Kool & The Gang - Victory Lyrics

People get ready it's time to show
What you got
Players take your place it's only
One way to the top
You must feel the victory release that
Energy and ride like the wind
With fire in your eyes shake those
Butterflies and do the best you can
Victory Victory let the party begin
Victory victory let's do it again

You are the best, you seem to stand
Out from the rest
Your intentions to be more than a honorable mention
You must feel that victory, release that
Energy and ride like the wind
Fire in your eyes shake those
Butterflies, go ahead and go
For the win now
Victory victory let the party begin
Victory victory everybody can win

'Cause it's the same way in life
Same way in life
Inside the tunnel see the light
- See the light
The perfect balance you must find
It's the same way in life
Victory victory victory

Victory-sweet-can you feel It?
Victory sweet, so sweet, so sweet

There's only one way to the top if You really want it
You can never stop pushin' for the
Victory-go ahead
Players take your places-go ahead
Feel that victory release that energy
So sweet to the top-go ahead, go ahead

Players take your places to the top Victory

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Kool & The Gang Victory Comments
  1. Patrick Irvin

    I saw them last year, not all the original members but , with there substitutions, they were the best “Taste of Colorado” concert I have ever seen. I’ve been going there for forty years!

  2. Ezra Shachar

    great song

  3. Ronnie Acerra

    Would love to see a boxer come out to this song instead of that god awful shit they come out with today. Now I have nothing against Hip- Hop . I was there from jump, Boogie Down Productions, Melly Mel, Houdini , LL, Run , Public Enemy, the movement! Shit is just mainstream today that’s why rock is creeping back. Say sometime ! Rep something besides your dry ass self!

  4. Cocoa Femme


  5. cgpal78

    When you win a game of Fortnite.

  6. Yvonne Mendez

    Hell yeah victory and ride like the wind. Kool and the Gang FRESH

  7. Lionel Kennedy

    Kool & The Gang made great music that you could dance to, and everyone could listen to it. The messages in their songs were always positive and classy.


    Oh wow this group is so AWESOME, so many hits and consistent. #MARQUEE #FEMMEFATALE #BLOCKSHAREINC #womeninmusic #HipHop #FEMMEFATALEALBUM

  9. Wayne's Channel. ♫ ♪ Tennessee

    Loved the 80s so great.🎶📀🎶

  10. Juanita Buron

    11/21/19 2:20 ride the wind fire in ur eyes. Same way in life. Awesome that video has basketball Go coach Moran. FLG ,AZ. In memory of J.W. CLASS OF '90 COCO

  11. mohamed hassen

    yeh i can see robert cool bell and j tayler

  12. Robert Mack


    Robert Mack

    Mr. Henderson RIP!!

  13. Saleem Hoosen

    The positivity in this song is through the roof!

  14. Dang Coppock

    They were all cuties...! Love how they put on the shows..! I,m growing old with them. But still want to move lol...!

  15. Happy Ngulube

    One of the best groups ever

  16. Brahim Lagnaoui

    this is the goode erea wich i've live with



  18. Warrior

    Basslines are just awesome, it's got those grooves.

  19. N MJ

    Real music that makes your body move baby!!

  20. Cory Basetti

    Is it just me or does JT Taylor just ooze class?

  21. Grégory Sauvage



    August 2019 still listening.

  23. Narvia Williams

    🌹💐🌷J. T. TAYLOR 🔊🎤AND KOOL AND THE GANG🔊🎹🎸🥁📯🎷🎺🎼🎵🎶🌹💐🌷

  24. Roosevelt McCarter

    What album was it taken from? Forever, Emergency, As One or Something Special?

    Samsung GalaxyJ3Prime

    from Forever album

  25. Vlad Vampirelord

    True victory is getting back up after you fall...

  26. David Norman

    Rocking riff!

  27. David Norman

    Anyone know what album this is on ?

  28. Michaela Andrew

    Man I love this jam, Asheville I may be there ❤

  29. Proud Mashilwane

    Kool's Music is always Cool

  30. Michaela Andrew

    So cool man 😎👍❤

  31. rustleup 1000%

    Omg the dress style, we thought this was so cool back then man!

  32. darkskinned chic

    2/23/19....Snappin' my fingaz to this and  swinging my 50 y.o. hips as well.

  33. Sergio Cordova


  34. ichglotzTV

    Shiny happy (black) people.

    Better than whiny angry (black) people.

  35. Anthony Trezza

    Hr Henderson and the Hackensack High School comets!!!

  36. mahamed hassan


  37. Duane Goodson

    Back before minds were socially engineered and are now brain dead we had this music.

  38. Conrad 315RC

    Great Song, but politicize it with Obama....LOSER

  39. Hervé Friedling

    very,very good,i'adore thi's group!!!.

  40. Hervé Friedling

    33 years!!!.

  41. Hervé Friedling


  42. shearglory

    The Best ! Love This . Together The greatest Bang!

  43. David Benitoe

    Kool & The Gang, the best group of our time

  44. Roland Kaufmann

    I ❤️ this song from the 80s. Thanks 🙏 very much for the upload #keepthe80salive

  45. Gary Thompson

    Funk, metal, contemporary... the whole nine yards. These guys kick ass!

  46. Cory Basetti

    When Richmond won the 2017 Premiership in Australia on the way to get pissed with my mate, i played this song on loud on the train and everyone joined in! best feeling ever

  47. bella malkine


  48. Qwen Lee

    I recognize this song when they played for Sugar Ray Leonard's intro to the ring against Marvin Hagler in 1987.

  49. Bob Cummings


  50. Bob Cummings

    I still want VICTORY is ALL my basketball games! I have been playing since 1980!

