Korn - Trapped Underneath The Stairs Lyrics

I'm drowning and sedated
Patiently Awaiting
For my mind to really come down
I'm afraid of being hated
Cuz I'm so Jaded
Not like everybody somehow

Trapped underneath the stairs
Dealing with the fears
Constantly it's silent and loud

I am who I am
There's nothing I can do
I try to hide it
and it keeps breaking through
I feel the world so different
than any one of you
Remember who you are
There's nothing you can do

I'm constantly debating
Why I'm always playing
Walking around with my head down
I don't want to be like anyone
What the fuck could I have done?
To deserve this terror somehow

Trapped underneath the stairs
Dealing with the fears
Constantly it's silent and loud

I am who I am
There's nothing I can do
I try to hide it
and it keeps breaking through
I feel the world so different
than any one of you
Remember who you are
There's nothing I can do

I'm not like 'em
Can't hide what I am
Like it or not
I push it down
it comes back again
The Medicine stopped working long ago
I am my problem
Inside has nowhere to go [X5]
Nowhere to fuckin' go!

I am who I am
There's nothing I can do
I try to hide it
and it keeps breaking through
I feel the world so different
than any one of you
Remember who you are
There's nothing I can do

You're always stuck with you [X2]

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Korn Trapped Underneath The Stairs Comments
  1. John Michael

    What a fucking chorus

  2. TheOtherGuy

    1:59 & 3:31 Fuckin love that riff. Awesome song.

  3. Roberta Purves

    I lost my boy he was 20. Diagnosed with schizophrenia at the end of 13. 17 months later I lost my beautiful. He said this song described his feelings about his disease. Miss him everyday.

    Mason Chavez

    I am so sorry for your loss. It gets better, Roberta.

    Tony Hoffman

    My song is can you hear me..as I battle extreme depression I'm 42

  4. Emma Carena

    yeah, relatable

  5. Tom Ebbs

    Beastly Aucoustics

  6. M ....

    KoRn kicking ass as always

  7. Killerman551

    probably the only song that includes the title of their album in their lyrics

  8. Kike's World

    No where to fucking go

  9. Joseph Enrico

    oh poor harry....F U Pursley family

  10. Sharon Lee

    this song makes me think of Harry Potter.... lol


    You're a sad man, Jose

    Jose Larios

    DeadlyCookie who me

    Jose Larios

    DeadlyCookie why!!!!!!!!!!!k hen

  11. Drew Brown

    People Under The Stairs

    Sleazy Salami

    Good movie

  12. Hiru Harada

    You're always stuck with you

  13. Tyler

    I can relate to all korns songs

    Le Sepypoo

    +kornkidtyler2 it happens to every gender


    +vone wave +SneakyChrisCovers Daddy is actually true...Thats why jonothan started crying at the end .-.

    Depressed. freak.

    @Neon Gaming yea...


    me too cabron

  14. Tyler

    I hope I'm not the only one who thought of Harry Potter when I saw the song title. XD

    Fisk Shover

    harry potter...revisited this is the first song on the album


    Ohh that's funny


    I was gonna say that but you beat me to it! BY LIKE 8 MONTHS


    haha nice ! :)

    Jody Nuckols

    you're not. i was about to come here and make this comment. I feel like Korn makes these songs on purpose. to be stupid and hoping to get picked up for a movie. it's discouraging

  15. stephen geisel

    This almost sounds like the old korn.

    Nicolas Adjignon

    One of the riffs somehow sounds like that weird riff on Kunt in life is peachy. 


    +Nicolas Adjignon IMO it sounded more like need to


    yes, i particulary like this album

  16. ForTheLoveOfChrist

    Experiments should never be released as a full album lol

    Brother in Christ

    i feel like this album should have never been released. its more like a huge pile of demo's that needed to be worked on. Some of these songs had potential but most fall far from ever being old school korn. They should have held this album off until head rejoined.This album had so much potential. Not gonna lie, i hate alot of JD's lyrics and the way he sings on this album.


    Is it a coincidence that two people with "Christ" in their name is dogging this great album?

    Jaidee Sky

    Ah, it's not experiment, it's playing too safe actually. But I totally love this song and the other bonus track


    @Brother in Christ there are some songs that are good but your right half of it is kind of rushed

  17. Doyledeth

    Anyone who uses the term, "FAG" is automatically an unintelligent sheep who uses an overused unintelligent insult that every idiot uses to get their point across. You my friend, are unoriginal, lame and DUMB.

    Alex Morales

    Bro you typed out a whole essay cuz u offended by a word and wanna give your unwanted opinion stfu fag 😂

    Jaidee Sky

    There is a song called "Faget" by Korn. If I hate someone so much, for me , they don't even worthy the name "faget" :D

    The Real Dark R

    Doyledeth man shut the fuck up fag that ain't at all how it works you fuckin hippy faggot. God I hate humans


    Come on guys can't we just listened to good music and talk about how cool Korn is

  18. Mr.Criptastic

    you will just follow any bullshit that Korn puts out, youre not a fan youre a fucking fag.

  19. ShannonStrikes

    Anyone notice that the beginning riff to this song is the same exact riff that plays around the 2 minute mark in the song "[email protected]#0%!" From Life is Peachy. Is it just me or is it the same exact thing just slightly slowed down?


    I looked up the tabs and its clearly different. I'm a tad late but whatever. It sounds similar though.

