Kotzen, Richie - My Rock Lyrics

I'm in a desert
Hoping you to arrive, I will see
You were my life rope
When I was in the deep
Deep in my head, deep in your eyes
Into my soul you saved my life
I didn't know

You would be my rock
My rock, My rock
You take me from the bottom to the top
My rock, my rock

I'm upon Saturn
With so many moons
You are my precious stone
You're coming for me soon
Out of my dream, into my bed
Into my life, you keep me stoned

Because you are my rock
My rock, my rock
You take me from the bottom to the top
My rock, my rock
You kiss me on the heart before it stops
I was going to give up on myself
You take me from the bottom to the top
My rock, my rock
My rock, my rock
Because you are my rock

Show me what you got, baby
Won't you show me everything?
I'm following a simple plan without a twist in every thing
I'm promising I can be cool
Oh I'll be the king of cool if you like me

I will be your rock
Your rock, your rock
I'll take you from the bottom to the top
My rock, my rock
They're crazy, Jesus, they don't know you're gone
You are my rock
(My rock, my rock)
Tell me I'm your rock
(My rock, my rock)
Touch me like your God
And make me feel like God
You are my rock, you are my rock, you are my rock
You know you're, don't ever stop
(My rock, my rock, my rock, my rock...)

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Kotzen, Richie My Rock Comments
  1. Alan Rothsman

    0:27 is Richie dating the Predator?

  2. Mark Burke

    Total rundgren sound here right

  3. Kálmán Dávid

    Awesome song, really shitty music video! :D

  4. MrB.

    The Birdsboro kid does it again w/ soul, who would have thought but those of us that were there when you were young youd be this stellar

  5. Jsg Guitar

    Isso é Visagem kkkkk

  6. Justin Hayes

    Just came across this album salted earth with this tune. Imo Mr. Kotzen is following in the tradition to the likes Prince by just making music from the heart and doing it his way. Kotzen body of work to his early guitar shredy work to his one and only work with Poison which was there best album musicly. This album I've discovered along with winery dogs records his whole body work speaks volumes.....easily becoming one of my favorite artist=

  7. Vladimir Vladimirovich.

    Best song....

  8. Kurt Wollton

    I am crazy right now !!

  9. The Sun Dog

    Just found this song today 😪🤣

  10. The Sun Dog

    These hooks!!! Glad he wasn't born twenty years earlier or there wouldn't be fuck for hope for this generation as far as music is concerned.

  11. Thibaud Stéphen

    One of my favorite artists (listen to all records for 2 weeks :)) and this song ...... no comment, just great ^^ Mr. Kotzen is a genius, he is one of those artists who makes me smile for the day and my sleepless nights and his music bring me a lot of inspiration.

  12. Nicolle Reyes

    Que canción más linda, llevo años escuchándola y no me aburre. Gracias Ritchie

  13. 모린

    Is that julia lage? Where is she?

  14. Hugis Guitar Official Page

    love this tune! and the lyrics behind it! thanks for your music, best regards from Europe

  15. Frédéric Vernet

    Thanks Richie I did listen to my wife and it works LOL;-) continues because frankly it's too good;-) Fred Vernet

  16. Sandra II

    OMG. I love this song SO MUCH!

  17. Rawnie DeDouglas

    This song should be over a million by now/its just that good..... I listen to it all the time, it heals me/salute

  18. Nick Bacic

    My song for Ann ...you are my rock you know u are my rock and u will never stop....

  19. Brian Puhl

    rk. is composing brst music i hear....!

  20. Publicidad Positiva

    gran tema.... me dio risa la parte que bebe vino... borracho pero ordenado ... jajaja levanta la botella pero la pone donde estaba jajaja ... ** hermoso

  21. Eero Silkelä

    Amazing song but video what the fuck?

  22. Hugis Guitar Official Page

    what a great song and lyrics!


    I like the scene u drink wine and go back to sleep....ahahahahaha! really good song and album Richie!

  24. Roxy Cool

    Richie kotzen uno dei migliori musicisti che abbia sentito. Il miglior chitarrista con una fantastica voce.Ogni suo pezzo e un piacevolissimo viaggio musicale.Grazie Richie 😊😊🎸🤘😄

  25. Ismael Matos

    Que música 🤘👏


    Best single .

  27. James Amore

    That bass jesus....stunning!!

  28. Tiago André

    Eu realmente gostaria de entender,como o Richie Kotzen não é um super star da música. Existem guitarristas que tocam de uma forma excepcional, existem guitarristas que cantam extremamente bem. E existe o Richie Kotzen que faz estas duas coisas com maestria e não tem o devido reconhecimento.

  29. Anton Roger

    Always reminds me of The Stylistics when he goes this route, would love to see Richie cover them and so many others, beautiful song.

  30. Fatty McFatterson

    Wasn't expecting that burning run on the piano. Too much talent for one guy...

  31. Joao jr79

    The voice

  32. Lucas Pompei

    Master Kotzen!!

  33. Joseph Romano

    Lets all start a "grammy for R.K. fan club"! This guy is the whole package and it will be well deserved... and aout time.

  34. Eric Presley

    Like a Prince song but better good job.

  35. Ree McLaughlin

    Can do anything

  36. Krstin Uroš

    one of my favorite songs in last few years :) !

  37. Raven Longman

    His look is somewhere in between Serj Tankian and Kim Thayil :)

  38. Tiago Xavier


  39. Jsg Guitar

    Mulher de branco é visagem kkkk

  40. M.y.k dale

    Oh my....I love this song....

  41. pija

    wait this isn't just a homemade video to a chris cornell song?

  42. Ree McLaughlin

    That's a talented, beautiful man. Lord have Mercy.


