Krauss, Alison - Too Late To Cry Lyrics

Sitting all alone with my whisky on ice,
I wonder why he's not with me tonight.
If the raven owns the night then I won't sleep.
I'm haunted by this loneliness I keep.

And it's too late to cry cause we left it all behind,
Too late to cry cause there's nothing left to find.
You won't get more than you're living for,
And it's too late to cry tonight.

There doesn't seem much point in us carrying on,
We pretend to try but the feelings are gone.
I hear the dove that has lost his mate,
The silence that follows him tells me about our fate.

And it's too late to cry cause we left it all behind,
Too late to cry cause there's nothing left to find.
You won't get more than you're living for,
And it's too late to cry tonight.

The empty glass before me tells the story in my eyes,
The dimness it has giving me won't let me realize.
That love is more or less the state of mind we go through,
With no guarantee to what it holds me or you.

And it's too late to cry cause we left it all behind,
Too late to cry cause there's nothing left to find.
You won't get more than you're living for,
And it's too late to cry tonight.

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Krauss, Alison Too Late To Cry Comments
  1. liberty Ann

    Who TF is Allison Brown?

  2. John Boulding

    I loved her early stuff


    We were both travelling weekly for years.

  4. Sam Gifford

    Sound guy a bit late on AK's fader for some reason.

  5. Klytemnestra Hippocrata

    I think what is interesting about this video is the two guys sitting there see the talent, but the band is playing like they are not aware of it. What I have always liked about AKUS is their ability to stay humble. That is rare in this age of music.

  6. cindy clark

    Look at Baby Adam and Baby Barry. LOL  This is great!

  7. Roger Roger

    Addendum: This was the first time I had ever heard Alison"s voice. Although I knew nothing about her at that time my thinking was that "there is something special about this person; something will come from that which I am hearing now: she is young, has far above average talent, and will be someone notable in the near future". I think the CHORUS lyrics went something like this:

    How I wish that I had come from
    A different life with fewer sorrows
    How I wish that I had met you
    Before my life turned out this way
    (four more lines that I do not recall at this time)

    After trying a number of search tactics I've found nothing thus far; please advise? Thanks.

  8. Jeffrey Hamer

    Allison Brown is seriously good on banjo!

    Roger Roger

    Hello: Might you know of an 'early' recording (I heard it on the radio in ~1984) whose lyrics are somewhat as follows:

    Verse One:

    It's too bad when fears possess you
    Like some dream from former lifetimes
    And the memory of a sorrow
    Keeps your heart from letting go

    There are friends that want to help you
    Dry your tears, love, and protect you
    Though your heart cries out for love
    You tell them no

  9. Stephanie Carter

    HELP....I'm looking for 2 cassette tapes of Alison Krauss. Both cassettes were released on Rounder Records in "1986" 1st cassette song "Tennessee Bound" 2nd cassette I don't know "Title unknown" Maybe called Track II.  Does anyone know where I could get these two cassettes?

  10. Tony Lombardo

    Ms. Brown is too good.

  11. I've arleady done this

    I love this. I've met Ms Brown before, & while she's tiny, this makes her look like she's photoshopped in.
    My favorite part, is the mis-spelling of Alllison's name. :)
    Flipper & Adam are just boy it.

  12. Hunter Dowdle

    Yep, she was almost three months shy of her 20th birthday!

  13. Hunter Dowdle

    She's not, it's just the hairstyle she had back in the 90's.

  14. Donk

    Why is Alison Brown wearing a helmet?

  15. rbcastillo

    Adam was on fire.

    Jon Adams

    Too late to cry Alison Krauss song.

  16. Cee Jay

    I have this album hanging in my office at work. I love explaining who she is to people... :o) Alison is amazing no matter the material she performs... bluegrass, country, Led Zepplin, Heart, etc.

  17. Hunter Dowdle

    Thank yo! I've been stressing that to everybody!

  18. barron pilgrim THE OCEAN POET


  19. KellyDawn

    Damn, if she was born in '71 that means she was only 20 in this video, 6 years younger than I am right now. Wow. I remember listening to this song as a little girl, too. It was one of my very favorites.

  20. grizphoto

    Thank you so much for sharing this vid. I feel head over heels for Allison, she was so cute and sang like an angel, all I wanted to do was meet her and ask her to be my wife....never met her though...

  21. reddragonready

    @nonmax15 You are wrong.

