KOTA The Friend - For Colored Boys Lyrics

You was born in a hospital with incompetent doctors who didn't bother to press you against your mother's chest
But that's okay 'cause Jehovah say that your mother blessed
And we are here to guide you through life
And teach you what is best
Do not have your kids in a hospital, they don't give a fuck
Especially 'bout black folk
Learn how to deliver your own kids
And have 'em at home, kid
And leave that placenta attached as long as you want, kid
It's different for black boys
Harder for black girls
Start your own business venture
Thrive in a black world
Where you and your homies don't gotta worry 'bout gettin' fired and facin' discrimination
We are creators; we don't go beggin' for placement where we are not wanted
And I'mma keep it a hunnid youngin' we used to be hunted
They had us sittin' in zoos
So what you see in the news
Is really nothin' that's new
They really targetin' you
You hear me talkin' to you?
But even if your bread straight
Big house, nice car, gotta keep your head straight
People that be gossipin' constantly only dead weight
Wiser assessments of situations will carry you to your best days
Put away a portion of your profit when you get paid
And do not be afraid of change
It could be a segue
To a better something
But have patience
And always make time for family and celebration
And every good thing in life requires dedication
Like career, wife, kids, and it's spiritual
The point of our existence isn't physical
Make sure there is love in your livin' room
And make sure that you there for the ones that you give it to
And grudges'll do you no good
Life is too short to be stressin'
Love your friends for who they are
If they there when you're down
Then you should keep 'em around
And then return that favor tenfold
Everything you hidin' will be exposed
So you should probably keep it a thousand youngin' and let go
Embrace humiliation it's humblin'
And take every situation for what it is
Love is free so don't be possessive
Love is a combination of lettin' go and holdin' tight
You'll learn when to do which
And get more love than you know what to do with
And you gon' make mistakes 'cause homie you only human
But that ain't no excuse to be foolish
Treat your woman with respect
That means keepin' it real
Keepin' her in your mind
If you about to be stupid
Just think about how she feel
Be honest with yourself
Put your ego on the shelf
And I promise you it helps
You ain't gotta be what they expect
Get to scrubbin' when you make a mess
And treat your daughters same as your sons
We growin' out of double standards
Speakin' of standards
Let's move away from the European
Tell her she's beautiful
Wide nose, coarse hair, brown eyes, brown skin
Self-love for the win
Why conform to a society that hates you
And spent all they energy tryna break you?
Now they thinkin', "y'all niggas still here?"
Yeah, and y'all still scared
Black boys still strong
Slavery's still here
Black boys still marked
The prisons is still packed
With innocent black boys
The black boys still thrive
The black girls still God

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KOTA The Friend For Colored Boys Comments
  1. tec

    I got goosebumps from this

  2. عبد الله جابي

    these guys posed for about 4 minutes. Like

  3. Chris Clinton

    Im feelin it💯🔥

  4. Morpheus Yung

    So woke this man. Thank you for the art.

  5. MugsyBrews

    As a black male doctor I feel this whole vibe besides the bogus first few bars. Many OB/gyn today are competent, intelligent black women. They have sacrificed so much and given their all to learn the best medicine in order to treat and raise our babies the way they deserve. Please be woke, but keep an eye open for exceptions fam.
    -All love

  6. Fábio Júnior

    Every bar is damn Kotable*

  7. Skaila

    Wow, I really needed to hear this. Thank you for this song, Kota

  8. Sanaah Dorsey

    As a black female... I respectfully thank you for this✊🏿🙏🏿

  9. puff puff cough

    loving you and the culture of the African decent<3. you are the embodiment of the black beauty. much love from the Philippines. you are a creator, no need to beg for fame or placement, Kota you are our friend

  10. Cameron Cornelius Ester Ross

    This shit here is so Relevant nowadays

  11. Devin Lara

    I used to say this song got me through my worst days but now it just guides me through life in general. Never met you probably never will but I respect you more than people I cross paths with daily.

