KT Tunstall - Hard Girls Lyrics


You soft girls
Trying to be hard girls
You know that nothing changes
Just be yourself

Never got a lot of empathy
Wearing my insides here on the outside
Could've got a little temporary relief
Peeling the broadside, getting the thrill
But it was just a distraction
To keep me up when I wasn't awake

Oh, well, you soft girls
Trying to be hard girls
You know that nothing changes
Nothing changes
Just be yourself
Nothing changes
Just be yourself

Following the path that I should
Baby, legacy leaving was completely deceiving
And I'd never gotten where I wanted to be
I didn't notice it was all just a show
I understand the attraction
Of wearing armour all the time

Oh, well, you soft girls
Trying to be hard girls
You know that nothing changes
Nothing changes
'Cause your hair's in your face
And all you good boys
Trying to be bad boys
You know that nothing changes
Nothing changes
Just be yourself

Turn it up!
You can do it!
Let's go!

Oh, oh, you soft girls
Trying to be hard girls
You know that nothing changes
Nothing changes
'Cause your hair's in your face
And all you good boys
Trying to be bad boys
You know that nothing changes
Nothing changes
Just be yourself

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KT Tunstall Hard Girls Comments
  1. Alejandro frank

    Necesita una alegría urgente

  2. Stephen Rioux

    If this lady does her own mechanical work, send her down! She`s my type of girl!

  3. calanthiarose

    Thanks for really awesome music KT! Love you so much!

  4. Kaladhar Battepati

    Melanie C's cameo is wicked! She looks cool with her hairstyle and her outfit is rocking! :D

  5. Damian Marques Soares Quadrado


  6. Ross mathias

    Nice truth in this song. Thanks KT. ❤️

  7. andrew turvill

    i love Melanie Cs appearence,

  8. andrew turvill

    i feel like she, as well as Adele should get together with the spice girls and make a supergroup!!!!

  9. Mike Rundberg

    A Spice girl turned into a Hard girl

  10. d CAf

    Dude ur getting popular not KT

  11. Lucy T

    KT is awesome and always have been 😄😄😄

  12. Fernando Javier

    OMG its Melanie C 😍 😍

  13. Jesse Van Rooijen

    Love this song!

  14. Nat C.G.

    When in Mexico?.

  15. fabijsantoss

    Melanie C 🇧🇷😍😚❤️

  16. Chad Von D

    Mediocre song but I love that Melanie C is in this video. She looks amazing

  17. Steve Wood

    Best song in years! Great video too!

  18. Wendy Campbell


  19. Captain Deathsquirrel

    I just noticed, she kicks the tire with spikes on her boot. It bothers me.

  20. Jorge Gomez

    Melanie C <3

  21. David Walsh

    Why has she started to resemble Lucy Lawless since 2016???

  22. Ryan Pearce

    This is the sort of music that should be topping the charts.... But instead, we've got record producers licking Drake's face every five minutes.....

    Rachel Fox

    Hahaha indeed. Some singers could be filmed going to the bathroom but KT releases an album, a great one at that, and no one really knows. :P

    sobering cat

    KT reminds me of the late 90s vibe

    Adrienne M

    Licking drake's face!! LMAO!!!


    Drake is musically more interesting tbh

    tomato sausage

    @sirvidia is he?

  23. Jeremy Asuncion

    amazing! a little different to KT's early jazz/folk influenced pop rock songs. This song reminds me of Liz Phair songs. And KT dressed like a younger Avril Lavigne in this video which is cool haha

  24. One Year Stand

    Co op radio, more of the songs you love
    anyone else?


    I work in co op and it's on everytime I'm in😭😂

  25. Vivien JODER

    Love it

  26. Veronica Rod. C

    love this song! <3

  27. Carlos Júnior

    Disco maravilhoso!

  28. Ankur Mohadikar

    jst awesome..👦

  29. Liam Estie

    I loved ur last concert here in Dublin

  30. Tim Pheby

    great song, got me dancing in my office

  31. Cleyton Paluzzi

    Um Grammy pra KT, por favooor !!!


    A highlander girl with a lot wild wild west world! love KT!

  33. marksmith95

    great tune kt.love the hook

  34. OneEyePI

    Cool song :-)

  35. Rachel Fox

    The start of this video reminds me a bit of "Invisible empire."

  36. Darren Bywater

    This and the Robbie Wiliams song about Russians are literally the only good songs I've heard all year

  37. Koby Cochavi

    I'm here for Melanie C <3

  38. Rahul achari

    I love tis song. tis music video deserves more than 200 million views.Y it has such a less views.

  39. OnTheHorizon

    i come here to see mel c only

  40. Lawrence Newman

    Blame feminism for all the cunty women out there right now.

  41. Whatamidoing20

    How has this got 97 dislikes 😐😐 this is my second fav song ATM (after KT's it took me so long to get here) ❤️

  42. Chris Calderley

    it's a great song and a great return to form. anyone else think she sounds a little like pink in this song. it's a good thing

  43. Rachel Fox

    People who said she disappeared after her 1st album don't know what they're missing.

    Lara F.

    Rachel Fox what is it called?

    Rachel Fox

    Tracks in July, it's got some songs you might know like little favors.

    Lara F.

    thank youu

    andrew turvill

    so true...i feel like i am growing with kt. i used to listen to the first album loads and now its like another person, but this is a new brighter version. so much to relate to. people just dont appreciate real music

    Mata Hari

    I mean she grew, so did her music and the depth never lacks. Because her live performances are always badass.. I Don t always like the studio versions.

