Kranium - Something To Hold On To Lyrics

All the money...all the girls
Everyting is very nice
We're gonna do it the wanna do it

When you call me, I say, "Freeze"
Girl, it's a hold up
Wanna do you like my spliff, and roll your body up
Got me speeding through your eyes
Want you in the worse way
Gonna make your bedroom rock
Hold like it's an earthquake
Everyday is our anniversary
Every night is our Valentine
Baby, please don't show me mercy
Ooh no, no oh

So let me give you something to hold on to...
Something to hold on to
From the morning, to the afternoon, to the evening...
Something to hold on to

Hold that, girl...
'For I shut you down

Leave your key under the mat, so I ain't gotta knock
And I can punch in and work you all around the clock
Don't you worry 'bout mi living
Baby girl, I'm off today
We gon' have a tug of war, yeah
Let pull your love this way
Infatuated by your brown skin
Me see fire when we're blending
What a natural healing
Both our bodies in lining

So let me give you something to hold on to...
Something to hold on to
From the morning, to the afternoon, to the evening...
Something to hold on to

Roll that up...roll it up
What you got now?

For the rest of your life
You can have all this love
Ooh, every drop of it
You can have all this love
Me nah think nothing of it
Hm mhm
Me nah think nothing of it, no...

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Kranium Something To Hold On To Comments
  1. odaze5

    Sad this wasn’t on Midnight Sparks... 😔

  2. Shane Dj Spirit Allen

    Big tune 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Empress I Music


  4. Matilde Effah

    The song is dooope😍😍✌🏿✌🏿it deserves more views!!

  5. JaBabyDoll




  7. symone09

    Thought this is was Jah Cure when i first heard this

  8. Chris Jay

    Omg. Straight fire. Please promote this song

  9. Kenya Crook

    The man

  10. Angelica Chavez

    His voice it's so relaxing n sexy!!!

  11. rose bud

    Yes indeed big chune Bless up KRANIUM

  12. tara gonzalez

    It should be available on iTunes i love this son

  13. Cynt 407

    Love the vocals, nice vibe and great lyrics 👍👍

  14. Odoro Francis

    Da one ya bad kranium yu need fi duh some more music like this

  15. mel 11

    How old is this song?

  16. Eilani Whyte

    This song makes me feel so calm and at the same time makes me feel so naughty.... I'm just so in love with this song... 😍😍😍

  17. Paris Yvonne

    Obsessed with this song

  18. Leona Leona

    Infatuated with your brown skin 👀

  19. Billy zoe

    Me and my bb song!

  20. explicit646

    I'm in love with this song!

  21. GenX Joy You Tube Videos

    Love this! Great jam! XOX!

  22. Deatrice Martin

    I love this damn song....

  23. jennifer mclaren


  24. Leah May

    Is this on iTunes ???

  25. Kray Kay Moodz

    Kranium a it dis mi boss. Reggae added to yuh ting. #Versatile Big up yuh bloodclaww self!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Fan from long time

  26. Erie ibeyi Akum ta


  27. El Polimata

    Mi Cantante Favorito

  28. Lulu Lulu

    "roll ur body up" hell yeah ❤

  29. lee Kris

    Love 🎶❤️

  30. YoHippestHippie34


  31. Uniquegirl Willis

    omg kranium.

  32. Malyse Lindsey

    My bae never disappoints ❤😍👌🏾🔥🔥🔥

  33. R.J. Johnson

    Best Kranium tune I've heard yet! More ah dis please. :-)

  34. Lami

    Ugh kranium 😍😍😍

  35. Leona Leona


  36. Scotch Bonnet

    big tune

  37. Chav Angus

    in love with this song

  38. avanie koot

    YAAAS! I've been waiting for this song to be on here for like 2 months!! I love it!!!!!!

  39. Erica Criss

    that voice so smooth

  40. Tony Bwana


  41. Mrs Chambers


  42. SweetiePie Britt

    Wasn't expected a song like this I love it , nice romance song ❤️💯😍😘

    SweetiePie Britt


  43. Ash LDN

    Tug of war 😂

  44. Manuari

    Love this

  45. tanya samuels

    big up Dj Polish and Noah. ah dem seh Kranium ☺

    Sue Walker

    tanya samuels that's where I hear it from both of them on soundcloud



  46. sapphire glodman


  47. Rushell Correia


  48. Gaza Strong

    yea man nice, this one large

  49. jgjamrock

    just what we need from the local dancehall artist; diversity!!!! hope they learn from ur teaching mi boss

  50. A Di Starr

    Da ya mad Kranium.

  51. Ainsley Ngundu


  52. Chloé DC

    OMG this song i'm in love

  53. SuperHoneycombe

    I feel like making love 😍 every time I play this song

  54. ZJ LANDO

    This song gonna be a hit💯💪🏾

  55. winrose mumbi

    I love this song!!!!

  56. Marvene Padmore


  57. Jermaine Duprey

    Definitely something you'll be hearing on the radio channel near you

  58. Drummond Studios

    kinda remind me of Jah Cure inna dah song yah.... Wonderful.

    tiana harris

    HAARD Done I was thinking the same thing


    HAARD Done same

    Empress I Music

    I first thought it was...thank goodness his name was on the screen

  59. Sydney Punt


  60. Ellen Lewis


  61. Bernadine Francois

    Love ❤

  62. Amelia Nicholas


  63. Sophia Truth

    wikkid tune!!! so nice to hear love songs in reggae again
    more love

  64. Suli

    kranium basically claimed 2016

    Jessica R

    Writer Suli no doubt.. for real

  65. Kami Kam


  66. Sheika Bennett

    I love it

  67. Nicole Morson

    Love it. it have an old school reggae vibes

    SweetiePie Britt

    Nicole Morson yea it does make me love it even more that old school reggae the best

  68. Deanne Fraser

    notification gang

  69. Arif Zaman


  70. orianna hardy


  71. Aaron Smith

    big up kranium

  72. Snow FlakeJ

    Beautiful song

  73. angela bananga

    love it

  74. Shanice

    Nice !!

  75. amethystangel23

    great song

  76. Ras Xclusive

    Boom bless up kranium Rastafari

  77. simranlimbachia

    The vibe to this thoooo 🎈🎉💯

  78. Zoe Monroe


  79. Terron Paul

    Finally i found this song

  80. Nai Nai

    I'm in love with this 😍
    makes me miss the boyfriend I don't have

    sapphire glodman

    Nailah Mck the struggle is real


    All in due time ladies. Keep putting out positive energy and be open, and you'll find him. Memba mi tell unnu.


    Princess Nai lol, I told my friend the same thing yesterday... I feel ya girl :/

    Ilaitia Lomani

    Navigata st

  81. teezy murowe

    😍😍😍😍😍lovin it

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  83. Marcus Forde

    really love this

  84. Infinite Love

    Cool got tht good reggae feeling 😌👌🏻😍

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    You want to do me like your spliff 👀Roll me up 😉🤒❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    In love with this ❤️❤️

    amoori -27

    Young Tiller in love with u 😥😍

    Big Bosh

    amoori -27 This is YouTube, not Tinder 😂

    tiana harris

    Big Bosh 😂😂😂

  89. Empress Misha


  90. Kereece Williams

    awww nice song love

  91. s B




  93. Alynah Ahmed

    Lit 🌹