  12. Christian Andrewin

    Good song, but no credit my dude LEE??🤨

  13. Sniper

    1 word - TALENT

  14. Chill out

    Where tf can i buy thos fltbys tees?

  15. theskeletondance

    the medicine the whole world needs, never change, friend.

  16. king More25

    i can't stop listening to this...this is something beautiful

  17. G4 L.P.W

    Yo Kota I have no words for your music. simply because your music is beyond words, it sounds better than anything I've ever heard, your a true brother cause spit barz to raise concern, instead of talking non-sense you spit truth so our other brothers and sisters can learn, I feel like the society is in need for another black role-model and it's your turn, I hope you make your way to surface, like a worm.

  18. Tiago Almeida

    Coming from "thieves" this is perfect, the beat, the knowledge, the feeling

  19. Dylan Butt

    what kind of miserable person dislikes this

  20. Cole LaCasse

    It almost sounds like your kid says “we out here” at the end

  21. warrior101Geo

    Mad underrated Boii sheesh 💫💨

  22. rupendra shahi

    Bro I heard this song zooked with some good vodka and this shit hit home dawg . The flow, lyricism is on point asf. All I'm gonna say is art moves you .

  23. Cg Griffin

    This song touches the spirit it should be viral KOTA went Mike Tyson

  24. Brian Ndegwa

    1:01 facts

  25. Queen Rachel

    Do it in the future

  26. Queen Rachel

    That is the truth .preach the truth

  27. Sanga Tembo

    Thank you Kota

  28. Vusumuzi Khanye

    Really 501 dislikes.
    What is it not to like bwt the song

  29. josh williams

    I ain’t a colored boy but I’m still listening because it’s str8 🔥🔥🔥so much respect to you Kota!

  30. Kounting MyBlessings

    That voice💯 This is hot🔥

  31. Shay, buttah

    this song made me cry

  32. Blue Knighted

    KOTA The Legend *

  33. churchil otieno

    damn that's crazy

  34. Dylan Desai


  35. WAKota_DAKota

    New favorite rapper?

  36. Jernell Lee

    A love letter to us. My heart is SO full. Thank you KOTA❤

  37. Breanne Gabrielle

    Thank you for giving me this song to sing to my beautiful baby girl with a wide nose, coarse hair, brown skin, brown eyes! SELF LOVE FOR THE WIN 🥰 ❤️❤️❤️ Amazing.

  38. Breanne Gabrielle

    You was born in a hospital with incompetent doctors
    Who didn't bother to press you against your mother's chest
    But that's okay, 'cause Jehovah say that your mother blessed
    And we are here to guide you through life and teach you what is best
    Do not have your kids in a hospital, they don't give a fuck
    Especially 'bout black folk
    Learn how to deliver your own kids
    And have 'em at home, kid
    And leave that placenta attached as long as you want, kid
    holy fuck this is SO GOOOOOOD.
    great fucking job Kota. You are an inspiration 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  39. Javier Rodriguez

    These song reminds me of my son my boy that I can't see because of a horrible woman but a wonderful mother at the same time..I miss him his name is leo I love and wish I can just see him his 2 now these song really help thank you. 💙

  40. da Song

    Thanks for this.

  41. StarCraft2 Gaming

    im goin to cry

  42. Kamogelo Tseeke

    This is a beautiful song😊❤

  43. Rachel Moten

    This is what needs to be viral, this is what needs to be playing on the radio.
    Not songs about doing drugs, and fuckin bad bitches.

  44. Lulu

    Why am I crying 😢


    Real Music To My Ears!!😌😌😌

  46. Ariel Taverner

    Truly a prophet.

  47. Movemakers

    Amazing 🔥🔥🔊🔊🔊

  48. B More


  49. Rich Hills Asia


  50. Adi Morata

    my high ass think it was a picture music background half of the song 🤣

  51. Two Takes Productions

    my life is changed, i think.

  52. Eric Lifee


  53. Kircheis

    I just now realized how real KOTA really is.

