Korn - Kill Mercy Within Lyrics

Expendable, we are not really real
A mirage of solitude is what they try to heal and
I will not be made to feel we are sealed in a fake charade

Spewing vile atrocities
Bringing existence to its knees
I will manifest my sins and
I will Kill Mercy Within
Immersed in this hypnotic spell
Influenced by the hate that swells
I'm not terrified anymore
There's nothing left but open sores

Relinquish the reality, I've known
I'm feeling like I'm alienated from my own and
I will not be made to feel we are sealed in a fake charade

Spewing vile atrocities
Bringing existence to its knees
I will manifest my sins and
I will Kill Mercy Within
Immersed in this hypnotic spell
Influenced by the hate that swells
I'm not terrified anymore
There's nothing left but open sores

Spewing vile atrocities
Bringing existence to its knees
I will manifest my sins and
I will Kill Mercy Within
Immersed in this hypnotic spell
Influenced by the hate that swells
I'm not terrified anymore
There's nothing left but open sores

Nothing left but open sores

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Korn Kill Mercy Within Comments
  1. Stanislav Pathfinder

    Noisia instrumental 🤘👌💪😎👍

  2. Tactical Rogue Airsoft

    0:54 favorite part

  3. Tactical Rogue Airsoft

    I was looking for this song

  4. Karen DeSimio

    Great Song for A Band that's been around a long Time Rock on Korn

  5. Kyler Rogers

    Kunoichi 2...


    WICKED ...

  7. Fansee 13

    Let's Get This Party Started. Literally.

  8. Shirley Ware

    Don't think I've heard one of his songs that I hate, very few singers are like this for me, never disappointed in his songs!!!!

  9. John Russel Tatel

    This is so awesone and cool new Korn song.

  10. Geddy Lee's Owl Nose

    0:54 that drop is insaine!!!

  11. KM_392_NC

    honestly this was a great album.

  12. Trawma77

    2:15 - gives me fucking chills every time....

  13. thekornreeper

    Underrated track


    Path of totallity- one of best Korn albums

  15. Jollyproductions

    is it weird that I keep thinking he's saying "spirrowing" rather than spewing?

    Darling 002

    Jollyproductions I thought it did say spirrowing

  16. frank gonzalez

    Real KORN fan's don't bitch about anything they put out WE LOVE IT ALL

    Fansee 13

    It's not about loving everything they put out, a real Korn fan accepts this album's awesomeness and gives constructive criticism when they do something bad, like Untitled, and even that album has some great songs.

    Jacob Rael

    @Fansee 13 untitled was good though, the only album I think wasnt very great was korn lll, people even forget it exist

  17. frank gonzalez

    I bet after all this time you people haven't figure out that there is not that much of a different sound for them it was a way for them to have a right and left and the bass fieldy could have done that shit his self ,

  18. Dick Jones


  19. Tristan’s channel With friends

    Korn your boss mostly Jonathan davis

    vincent jones

    shut up



  20. Cody Campion

    KoRn has the most remixes of any other metal band. KoRn is gonna be here for a very long time & Johnathan Davis even longer.

    Shortstuff Jay

    Yeah, I guess you could say they're.... here to stay. o_0


    I swear nothing will ever stop Jonathan Davis. That man just keeps going.

  21. NotSoSilent Guardian

    My fight song no mercy

  22. Silent Sparrow

    i have selected this song as the theme tribute song for my crepypasta character

    digital boy

    @Collin Wehde who ?

    Fansee 13

    it's been 3 years, but come on man, can you give us the link to your creppypasta already?

  23. Brogan Ward

    I don't get why loads of people hate this. I'm a huge Korn fan and appreciate the fact they're not afraid go try anything new (musically) unlike a lot of other musicians. I'm a huge metal fan (Suicide Silence, Cradle of Filth, Slipknot, etc) and love this

    trevor capp

    Damn right , You hit the point dead on . im a hip hop / rap fan but holy shitme this is good . i love korn , black label society , slipknot killswitch engage all of it

    Brony korn

    MegadethDude2001 "wanna be metal" stfu, lol.