  22. serundipity

    How good does Alison Brown have to play before she smiles?

  23. seagullsd70

    How fan is to enjoy young days of the great talents! Thanks for upload!!!

  24. Paul Racine

    Haven't they all come a long way..............Alison Brown a banjo wizard of eclectic diversified taste. Tim Stafford ,PhD, amazing guitarist and one of the founding members of Blue Highway.Adam Steffey, fronting the super group The Boxcars and of course Alison , now a mature young woman known and respected world wide.The power of Bluegrass

  25. Lomas5017

    This is Allison at her best. (From Norway)

  26. karekye

    Angelic blessed sound, thak you Jesus
    I am JEMO404

  27. anzen1949

    I'm so happy to see young "Alison Brown" !!
    She is the most favorite bluegrass banjo musician .
    Her playing style here is such as real " Beatles", isn't she?
    Woom I'm knock dwon........

    Alison Krauss is also good bluegrass singer !

    Thank you so much to " soF einVideo " !!

  28. bazthehandyman

    There is no voice like it......anywhere!

  29. MrMap76

    always loved this tune. thanks for posting the video. that mandolin solo was hot.

  30. Bruce B

    @mickmac2241 hell....your English is better than my English :-)

  31. MrAussierocker

    @mickmac2241 Hey man your English is better than my French. You're doing great. Tres tres bon mon ami. Vous sont tres intelligente!!

  32. DEN139

    @va4rebs That's not Ron, that's Alison Brown playing banjo. And yeah - she looks like a chick...

  33. Golgotha_Mythos69

    Guess they were ALWAYS awesome, huh?

  34. strawberryseason

    I saw her play at Sander's theater at Harvard in Cambridge, MA in April, 1988. I was going back to the bathroom in between acts and ran into her. I told her she did a great job. She was so humble and sweet. She grabbed my arm and gave me a warm thanks. She was only 16 or 17 then.

  35. tomthefunky

    I'm waiting for the proper bluegrass version of "Psycho Killer". It's sure to be a family favorite.

  36. va4rebs

    When i first saw it, I thought Ron Block looks like a chick? I've always likes the heads! Maybe Alison should cover, Take me to the river!

  37. tomthefunky

    HaHa You got my joke!! You're cool,va4rebs, Happy New Year.

  38. va4rebs

    @tomthefunky Now that was funny! I wondered where she got her start?

  39. tomthefunky

    Let's hear it for Tina Weymouth on banjo!!!!!!

  40. greekflatpicker

    Alison Brown has killer looks!
    She was too rock for bluegrass.She's a great musician.

  41. Nessiefa n

    This is very fun to see. Here she was very young. Thanks for posting!

  42. Gladys Marie Fitterer

    very fragile vid! LOL.. and yes i think no plastic surgery was done, grown up naturally. Still the same nose, and i dont care about it. I love her voice..

  43. cjshaker

    Wow, these videos are GOLD!!!!
    The most beautiful voice you'll ever hear, before the world even realized it. I loved her on her first two albums when she did traditional bluegrass. Still do actually.
    Thank you SO MUCH for posting these nuggets.

  44. Lalagay Lawson

    I can't agree with you more :o)
    Style wise, Adam Steffey is in a class of his own, he really brings an atmosphere to a song. Sierra Hull seems to have picked up on his mandolin playing quite a bit I find.

  45. dtalon

    Her nose looks completely different now. Not a dig or anything. I'm fine with her either way, just sayin'.

    Defensive much?

  46. James Otto Sweet Heart

    Thank you so much for sharing this awesome performance from my most favorite girl singer! (smiles)

    God bless you and her always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee (a fan of her since 1994)

  47. scramasboy

    True. She was 18 years or so younger. Scarey thought!

    Fan of her back then and now! Family was anyway, I was a baby :D

  48. James Otto Sweet Heart

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I love watching my role model's earlier performances!!!

    God bless you and her always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee (a fan of her since 1994)

  49. Lalagay Lawson

    Great to see young Alison, to think she's only twenty here !!
    The rest of the band are great as well, especially Adam Steffey and Alison Brown.
    personally I don't think she's had plastic surgery, just grown into her features.

  50. Matteo Ringressi

    I love Alison Brown's work, and the rest of the band also! Great music

  51. Andy Price

    This must not have been long before Alison Brown left because Ron Block came into the band in 1991.

  52. Bill Dailey

    A very young Allison! Great music!