Kotzen, Richie - End Of Earth Lyrics

I'm not beholden but I'm bottled up yea
O' Look in my eyes into my window
O' I am not beholden to no one
If I am threatened I build a wall
I beat the drum till I'm satisfied
And lead a ritual, devour all of our young

Yea what am I?
I'm at war with my memories
No don't torture me
Yea, I'd like to live without my memory

I flew too high she clipped my wings
But I soared to the end of earth
Before my eyes I can't believe
But I soared to the end of earth
My love is gone I lost some blood
Now I'm salting a bit of earth
I let her fly she clipped my wings
But I soared to the end of earth

Crawl into my window
O' and become beholden to me O'
I've got my back against the wall
I dodge the bullets while they fire
And now I'm fighting for, fighting for my life, my life

Yea, what am I?
I'm at at war with my memories
No, don't torture me
My memories haunt me
Yea, look out
Don't, don't torture me
I'd like to live without my memory

I flew too high she clipped my wings
But I soared to the end of earth
Before my eyes I can't believe
But I soared to the end of earth
My love is gone I lost some blood
Now I'm salting a bit of earth
I let her fly she clipped my wings
But I soared to the end of earth

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Kotzen, Richie End Of Earth Comments
  1. Richard Samir Nacar

    felicidades para esta gran leyenda,musico,guitarrista... un verdadero Hard Rockero saludos...

  2. Mariana Fernández Caram

    Great song!

  3. b layz

    Just an example for all of us on what the term "bad assery" means and what it sounds like!

  4. Bruno D'Angelo

    Rocking song 🤘

  5. Marco Stabile

    this song is crazy AWESOME !!
    Sorry it's not a top hit.
    What ?!?!?!?! this world does not deserve talented guy as Richie.. comon

  6. Nik Novakovic

    High standard rock

  7. Justu Postear

    I want a Richie doll, too!

  8. Steve Kutz

    F&C€ING Richie ✊🏼☮️🎸💟🎬

  9. TOCO assim

    I look in your eyes in your window

  10. Simon Mls

    Amazing!!!!! 😈😈😈😈😈

  11. Philipe Fernandes dos Santos

    I simply can’t decide wich song of this album I love the most!! 💛

  12. Chris Davies

    I still maintain this guy's been down to the crossroads and done a deal with Scratch. How can one look so good, play so good and fucking sing like that. It ain't fair. I love it lol

  13. markyncole

    I find this to be shallow and pedantic

  14. karlosMartinezzz

    Total artist !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. robert remkes

    Hooked is the word. I agree with the folks down under, 100%

  16. erico_insta

    fussy chris cornell

  17. Jsg Guitar

    Tá igual Jesus Cristo. 😂😂😂😂



  18. IKnowYouKnow

    A true talent. No wonder the Stones had him open their Tokyo Dome shows for them.

  19. Pedro DVC

    This man is a mega artist! He has the voice and damn, those guitar skills... The world should know more about this musician!

  20. Jose S.A.

    His homemade videos are great....always very funny to see.

  21. Rober Fragoso

    Esse cara eh fora do normal

  22. Denise Lalala Blublublu

    Thanks for the lyrics !

  23. Augusto Prado

    Richie Kotzen is in some levels above!

  24. David Gonzalez

    I just saw him live, it was freaking insane. Brilliant performance!

  25. Victor Baumgartner

    Simplesmente incrível.

  26. Michael Brown

    So much music, so little time... I wasn’t aware of Richie until I stumbled across his “Live 2015 Entire Show” on YT.  WOW that's a great live performance video.

  27. Wagner Mattos

    does someone have the lyrics?

    Intense Cure

    Wagner Mattos yeah, Ritchie.

  28. Claudio Zanetta

    Parabéns ! Você muito top Deus abençoe você por esse dom maravilhoso cantando elevando a alma !!!! Cláudio brasil

  29. Fabricio Pinho

    Waesome tone of Stratocaster, but the Tele man is the tone !!!