    The band's he legit just listed are pretty much metal like it or not.


    Hahaha I'm messing around bro chill. I love Slipknot

    Brony korn

    MegadethDude2001 well, shit.😂

    Patrick Lauer

    Chad M same

  24. Benjamin Logan

    New favorite song *-*

  25. Harry Glass

    Edson Barboza

  26. Karl Zahnle

    This is the only song off this album that I enjoy...



    George Harris

    only song? seriously, not even get up or let's go?! those songs were badass in my opinion!!

  27. EY3L3SS

    why couldn't youtube have an autoreplay button!?


    If you have Google Chrome, or if you do not i suggest you get it, I have something called Youtube Magic, a google chrome extension, wich adds auto hd and autor-replay and allot of actual functions to youtube, check it out, btw i am not advertising, i mean i do kinda but i use it and just ought you should know too since you want a auto-replay button.


    or replace the ”tube” in the url with ”repeat” and it will take you to yourepeat, where the video will repeat untill you stop it...

    Leyan isback

    2 years later youtube have one LUL


    yup, just right click vid, select Loop !!!


    Edson barboza

  29. GamerDude6798

    Industrial is computer noises, Techno is computer noises, Electronic is computer noises. They're all good.

  30. GamerDude6798

    Agreed, except I don't necessarily hate Dubstep, I just don't like it to much.

  31. GamerDude6798

    Yeah, I know.This whole album isn't really completely Dubstep either and in fact is more Electonic than anything else thanks to the lack of bass drops (AND THANK GOD TOO),it was different though, but for me in a good.But I heard the next album is gonna be Nu-Metal again and i'm waiting for that because while this album was a nice change from their previous stuff, I want to hear the power and energy of the genre KoRn created.

  32. jezmati077

    But you know that this song isn't dubstep, right?

  33. GamerDude6798

    Usually not a fan of Dubstep but their new album is actually pretty good.

  34. Anton Kooshnir

    Edson Barboza sent me here

  35. Salvi Y Nico

    ePiC sOnG madafacka

  36. CobSoadOriginal

    lets make it simple for the retards that exist as long as they are KoRn its fucking KoRn

  37. floodinmon14


  38. Mr Jambiwana

    this doesn't sound very real compared to say LIFE IS PEACHY ;)

  39. reixmolon2

    Real fucking korn?? JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA

  40. Yaza Forreal

    I thought this album would completely suck since I hate dubstep, but i was pleasantly surprised. I think they have implemented it really well.

  41. alan

    Oddly peaceful, i kind of like it.

  42. erefxul

    Oh God, what did you do to Korn. A punishment for Head and David Departure? Please, save them from Dubstep and all humanity as well! :)
    Dubstep, the most uncreative way to seem "new".

    AlJulAaz S I L122

    erefxul they literally only released one dubstep/ metal album to try something new. Calm down

    Justin Rager

    AlJulAaz S I L122.
    All these little bitches shut up REAL fast once Serenity of suffering released though. They know what the fuck they're doing as a band. But still like to experiment and have fun.

  43. alicia jane

    this one is better do not like the dubstep songs you can not hear Johnathon's voice. I love his voice that and the gutairs and drum beats made korn, korn

  44. iwtv

    In my expierence, anyone who uses the term 'selling out' about a band has never been a true fan of that band...only a passing fancy.

  45. thaddeus lindsey

    i like the begining

  46. Andrew C.

    I love the beat

  47. Crow Montez

    One of the best KoRn songs! Love it!

  48. Kelly K

    NOISIA produced this track, awesome

  49. Christopher Comstock

    i like this song it has some good vibes if u ask me

  50. chrisb9581

    snakes and ladders? before you start bitching about selling out maybe you should become a real fan first. korn has always done cross genre, remember follow the leader had a lot of hip hop elements and people said the same thing that they were selling out because it was differnt from life is peachy and the first korn album. this is just korn being themselves.