  54. BastiMarcus

    Wiser assessments of situations will carry you to your best days. Damn...

  55. Vega Tron

    Why the fuck would anyone dislike this?

  56. Ju. ‹ ゲイン ›

    Yo wtf this nigga nice

  57. Playboi A.R.T

    Kota for Dreamville

  58. Arman Nobari

    who tf downvoting this sacred session??

  59. Dustin Collins


  60. the great ballin

    Is this how a fan is made hmmm I guess so how am I just hearing this guy

  61. Praise God Almighty

    I love you all, all of you.

    Please let go of trying to be cool for the world. Dwell in all what is just, pure and true. Jesus is truth and the enemy works tirelessly to hide this from you.

  62. Prophet Profit !

    this man in another country, in another continent, has given the wisdom to guide me through life and I'm thankful.

  63. Drea La'Chaun

    Kota you killed this... big chance vibes❤️❤️ I love it

  64. A Tribe Named Malone

    Love this...this song is so powerful❤️

  65. will Chisess

    The point of our existence isnt physical.....stay blessed

  66. Gabe Grey

    Dope. Keeping it real

  67. theMusicNerd

    who produced this?

  68. leila lassiter

    I fucking love you thank you 🙏🏾❤️

  69. Patrick Mashudu

    where does this guy gets his visual effect?i like the way they look 🤩🤗

  70. xx a a a

    I felt myself colored for 3:40 min straight.

  71. 大隈漢


  72. Hustle Hawlik

    When you go to bed tonight, stream this on repeat- we wanna see more artist like this thrive right!

  73. Zuzumuzi Ngomane

    This song keeps me sane in this insane world.

  74. Moon Rocks

    I see 5

  75. Sanel Dacic

    They really blinked

  76. djevangelene

    This is the type of music we need in the community now. “It’s different for black boys, harder for black girls.”!!!

  77. wrld juice

    luv kota luv life

  78. Elle Vee

    Finally a song that speaks to the black man I am rather than pandering to the "nigga" they perceive me to be.

  79. Eden B

    Kota dropping hella gems on dis💎💎

  80. Chelsea Gman

    From where is Kota?

  81. Aaron Simwayi

    Wish I could like twice


    Could he be...Dare I say...An Israelite???

  83. Ophiophagus Hannah

    everything about this music video is so artistic lmaoo maybe it be the shrooms doe

  84. Mothusi Kungwane

    "The point of our existence isn't physical"
    I swear this song gets deeper everytime i listen to it. 😖

  85. REAL OG

    Man I love the lyrics so much, so me!

  86. Cesar Maldonado

    I appreciate this song a lot. As a young colored boy, I always knew life was going to be harder for me and others like me. And not everyone understands this. This current political climate makes me sad. They target Latinos and it truly does feel like they hunt us down. It can make you hate the world, but love is ultimately the answer. And learning what love is: is hard. My favorite quote from this: “love is free so don’t be possessive. love is a combination of holding tight and letting go. You’ll know when to do which.”

  87. Daniel Duchek

    Great song !!!

  88. Kaz Penuela

    Wow ❤

  89. Ken k

    Classic with tears

  90. Jediael Mulongoy

    Same thing happening in SA right now against foreigners.. Kota really touched where it matters

  91. Travis Richards

    Powerful 💪

  92. Daniel Torres

    every line is a quote

  93. honeyxbee

    *ugh* 😍

  94. BIGFOSS 1977

    Subscribed and hit the bell

  95. blah8934

    From someone of a different skin shade, bless to this song. Peace and Prosperity.

  96. Michael Gatabaki

    Just had a golden moment...my son asked me to listen to some new song he likes but I had to stop it half way cuz the kid was just rapping bout drugs and guns but sound mad soft so then I put this on and watched it to the end without saying a word..after it was over I told him that’s what real music is supposed to do...touch your heart, not just play with your mind. ❤️🖤💚

  97. I_am_nyg

    Thank you

  98. Brian

    Embrace humiliation, it's humbling - Kota The Friend