
But somehow we just went straight to the back door
Duckin the task force my sister is the reason I rap more
Trynna get my mother a Jag or
A Rolls Royce wasn't trynna get her a Rav4
Or buy her a Selica I grew up sellin stuff damn
Only 12 when I came off the porch
I ain't wanna sell drugs I was forced damn
My aunt love to show me offer of course
Smiled when she seen a nigga name on "The Source"
I hope you feel me nigga

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