  51. Zach Steevens

    Where is my favorite Korn songs like falling away form me, right now, and twisted transistor?I mean those were my favorite songs within a day? Its crazy what they've turned into.If you think about it it's pretty okay it's just a little bit more electronic.

  52. Alex Jackson

    You know that Jonathan Davis has been interested in electronic music far before Korn, right? He even used to be quite a prolific DJ in the 90's. Korn's music is constantly evolving and the decision to use elements of dubstep and electronic music was a decision of artistic control, not a decision made to sell more copies, thus making them not "sell-outs". You just don't like the new sound and you want to blame someone. Just wait for another album. I'm sure that it will be different. They all are.

  53. TomLeViking

    I get you - dubstep on it's own is pretty annoying, but when you add it to a Korn song you make it brilliant. Of course you do sacrifice some of the metal, but that's why we have the old songs. And hopefully the future songs...

  54. Gaston Barrios

    KORN♥ w.w the bestt band¡¡

  55. KingHarlequin88

    Wow, this really had that perfect balance of sound; the dubsteb wasn't so obvious, more of an electronic atmosphere to the familiar Korn sounds. This is great stuff.

  56. DestroyerofLight666

    Korn + Dubstep = an amazing combination, Korn has always had a somewhat Techno Background and been heavy with Bass, Dubstep simply bring's that further towards the forefront. I HATE Dubstep... but when used as what I will call an "Enhancer" it really shines.

  57. BecholDod

    Anava - Mitchkon

  58. Alexander Smith

    i was trying to ignore the new KoRn stuff then i listened to narcissistic cannibal and then i kind of liked it then i listened to other stuff from The Path of Totality then i bought the CD.

  59. Chuggs Mcgillicuddy

    music is about expressing oneself with sounds however you see fit. the moment a band starts playing for anything but their own expression, or enjoyment, is the moment that band starts to fade. if korn wants to add new sounds, i say let 'em.

  60. Donald Raymer

    get the adblock plus app,i never see adds!

  61. Michelle Gapinski

    me too.

  62. Michelle Gapinski

    i hope Korn does more of this. This fits them sooo well.

  63. Jrent Tosh

    wow this is the Korn I've been dreaming of for years...

  64. Kenzie Everette

    Well rational minds think alike, I guess.

  65. Kenzie Everette

    Says this person with absolutely no sentence structure whatsoever.

  66. reixmolon2

    REAL FUCKING KORN¿?!?¿!?!¿?!

  67. nik keel

    I feel the same about dubstep. KoRn is pulling it off well though in my opinion. I do believe that the skill and talent it takes to play an instrument well and in a group will always beat someone sitting back playing with a computer.

  68. Thomas Snyder

    JD said himself that "fans" only liked one type of sound. Wen Korn starts to change, they loose fans. Hell the more I hear of the album the more I like it. I am not to excited about "J Devil" but I am glad Johnathan is enjoying himself.

  69. Sam mon

    i rattled some parts of my truck loose with this song haha lovin my 18"....considering going MTX soon though. . . thumpa thumpa

  70. Whitehaven52

    Quite incorrect. Firstly, I'll start by saying this album was shite not gonna lie. Secondly, I listen from a wide range of music, my favourite being rap metal/nu Metal and i can vary from tech n9ne to slayer, but this isn't anything good. Dubstep is just fucking computer noises.

  71. FiEnD749

    Completely agree I really like the changing sounds, too many albums were previously similar and this is a great change up

  72. Tyler Cates

    this song fuckin thumps on my 2 12" rockford fosgates!!!

  73. zack oldham

    if u were a true lorn fan ud like all there music :/

  74. Brode Leth

    dude look up his cover of got money

  75. Yeah Man

    I couldn't have replied better to that myself. Well put, sir.

