KOTA The Friend - Brain Cells Lyrics

Conversations over cabernet and jazz playing
Tryna take it slow cuz it's virtuous if you have patience
We ain't never had money or nothing crazy
If you owe me I expect you to pay me, don't try and play me
Every dollar I acquired was earned, nigga I work
Eatin cus it's what I deserve, we from the dirt
I'm red wine boujee, want the best kind of boujee
I'm a newbie to this life as a foodie
I have a duty to the block
Cus a lot of my homies won't ever leave
Taking in these views they probably won't ever see
Accustomed to the clouds, reflecting on every trial
The struggle that keep me humble, ain't nothing coming for free
Mimosas in the daytime, my main girl stay fine
Used to pinch pennies so we could hop on the A line
Sake with my dinner, I'm cultured, it's how we livin
We growin, fuck a statistic, I'm hoping y'all see the vision, it's love

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