  44. kramercapriati

    I want to see KT open for Joan Jett...

  45. David Gault

    Mel C's Car has the registration number "Sporty 1"

  46. Renato Doho

    Melanie C!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  47. Dunc Woodbridge

    my 2 favourite ladies ever having a car fight thanks KT

  48. Brenda C

    I'm a Melanie C fan, but KT is such a great artist too... I love this duo of Hard Girls, cool video girls! :)

  49. Martin Zerfahs

    Love this, KT come over and fix my brakes please. Bring your friend.

  50. KC Sure

    Love of my life ❤

  51. Charlie Ruetsch

    Awesome! but you Girls are going the wrong way :P

  52. Rafael Veiga

    K Pow! Rewatching... What a great video! ❤ from Brazil, KT !


    This is such a good song and I love how the title and mv mislead you unless you pay attention to the lyrics. :) thanks for yet another great album, KT!!!

  54. solamenteyo dv


  55. 可以iKeyi


  56. Pinoy Spice

    this is a wonderful surprise +melaniecmusic

  57. xxxTIN0xxx

    I've just noticed that red car's plate says "SPORTY" ..... Mel C <3!

  58. Elian Den

    like 1000♥

  59. bittersweetlie


  60. Le Lizard Royale

    some chemtrails in that sky

  61. Fabi Santos

    Melanie C <3

  62. ISBL-87 JJJ

    Somehow it reminds me of PowerPuff Girls :)

  63. Kevin van Slooten

    Tom Petty has this KT sound now, she's a great influence.

  64. Celio Bernardino

    Adorei...Mel C!

  65. The Narrator

    so kind of funny the lyrics are about soft girls trying to be hard girls..pretending

    and thats exactly what shes doing in this video... hypocrisy.

  66. Michelly Paula

    Brazil loves you! come to Brazil Kt! amazing video!

  67. Michelle Velasco

    wow only 75k views??? youtubers get more than this

  68. Gabe Lazar

    I was screaming and laughing when Mel C took off her helmet! I'm in love with this video soo much! And great album/song, Kate! Love you both!

  69. misguided ghosts

    i barely see her face

    Jay Lee

    yaaassss max barrett

  70. You thirsty cunts trying to win a comment fight

    the next music video is gonna be KT Tunstall - Wet Girls

  71. Abdel-ileh c.

    enfin !! new album released..; awesome music again

  72. Abdulhuseni Mudalgi

    guess she gota plastic surgery.. looks different.

  73. Vanessa Morris

    Mel C <3

  74. Emmett1808

    Melanie C what, whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Good tune :)

  75. Valeria Diniz


  76. Brad Peña

    Melanie C look so beautiful!!! 👏👏👏👏

  77. ClareSiu

    GOOD,最正片中有Mel C客串

  78. The Shogunstein

    This is great!

  79. Manu Swiftie

    knowing Mel C was in this vid brought me here :) good song!!

  80. andrew turvill

    they both look smoking

  81. Nerak S.

    AH KT! <3 Amei a música, o vídeo, tudo, tudo, tudo!!

  82. Reef K

    Glad to see you back on your feet KT!
    Such good memories of Drastic Fantastic blasting through my car speakers on the road to nowhere....or an airplane headset as I looked out into faraway lands while the entire album played on repeat.

  83. Luis Heredia

    Que hermosa sale MELANIE C en este video! Sporty Spice 💖

  84. Pedro Miranda

    Who came here for Mel?

  85. LordRandal1990

    I was like "Wait, I know the other girl... isn't she like.. Mel C? Naaaaah!" And then I read the comments and, well... there it was! I should trust myself a bit more! :D

  86. Hélios Neto.

    So awesome you called Mel!!! <3

  87. Douglas Pinheiro

    Adorei a participação da mel c. Sempre linda. Muito boa a música também.

  88. Dominique Keller

    Propulsée star internationale, en 2005, par _Black Horse And The Cherry Tree_, qui fit connaître instantanément son folk-rock âpre, Kate Victoria Tunstall aka *KT Tunstall* mène depuis une carrière un tantinet moins tapageuse mais tout aussi louangeuse, estampillée par des prestations scéniques singulières et une indépendance d'esprit qui voit la fougueuse Ecossaise publier aujourd'hui un cinquième opus (_Kin_, 09/09), possiblement plus rock que folk, mais pas moins féminin, jusqu'au bout du casque.

  89. Carlos Guillermo Contreras Araya

    Come to Brazil KT! I love your new video ❤️...even more with Mel C in it! 😍

  90. Levelsfan

    mel cs2

  91. Alisson Caetano

    Hmmm! Interesting

  92. lovelight luckycharm

    Melanie C starring this amzing video!! check her new song as well called Anymore!!

    Luisas lo Leiva Paredes

    Ad l

    .sulio le ,n

  93. Prisci Lopez

    I Love your music! Every song i hear i feel very identify with the feeling I Love you! Come to Argentina ❤

  94. Hey Alex

    My favorite singer 😁😁😃

  95. Drigo MB

    Melanie C! #BrazilHere

  96. Blueice marques

    Kt and Melanie C xx love

  97. Marco Aurélio

    vai flopar mas eu amo VCS DUAS. PLEASE COME TO BRAZILLL