  30. Leandro Masci

    I see a little bit influence of David Coverlade? Is a great musican, singer sogwriter, guitarrist. Great

  31. madgoldnz

    The transition from verse to chorus is very cool

  32. Ian Brenno Telles Lopes

    Amazing music!Amazing musician! Thanks for exist Brazil

  33. Arte a

    Wow! I didn't even know that Richie is a vocalist too<3

  34. Fabiano Chiqueti

    I've heard about your solo career on Marcio Guerra's channel. I've always been your fan as a guitarist, but as a frontman you're even better, Richie Kotzen. I'll be attending your show in Florianópolis, SC, Brazil, on July 11

  35. Sasha Geiger

    This mystery shit is amazing!!! Richie you're the best! No matter whom I listen to during different periods of my life, I allways come back to Richie!

  36. Inaldo Bento

    Vem para o Brasil!!!

  37. Dennis - Começanha Advogados

    Always awesome Kotzen!!!!

  38. Ruan Lacerda

    o melhor e mais injustiçado musico que já vi!!

  39. MrStereoWolf

    Great...see you in Cologne 18.09. !

  40. Jim Ramsdell

    AND he plays all the instruments on his new album. This track kicks it off. Genius. Saw him the other night in Atlanta. He was absolutely fantastic. One of the best shows I've seen.

  41. Ray Man

    Does anyone have the lyrics for this song?

  42. Darrel Oloff

    You are a genius of music! Thank you for letting me enjoy your art! Hugs from Brazil.

  43. Gislene Avilabueno

    the best

  44. Gislene Avilabueno

    I love you!!! I love you art👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 the best !! I'am brasilian!!! love love love 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  45. Michael Harrisson

    Grande Richie Kotzen, que som maravilhoso! Conheci seu trabalho a pouco tempo e já sou fã! Congratulations.

  46. Douglas Leonard

    Brasil!! Congrats, you are awesome!

  47. Gabriel Leite

    Sou muito fã do seu trabalho!..
    Meus parabéns.

  48. Jonatan Ribeiro Alves da Silva Ribeiro

    ola você é toca muito cara amo suas composições etc... canta muito tambem fera faz videos novos

  49. Junior Pereira

    posta mais kotzen, seu trabalho é incrível , eu como um guitarrista gostaria de receber dicas suas , você é um dos melhores que já ouvi sem dúvida

  50. Hugo Abrantes

    Richie, seguramente você é um dos músicos mais completos, além de ter uma voz incrivelmente fantástica. Assisti ao show do The Winery Dogs em Brasília/Brazil. Fiquei maravilhado. Deveria morar por aqui...

  51. Abraao Souza

    Ritchie você é o cara!!! simplesmente fantástico.

  52. Ale Mattos

    After I die I want to reincarnate as Richie Kotzen

  53. MrB.

    hope you do more pa. dates , im not gonna be able to make the ones you got now

  54. Vinícius Alves Carneiro


  55. Dr. Madruga

    See you again in july!

  56. Arthur Moreira

    Kotzen sempre arrebentando!
    Ps. Julia eternizada :) Mucho louca hahah

  57. michael88863

    Ending reminds me of Gilmour. Sublime

  58. yjmsrv

    LOVE Ritchie's voice- channeling a lot of Chris Cornell here- especially in the beginning- but still has his own awesome thing going on. He comes through my town next week, can't wait to see him live again! Such a talented artist-

  59. Rory McCallum

    So magical, so beautiful

  60. Matteo Sciolla

    I think there are lots of people hoping to see Richie's strat again :)

  61. Jonbrili Hadi

    please come to Indonesia...or at least somewhere in South East Asia

  62. Gio Meilan

    Great tune Richie!!

  63. MicShazam

    This reminds me of Black Sabbath when Glenn Hughes was in the band. Cool!

