Kotzen, Richie - This Is Life Lyrics

Oh It's A Mystery
Why We Are Here
I Don't Understand It
I Don't
We're In A Circus
Without Any Rhyme or Reason
I Don't Know Why
But I Ask Myself
What Is It All For?
This Is Life This Is Life This Something That We Are Leaving
Life This Is Life This Is Life
Life Is Playing Games With Me
And You
And All Of Us
Try To Hold My Hand Baby
Before The Moment Slips Away
You Know It Feels Like It's Us Against Time
And So I Ask Myself What Is It All For
This Is Life This Is Life This Something That We Are Leaving
Life This Is Life This Is Life
Life Is Playing Games With Me
And You
And I, I Know I Can't Change It
I Got Nothing Left To Fucking Lose
So You Know I'm Gonna Weed All This Shit Outta My Mind
I Gotta Weed All This Shit Outta My Mind Yea
I'll Weed All This Shit Outta My Mind
I Gotta Weed All This Shit Outta My Mind
And Hope For Everything Yea
You Know I'm Gonna Hope For Everything To Be All Right
I Know I Gotta Hope For Everything Yea
I Gotta Hope I'll Hope For Everything To Be All Right

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Kotzen, Richie This Is Life Comments
  1. Marlon Silva


  2. 산넘고물건너

    진짜 좋다 정말 ㅠㅠ

  3. Jonas Fernandes

    Call Joss Stone

  4. Stevla jang

    Ritchie need no technical ferocious guitar playing to prove his tremendous musicality.

  5. Talonly

    holy hit

  6. Piddlepond

    Can’t believe I just discovered Richie Kotzen TODAY!

    Gustavo Martins

    Oh... your probabily on an endless journeym right now!

  7. orleagle62

    Perfect in every moment of this life

  8. Lawrence Tovar Jr.

    Coulda played this when I was born, married, graduated 2nd grade, birth of my daughter, all in that order.....and hope my closest friends play the fuck-over an over n over- till the neighbors complain- this tune when I'm dead n gone!

  9. Denise Lalala Blublublu

    Cold&Wet day at Mexico City & I Love you Richie <3

  10. Rudy Shout

    Love Kotzen....speechless

  11. I. Kaminskiy


  12. Joao jr79

    Rock, soul, blues, etc...this is richie

  13. Laurie Whittaker

    Richie Kotzen is the most amazing artist I have been this stuck on in a long time. He can play just about any instrument, and he can make you feel life running through your veins with his music! Cannot get enough of him.

  14. Flávio Gomes

    I discovered him recently, and he is already in my top 5 !! Great song, the new album is a masterpiece !

    Descobri ele a pouco tempo e já está no meu top 5 !!! Sonzera, Esse novo cd está sensacional !!

  15. Alexis


  16. Alessandro Mattos De Souza

    After I die I want to reincarnate as Richie Kotzen

  17. ObiOne Band

    que som incrível começando meu 2018 da melhor maneira !!!!!!!
    Obrigado Richie !!!
    thanks Man !!!!!!!!

  18. ObiOne Band


  19. Manuel 2 Grimmett

    RICHIE eres enorme , no eres de este mundo monstruo..

  20. Lucas Pompei

    Master Kotzen!

  21. Magda Bragança Rubio

    Richie, when are you coming to play in Lisbon, Portugal?

  22. Ruslan G.

    Não acredito que até hoje, perdi o show desse cara na minha cidade.

  23. Mikołaj Malangiewicz

    Today, this song is for Chris.

  24. Júnior Luz

    Sou do Brasil, nós aqui amamos o seu trabalho!

  25. Novaesjesse Jesse

    que blues nossa viajei nesse som incrivel

  26. Toni Brandini

    Um dos maiores guitarristas do mundo, e não é só isso, um músico completo, me inspiro muito nas suas músicas! adoro seu trabalho parabéns! :)

  27. Nicolás Tapia Vavra


  28. Javi lynch Marssiano

    Prince Style!

  29. Daniel Gamble

    Richie, as a HUGE Prince fan, I truly feel as though you are the "White Prince"! I can't get enough of your music. I hope you can make it to Cleveland, Ohio soon!!!! Keep doing what you're doing.

  30. Felipe Formiga Cantor

    muito bom....beautiful ballad

  31. Satch's Jam Room

    Richie got this taste and show us finally !

  32. Chris Branco

    Richie is amazing!!

  33. John Watson

    beautiful, beautiful voice.

  34. Patato Keftes

    I like the melody, the tone and the lyrics but the vocal mixing feels rather unnatural.

  35. Derek

    true talent! passion song and about re-invention!!!!!! not a grunge thing!!!! Music will always transcend and this this what it's all about!!!!! Love it ******

  36. Desafinados

    What a feeling... very tasteful as always

  37. Oleg Kurchenkov


  38. Ja Aa

    saw u with winery dogs at McKinney's club in Seattle a couple years ago, awesome show!!!

  39. Ja Aa

    on a selfish note please visit Seattle or Eastside Seattle area soon!!!

  40. Ja Aa

    duder u fukin rule!! i cant believe the connection i can make with all ur songs!! best singer, songwriter, guitarist, musician, or whatever label u want to add, ever!!!

  41. felipe lima

    Ritchie is a Master of feeling, this song is completly beautiful, I can listen to this song all they long. On of The best musicians nowadays.