    Richie canta de mais que isso parabens fã desse cara!!.

  44. creolefemme1

    Congratulations Richie!!

  45. marcoaam1969


  46. M.y.k dale

    I love i love this song

  47. Dante Sparda

    I love it

  48. Gar

    Laid back amazing album. Great driving music to chillax

  49. Gandz Abad

    Been following his music eversince his first solo and hes one of the greatest influence on my music and guitar playing. He's a true genius! I was with him yesterday here in singapore. Thanx for the music and inspiration. Thank God there's Richie Kotzen.

  50. Caio Henrique

    The BEST of the wold !!

  51. LLave Oceans

    es tan genial xd

  52. Izabel Fernandes

    Homão da porra <3

  53. Vitor Diovanii

    Muito bom, compartilhando agora .

  54. duck niam

    Have to say that thank you for decided to visit S.Korea!!

  55. Tobias Italgani

    Que legal!Gravaram o clip em Gramado?Valeu um abração.

  56. Glenn Patete

    Amazing guitarist, great voice. Long live classic rock!

  57. demar35 kov

    ReVeLaTiOn !!!👍👌👏🎼🎵🎶🎙

  58. Ana Carolina Carneiro

    Amazing song!!!!! Congrats from Brazil!!!!

  59. Luan Corrêa

    Incrível !! vim pelo de Ros , vc realmente tem um talento espécial e deveria ser melhor valorizado, acompanho bastante seu trabalho parabéns!

  60. Daniela Custodio

    você é maravilhoso! ♡

  61. Cognoscere Estelar

    quando vem pro Brasil? super fã cara! parabéns!

  62. Caio Nagao

    You rocks incredibly man! Greetings from Brazil! Thx for being this mega star!

  63. AluizioJunior

    Músicas perfeitas!! toca demais
    .Sou fã Kotzen!!

  64. Inaldo Bento

    Você é sensacional! Venha para o Brasil!!!

  65. David Prawira

    love the new album

  66. Nicácio Oliveira

    Cara, O melhor!!! Muito obrigado!
    Tem horas que eu fico intrigado com isso. Como pode o cara ser tão talentoso!!

  67. Diêgo Luciano

    Parabéns Kotzen! Admiro o seu som, é um espetáculo!

  68. Rafael Platero

    Kotzen is Amazing!

  69. Dennis - Começanha Advogados

    Thanks from Brazil Richie, waiting you in São Paulo!

  70. Giovanni Londoño Espinosa

    Great music!!

  71. Víthor Rosa Franco

    Happy to know you are coming to Brazil! I hope to hear this one live :D

  72. Samantha de Carvalho

    o Brasil te ama Richie. apareça mais no canal

  73. Thiago Lopasso

    Richie esteve no Brasil em 2016, foi uma experiência incrível, obrigado.

  74. Hugo Reis

    quem veio pelo de 1 tudo?

  75. Donald Nicholson

    Can't wait till he gets to Sydney


    Richie Kotzen,
    Além de excelente guitarrista, excelente compositor, você também é ótimo cantor.Parabéns pela excelência que você nos proporciona.
    Sou seu fã!!!

  77. Max Shumake

    the dudes just bad. when will he be as big as rod Stewart or something I mean a household name. he deserves it. he graduated from being just a silly shredder to this amazing player and such a beautiful singer.

  78. L1NEKER

    Vem pro Brasil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Augusto Resende

    cara, você é incrível! parabéns pelo seu trabalho!

  80. Igor Caetano

    09/07/17 Campinas Brazil ohhh yeah !!!! ,\,,/

  81. fivedaysinjune

    This song is an absolute beaut! I couldn't fault it and Richie can do no wrong. You know, I think Prince might have liked this song. Nice one, mate.

  82. JP Oliveira

    Um salve do Brasil!!! Poste mais vídeos, sou muito fã do seu trabalho!!! abraço!

  83. Ian Barcelos

    Loved it ! So different and so unusual for you Richie! Amazing song.

  84. João Pedro Gonzalez

    vim do marcos de ros um bom homem

  85. Vleydson Santos

    Olá sou do Brasil, já conhecia seu trabalho, mas a fundo através do guitarrista Marcos de Ros que enfatizou em seu vídeo a importância da sua existência no meio música, o que eu, e muitos fãs do seu trabalho iremos aqui dedicar vida longa e continuação por vários anos esse excelente trabalho!!!

  86. Jordan Frankel - Security Expert

    Damn this is a good song. Excited.. seeing RK next week in Atlanta

  87. hacker da destruisão

    Marcos De Ros me trouxe ate aqui

  88. M.y.k dale

    Great song Richie!!

  89. Israel Theodoro De Carvalho Leitão

    Musica excelente.......como sempre! Esperamos você aqui no Brasil em julho!!!!!

  90. Leandro Costa

    parabéns você toca a canta de mais quando vem fazer um show aqui no Rio de Janeiro?

  91. Voluminum

    Wonderful music! Brazil adore you! Come back again! ... and please, don't stop feed your youtube channel! We love your new videos!

  92. Wilian Araujo

    Richie, você é foda! Um músico completo.

  93. Rômulo Pedrosa

    You are a genius man...I am your fan since i was a child...thank you for your music!

  94. MJ Wong

    the song is great. But this video looks like it was made for a high school project.

  95. Ana

    Que demais RK! 😀👏👏

  96. Noitlulov

    wow! It is amazing! upload more contents please.

  97. Noan Photo Maker

    come to Brazil agaaaain!!! plz! You Rock!!!

  98. Lucas Seman

    Awesome!! No guitar playing here, but Richie still manages to make the song a veeeery pleasurable listen.