  51. David Tosh

    Kool & The Gang has 7 songs with one word title and they are: 1). Celebration, 2). Cherish, 3). Fresh, 4). Joanna, 5). Emergency, 6). Misled, and 7). Victory.

    Chuck Stutz

    David Tosh don’t forget Tonight

  52. Louis Jr Is Dancing

    ... "V" for Victory Y'all!...

  53. Fleur Elise

    Ty for the YouTube time machine. Bringing all the great ones to the present time. Love Katg with Jt

  54. Maillier Etienne

    que des souvenirs !!!

  55. Soul train in the Midnight Hours!

    Kool & The Gang!

  56. mumba mwamba

    back when songs had meaning

  57. Ingrid Silva

    JT TAYLOR 😍💖

  58. Marion Friedl

    Still an absolutely KOOL song, I wish you guys still performed, or do you??? Heard nothing anymore since the late 80s, unfortunately, I luv ya!!!

  59. Edde Willis


  60. Bob Cummings

    I need VICTORY too in ALL my basketball games! HELP!

  61. Bob Cummings

    VICTORY 4ever!!!

  62. Bob Cummings

    We ALL need that VICTORY in lots of areas!

  63. Bob Cummings

    I WANT THE VICTORY 4EVER in all b-ball games I play!

  64. bella malkine

    Je kiff

  65. Juanita Buron

    Constantly 6/13^18 16:31

  66. Miss justice

    Players take your places. ..

  67. Viantz Pradz

    Kool & The Gang 100 times much better than Bruno Mars, John Legend and Drake!!!

    Duane Goodson

    lol, what a revelation, that's like comparing Chinese food Romain noodles. Yes you are correct.

    Dang Coppock

    Viantz Pradz I too agree with you 1000%. They were real singers, they’re putting out the goods..KUDO..!

    Dang Coppock

    Viantz Pradz Bruno, John and Drake can’t hold the candles to these JT and his gang

    andrea garrett

    Yes.. Yes.. and YESSSS...

    Lionel Kennedy

    Kool & The Gang was a REAL band with REAL instruments!!

  68. Brayen Naksabi


  69. Myrna Groger

    Let the Music play on FOREVER!(LS69FREESTYLE)

  70. Bob Cummings

    It's a BIRTHDAY VICTORY 4 me 2day! HAPPY BDAY 2 me! The big 53 and I still want/love lots of VICTORIES! Thks KATG!

  71. Carla Linton

    Carla Linton. Victory is one of my favorite songs by Kool And The Gang. This is one of my favorite old school jams back in the day.

  72. VideoRocketz007 Millar

    All kids should learn this song from K to 12th grade. No more druggie kids and runaways. Feeling good about yourself no body can break u

  73. geroge jones

    this song remember me a lot of things i love it

  74. kakyland

    Wish the band could come back for a world tour!!!! Victory!!!!


    they r still touring saw them last year, JT isn't doing the lead but was a super fun show

  75. Bob Cummings

    Everybody still wants VICTORY!!!! I sure do!!

  76. grosskopf2

    I have to say that if I was the coach and my player tries to do a 360 on a game winning breakaway and missed like that I would have either benched for the rest of the season or ran him after the game until he puked up everything he ate the last to days

  77. Robert Cummings

    All these 80's jams are still JAMS to me in 2018! I jammed to them back then and still do!

  78. Robert Cummings

    This marked JT Taylor's last lp with KATG! What a VICTORY eh?? Still a jam to me!!

  79. jazmeen Jake

    Damn! JT was so sexy and hott🔥🔥🔥

  80. Marcus Rob

    I always got the impression that other 80s funk bands (and funk music loyalists) sorta wrote Kool & The Gang off as "pop sellouts" (not my words nor my opinion), due to them seeing so many of their singles do well on the pop charts during the 80s (through 1987). As big as bands like The Gap Band, Zapp, Midnight Star, Starpoint, Skyy, Con Funk Shun, the S.O.S. Band, One Way, and Cameo all were in the 80s, Kool and the Gang were the only ones consistently putting out singles that did well on BOTH the pop and R&B charts (as well as the Adult Contemporary chart). Some of it may have been influenced by the labels, but I know that's something that probably irked some of their peers and contemporaries.

  81. Usman Ahmad

    sweet music

  82. Dzera think

    better than michael jackson!!!

    Yasin özkan

    Dzera think hell no.no way.MJ is always gonna be better than Kool!

  83. lOulOu 1985

    J adoooooore !!! 😄💖💞💞💖🙆🇩🇿🇩🇿😊

  84. Sunshine B

    listen to those voices and the music!!!

  85. 499370mlw

    I'm listening to this for the 3rd time in a row! At 47 I miss this era so much!

    Karen Thomas

    499370mlw omg! Me too!


    At 67, I miss it too!

  86. Sneaker Wiz


  87. Jimmy Pinet Scritchfield Winchell

    One of the great anthems, Gentlemen, thank you and love from Texas...

  88. bertice abercrombie

    awesome group.

  89. Mike Williams

    Well alright now! Victory is indeed sweet!!!

  90. euripe jingo


  91. lFadumo Elmi


  92. Vincent Dooley

    That was in Hackensack High School! In NJ! My mom was in that music video! She was one of the cheerleaders! She was a softmore!

    Monét Deandra

    Cool My Dad was the basketball player Maurice Gandy :D

    Robert Mack


  93. Jr Habimana

    One love. victory for life

  94. Vincent Dooley

    She was a softmore

  95. Vincent Dooley

    My mom was in that music video

    2Pac Shakur

    who asked to you?

    Brayen Naksabi

    Francisco Mercator who answering you?

    Puneet Agnani

    Brayen Naksabi damn

  96. Baudon Emmanuel