  42. CastleMama

    like it, the dirty version?

  43. Irwan March Vlog

    God Damn....This is a Master Piece....GREAT!!!

  44. Clayton139

    Great musical and "Vocal performance" Richie Kotzen !!

  45. EDMusic Entertainment


  46. Alexis Alescio

    What a wonderfull voice!!

  47. Simon Tapia Glausser

    so much heart

  48. 22Viper

    Hinting a new solo album ??

  49. Ariel Lopez

    So soulful wow. Not only are you a guitar god but your vocals are equally as amazing. Saw you with the dogs in Orlando, can't wait to see you with your solo project


    Same can't wait to see him in Dallas! I might even consider leaving state to see him

  50. David Z Hmar

    Genius!! Great vocal, great song.

  51. Marco Henrique

    essa musica foi finalizada no dia do meu aniversario,,,,obrigado pelo presente Mr.KOTZEN,,,,,,vc e o cara,,,,vc e o guitarrista e vc tambem e um grande compositor,,,parabens

  52. jan ann ran

    Great song Richie! I love the way you can take all of your feelings and put them into a soulful song :)  This is why I love your music so much <3 (also, bc you're incredibly talented).

  53. Rover

    He always stunning.

  54. Alex G

    Prince anyone?

  55. Daitaito

    Pure eargasm!

  56. Júlio Brabo

    This is Awesome This is Awesome!!

  57. Marco Henrique

    bom demais kotzen,,,,,,gostei muito dessa onda!!!!!!!!! parabens

  58. audionci

    The soul (and soul) in this man's voice and music! Outstanding

  59. Axel

    So smooth so soft so easy to listen.. A perfect mix between jazz blues and rock...fuckin genius..an album is coming ?

  60. MrDaveFab

    Love it!!Is that bass rich in octave or is it synth??Great audio quality for U toob too!!

  61. Curtis Hill

    So good, thanks Richie

  62. Time Machine Studio

    Great Richie Kotzen!

  63. Mikka Grytviken

    A nice soul song as I love them !

  64. MrSteven19671

    when you say and play what you feel. it all comes together!! bravo to you once again Mr. Kotzen!!!!!

  65. teri 03

    Thank you for nice song and nice voice!

  66. Grammatical Erorr

    Richie you should duet with Joss Stone!

    felipe lima

    I would like to see this.

  67. Christopher Bride

    Ritchie Kotzen is the most underrated artist of our time. Better than Prince, may his purpleness rest in piece.

    Thomas Martin

    Well a very close 2nd...

    Andrés Gámez

    And Richie Sambora

  68. aquashado93

    LOVE IT!

  69. Daniel Bogarin

    very nice work!

  70. Vanessa Cândido

    Tudo que o Richie Kotzen faz é maravilhoso <3

  71. Vanessa Cândido

    Tudo que o Richie Kotzen faz é maravilhoso <3

  72. Vanessa Cândido

    Tudo que o Richie Kotzen faz é maravilhoso <3

  73. Vanessa Cândido

    Tudo que o Richie Kotzen faz é maravilhoso <3

  74. Vanessa Cândido

    Tudo que o Richie Kotzen faz é maravilhoso <3

  75. 102totsu102

    I like it..... Awesome.

  76. Jeff Gomez

    Pure soulful singing & guitar playing. The chord changes are so impressive with tasty guitar fills that would of certainly impressed the late great Prince!

  77. Alvaro Naves Sepúlveda

    you did it again, master.
    Thank you for your music and your soul !

  78. Onizuki Matzuko

    Este señor es toda una genialidad, te amo Richie !! soul puro.

  79. icecakes

    guitar solo...piano...
    “Hope is the thing with feathers
    That perches in the soul
    And sings the tune without the words
    And never stops at all.”
    ― Emily Dickinson

  80. Crispy Borell

    Richie, you are a true genius.

  81. Karol Komenda

    What the...masterpiece!!! Yeah, keep goin' man!!!

  82. Palazzinappa

    a composition. blown away again. feed us more!

  83. Kif Intil

    The only artist that I'm ever genuinely excited to hear new songs from, always something familiar yet always unpredictable. In headphones this is a trip, amazing.

  84. Alfian Banjaransari

    this is so much better than any of the winery dogs stuff...

  85. TheBolinfan

    Fucking brilliant!

  86. Mike Rancourt

    Thank You Richie for your Unique Voice and Awesome Guitar playing.....Bro Fist to You !

  87. Slibassgirl

    Soulful, the Richie Kotz♥n I L♥ve...........As always your music is so good!  ♥Peace L♥ve Bass♥ Miss seeing you live!

  88. Boran Vai

    You are my Idol mr Kotzen..

  89. manginifan

    A musical genius with an amazing voice & chops like Hendrix!!!!

  90. Magic97527

    Better and better every song. Soul, thought, and feeling, with that amazing voice and style. New favorite tune.

  91. mrkattobi

    This song remember me tears for fears a little. Great song Ritchie, as always!

  92. Péter Pityinger

    The best;)

  93. ivi13

    Thanks Richie !

  94. kevin matthews

    Love it. Great vocals. Nice solo at the end.

  95. Jake LaRoe


  96. Aldo Orozco

    great!!as always richie!

  97. Alejandro Apoloni

    Lo hiciste de nuevo Ricardo!!! Nos vemos el 28 de mayo con los TWD!!!!