  76. Hunter Isaac

    As long as they use a real fucking bass, a real fucking guitar, a real fucking drum kit, a real fucking voice, and real fucking emotions, it's real fucking Korn.

  77. Kimmy Jimmy

    Actually dude i myself have problem with hip-hop artists doing mash-ups with the electro genre. Well yes it's kind of lame that these so called "hip-hop" artists like Nicki Minaj,Kesha,K-Pop artists who use the synthesizer and autotune to make their so-called music "cool"&trendy. I mean when i first listened to 1 K-pop song all i hear for the last freakin' 3 minutes were amateur electro voice effects! so for me they better not compare these 2 awesome genres: Dubstep and metal. to their lameness.

  78. FixedWayz

    The only comment that should be on here is: This is Awesome!

  79. iChessur

    yeah but it's not true.. if he does in one track... it's different if you make a style of Music as T-Pain... callind the T-Pain Effect :O....

    anyway is not too much computerizing... i can he can performe Live... really well.. after that you have to say that this genre is Really Better then the Normal Dubstep...

  80. Kenzie Everette

    It's not "Spewing all across the seas" it's "Spewing vile atrocities"

  81. Kenzie Everette

    Umm...not even close...

  82. MysterMyschievious


  83. Johny Sanchez

    LMAO good job you just told off a five year old with your semi adequate sentence structure. good for u! here's a cookie :)

  84. Cory Schultze

    Agreed - it's a matter of opinion. Personally, I think it brings a refreshing new dish to the table of metal. As with any new taste, it will take time to acquire and for the recipe to be perfected. Don't get beat-down, J.D. & Co. - keep it up and you'll get your just desserts.

  85. Cory Schultze

    Perhaps because the majority of KoЯn's fanbase are extremely loyal and would prefer to part with their hard-earned cash (as opposed to the filthy coin pilfered from the government's benefit system by certain individuals - most likely those who refuse to give anything back and use sites like Pirate Bay) and support the producers of the music they so passionately appreciate by purchasing the material.

  86. Cory Schultze

    Heh - coming from someone whose literary expertise wander no further than those of a pre-school student? Consequentially, this comment displays complete absence of any constructive indication toward the talent and artistic constructivity that "KoЯn" possess.
    The poster's infantile remarks portray a distinct lack of education and clearly define their disability to recognise meritable success.
    If the poster matures, they'll hopefully discover something called "opinion".
    @NicDeuser, that's yours.

  87. Foxer

    Korn and Lady Gaga are the same shit.

  88. Kenzie Everette

    I agree ^.^

  89. Kenzie Everette

    ^^^^I call this a valid point. AGREED.

  90. Kenzie Everette

    If you're just here to dis Korn, then I believe its called "GTFO and go listen to your stupid lady gaga music!!!"

  91. Nic Deuser

    kOrn is a bad band they're singer has gurl hare.!

  92. Jordan Aston

    I dont get how you CANT like this song.. Its Fucking Awesome


    Do you think they care about what you want?
    A real band doesnt give a fuck what the fans want, in the end you make music because you love it, and if they want to expand their horizons then they definitely can and will. No one wants a band that plays the same shit every album. Open your mind

  94. Dustin Kirkham

    This is a big change in music and I am all for it. This is AWSOME!!

  95. Bri Westlake

    yeah ikr. like people who say that korn needs to go back to heavy stuff, need to appreciate the shit korn has to offer for people who like different music.

  96. oday safadi

    watch this /watch?v=bfTIxBjxy38

  97. UntitledKirk

    I agree.

  98. Bri Westlake

    i really like this.
    not a fan of dubstep stuff, but korn + dubstep = exception

  99. MikeyB48 Berry

    i dont care what they incorperate into the music, i just want it to be heavy again, it good and catchy and all that, just want those heavy guitars and drums, just want heavy guitars and drums..guitars and drums...ah forget it, it is all lost.