  64. Francis Skundaliny

    thcx ritchie !!!

  65. Robert Hall

    Somebody said, "no guitarist sings better and no singer can play better"  I agree!  Outstanding RK

  66. PJ Jones

    Hey Richie I heard you on Eddie Trunk the other day so I checked out your music brother. Pretty impressive. Will go to Amazon as soon as I'm done here and order your albums....

  67. dok holidej

    undying rock icon as example for all young generations in future how the rock songs must be played and written with full heart and emotions. live forever richie

  68. Mista Tobias

    I can't get enough of Richie. Easily one of my favorite performers.

  69. TheTRUTH

    this motherfucker's amazing... I can't decide whether he's a better singer or guitar player.

  70. Mr Katzz

    Sounds a little like David Coverdale

  71. Lu Corleone

    Creo que sentí la idea principal de la canción, Richie hace un solo como si se tratase del ultimo solo antes del fin del mundo, en el buen sentido! :D Grande Kotzen, una leyenda

  72. Wagner

    some help with lyrics ?

  73. Simon Rourke

    If Chris Cornell released this as a single the world would fall at his feet, I hope Richie gets some proper praise for this as it's a slice of genius!


    So true...

    Steve Kutz

    Simon Rourke Great Comment... I saw him twice in the past year... Incredible Talent! When I tell people!! They’re like “ WHO”? I seriously CRINGE 😬☮️ Genius and an amazing inspiration

    Marko Marić

    well said sir

  74. Jose Cuevas

    amazing song!!!

  75. Curt Fritz

    Love It! Chorus reminds a lot of Oblivion by the Winery Dogs. Ritchie is the man!

  76. Deer Viehch

    "Don't Torture me" holy shit man, that singing

  77. jim nelson

    can not wait for Annapolis

  78. Steven Sass

    Brilliant as usual. I bet Julia would occasionally like one of those dolls, especially when Richie posts videos of her. #bringbackthestrat

  79. Inge Zwerts

    Great song !! love the gitar playing (y)

  80. rob gen

    sounds like a tele if you ask me

  81. rob gen

    killer best rock song out today

  82. TJH 1971

    I wasn't sure about this when I first heard it but now I think it is genius. How stupid I was to doubt the awesomeness that is Richie Kotzen!!

  83. MrB.

    i know you got a deal w/ fender , but couldnt you show the old kramer and ibanez guitars from back in the arthur days????? or maybe update the galley lp

  84. aaronbergAPB

    You are one stellar musician. you have it all. Kudos and hats off from Phili'

  85. WattEarth

    Nature is more powerfull than wichcraft.

  86. Dida Hibarna

    in some part of this song. i heard the winery dogs influence on it and i cant deny that its kind of new concept of richie's song.

  87. Daniel Schillinger

    Awesome musician!!!

  88. sandra ga

    This is amazing Richie, always loving your great music!

  89. Elias Molina

    A minha percepção e gosto para ouvir Kotzen são muito distintas quando comparo as gravações de cd com som ao vivo. Hoje essa música só é boa, quando escutar ao vivo provavelmente será muito boa ou ótima!

  90. Matthew Moore

    So many aspects about this song that i love! great diversity and contrast between different parts of the song and Richie's voice sounds so strong. With the solo aswell i noticed elements of Richie's early instrumental records but with a modern finish very nice!! :)

  91. Bloodfiend

    Rebeco Kotzen, temazo.

  92. james bower

    see you at vamps in las vegas

  93. Something Wicked This Way Comes

    New sounds for Richie. His vocals mirror Glenn Hughes. Lord knows he has the range to pull it off. Great 👍 tune!

  94. James Keifer

    Great music video!

  95. Ivan Labrie

    Amazing stuff! Ritchie, you're such a boss.

  96. James Lowe

    The solo at the end...👌

  97. EDMusic Entertainment

    As usual... GREAT!

  98. Ricardo Antonio