  20. Draken knight

    i wish i was near you to get copies

  21. Draken knight

    korn is one of the ultimate nu band believe it or not

    James Colson

    Korn is the only nu metal band left and they're still making good music


    I personally feel like they transcend nu metal but yeah they're awesome

  22. Rachel Perreault

    I bought the regular version of this cd, not knowing there was another version. Damn, I thought I had completed my KoRn collection :(

  23. Gadge Becraft

    It really isn't, its pretty fuckin heavy though, reminds me of Life is Peachy still not as heavy as their debut though.

  24. Gadge Becraft

    It really was an experiment considering how they're gonna attempt to go back to their roots with the next album like they attempted to do with KoRn III

  25. mikecain1000

    real player

  26. mikecain1000

    real player free download

  27. cal1um2

    you tube converter search google for youtube to mp3 converter simples. so not exactly drag more copy paste and download. or you could torrent it

  28. Martin van Tongeren

    fck like this song

  29. Charisma Meyers

    An official theme song of mine...

  30. Ded forlyfe

    Remember who you are- there's nothing I can do...

  31. REIREI29

    I am so inlove with this song.

  32. MusicMoviesGames

    good movie!

  33. Chronic Cranium

    are you shiting me the new album is awesome!! so what if its computerized dubstep? it sounds good.. i hate when people say theyve sold out. they didnt sell out, theyre experimenting


    Exactly that's what I am thinking too

  34. Chronic Cranium

    this is the best song from this album!! i love koRn. :D

  35. gameboye187

    I am who I am
    There's nothing I can do
    I try to hide it
    and it keeps breaking through
    I feel the world so different
    than any one of you
    Remember who you are
    There's nothing you can do

  36. MetallicNate

    people think korn are shit and they sold out and that they are nothing special but KORN ARE SPECIAL to us their true fans it takes dedication for someone to repeat doing things and we Korns fans are dedicated

  37. MetallicNate

    to get the bonus tracks you had to buy the special edition which i did.....and thats the reason to buy the special edition of every album

  38. LeadTheParadeMusic

    their most underated song, seriously one of the best songs from the album

  39. Dingus

    By far the most underrated korn song. 20k views? is this real life?

  40. kalvan5

    Theres nothing on this world that is going to change who I am.
    Don't let the world control you.

  41. Flame Haired Dude

    relate to some of the lyrics in this

  42. cabbage000

    @TheHolycrap123456 i love these songs... it writes your life for you and is amaziing

  43. CPW1109

    @ShadowReaperAD Lead The Parade has bagpipes in it but I do miss the scatting.

  44. CPW1109

    The bonus tracks had the most old school feel to them. This one should have been on the album for sure.

  45. Miss Abraxas

    This is song is amazing! Damn I love KoRn. I'm not sure why everyone is complaining about this album. I think it's defo up there with the others. <3

  46. fleshhound88

    @LikeTalkingToAWall I just lol'd my pants 0_0

  47. a65tdan

    Love it.

  48. Kenneth DeSantos

    munky has to play everything, must be really hard. if head was on this album.. holyy shit this would be fuckin insane

  49. Roger sykes

    how do u get the bouns tracks?

  50. George Thomas

    THis band is badass, it awesome i tellin truth it AWESOME!!!!!

  51. cody hettrick

    s!k.... If they ever remake The People Under The Stairs, This should be the main credit song. definitely.

  52. kalvan5

    I am who I am, there is nothing I can do, I try to hide it! But it keeps braking threw.
    Thats meh.

  53. Immortal Natives


  54. REIREI29

    @RawBeez602 Oh, when I said Jd looks cute, I meant the vid of him recording this in the studio. ☺

  55. REIREI29

    @RawBeez602 I just got the one that came with a c.d. Ya know, just the album. The dvd was never released where I live. Ah well, I get to watch it online. Though I would prefer to have the dvd.
    Man, Jd looks so cute and sexy.....Sorry. Ignore that last part. Lol. Well, I gotta go, man....Or girl.....Ttyl. Enjoy the song. ☺

  56. REIREI29

    @RawBeez602 ....I got the c.d version. I never heard this song on the c.d version? Where was it at?

  57. Smita G

    trapped underneath the stairs? like harry potter? XD

  58. REIREI29

    Wtf? This is an epic, kickass, in your face song......I LOVE IT!!!!!!!.....Why wasn't this on the c.d that I bought. I don't wanna have to get online everytime i wanna hear it. I wanna pop the c.d in my stereo and jump around my apartment to this song and...wait....What am I talking about? I'll ALWAYS get online for Korn, even if i own the c.d a song is on.

  59. Madalyn Holt

    damnit why wasn't this on the normal version of this cd it's one of my favorites by them..

  60. mwillette0

    This song would fit perfectly in L.I.P.

  61. jason ramsay

    song needs a video

  62. anthony holm

    Still a good song though

  63. anthony holm

    Remember who you are korn.. we want the weird singing!!!

  64. ejpollo1

    why the fuck was this only in the special edition??? this is an awesome song!

  65. bearmtn7

    Actually, in life is peachy, JD played his bagpipes in their cover of Low Rider. I do agree with you though. His scatting and the bagpipes were part of what made KoRn what it is.
    Even though this album doesn't have bagpipes in it or JD's scatting, it's still an amazing album.

  66. ShadowReaperAD

    No bagipes or his weird cool scat singing in this album. =(
    every album except this one and Untitled have the weird singing.
    All albums except remember who you are and life is peachy have bagpipes of some sort =/
    It was rushed in my opinion.

    Jaidee Sky

    Issues doesn't have boomshakkas, either, yet that is my all time fav album ever

    Arc War

    This is one of their best albums despite this fact easily top 3 in my book

  67. alkmoan02

    such a great song