Knowles, Solange - Tina Taught Me (Interlude) Lyrics

[Tina Lawson:]

"I think part of it is accepting that it's so much beauty in being Black. And that's the thing that I guess I get emotional about, because, I've always known that. I've always been proud to be Black. Never wanted to be nothing else. Loved everything about it, just...

It's such beauty in Black people, and it really saddens me when we're not allow to express that pride in being Black; and that if you do then it's considered anti-white. No! You just pro-Black. And that's okay. The two don't go together. Because you celebrate Black culture does not mean that you don't like white culture; or that you putting it down. It's just taking pride

What's irritating is when somebody says, you know, 'They're racist!' 'That's reverse racism!' or 'They have a Black History Month, but we don't have a White History Month!'
Well, all we've ever been taught is white history: so why are you mad at that? Why does that makes you angry? That is to suppress me and to make me not be proud."

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Knowles, Solange Tina Taught Me (Interlude) Comments
  1. Cory Palmer

    When white supremacists are scared of African-Americans loving ourselves, that tells me they have an inferiority complex.

  2. Mr Nicholas


  3. Hurts Publishing

    Momma Tina has spoken

  4. Simone Jordan

    Absolutely. She hit the nail right on the head.

  5. swright4twenty

    Like it's so accepted when every other group of people to display pride but so frowned upon when BLACK pride is repped. BLACK is not only beautiful but its #DOPE asf.

  6. apromise ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    absolutely stunning and true. everyone needs to hear this ✊🏽BLACK PRIDE

  7. KayyDUBB


  8. Jasmine Houston-Burns

    Why is putting an insightful thought to background music as an interlude so damn moving?

  9. Fake Account


  10. Sabrina Mc

    Black beauty will 4eva b eternal!! Stay beautiful ❤

  11. Jess


  12. AverageJocelyn

    Gosh, the truth in this minute and fourteen seconds hits me deep. I'm French and my dad is black and my mom is white. So I'm mixed race but when I describe myself, I say that I am black because I'm proud of my origins, my features, my looks, and the culture my dad gave me. Yet, whenever I say that, some of my friends correct me and tell me that I am not black since my mom is white. This is true and I'm not ashamed of my mom, but me saying that I am black is not up to debate. This is my identity. No one should justify themselves about their identity or how they define / perceive themselves. So hearing Tina speak about not being able to be proud of yourself got me emotional.

  13. Lady Lewis

    this is amazing.

  14. Madison Mclin

    Exactly she just took the words out of my mouth. We are just beautiful people in general

  15. trey Jacobs

    Tina is black beauty

  16. Michelle Barreto

    If Mama Tina ain't speaking some realness right here!!!!! I am beyond proud of being a Black!! I love my dark skin, my fro, just everything. Black Excellence!!

  17. Imani Whitaker

    Black is beautiful

  18. Sheryl_Lynn

    Come through mama Tina!!

  19. missball404

    AMEN✊✊✊💞 SPEAK MRS T!!!!!!

  20. TheTheripper1982

    I Love My Beautiful Black Cousins

  21. oof ouch

    okayyy ms tina 🙌🏾🙌🏾✨

  22. James Ray Light Bass Player 2020

    It's good to have pride in yourself,family,culture,country,nation,and history.Each person learns universal ideas that are universally human and not just African or African American or Caucasian or European Caucasian or white as some uneducated people say.There is no white country,history, or race.If mankind originated in Africa, or space , Australia or India ,China,or Iraq,most of history hasn't been European Caucasian or White American history that mankind has lived through.White people are descendents of all the different nations and countries in the world just like everyone else is.White refers to a light skin tone or a stereotypical culture ideology of what a white person is or does, but there is no white nation or country by title or legal identity.Even if people aren't racist they might be ignorant to their own human history which includes Europe,China,India,and Australia and The United Kingdom,Scotland,and Ireland also .I like the Knowles and they have a beautiful intelligent family and popular blessed daughters so I hope that they know that Caucasian European or Caucasian white people probably make up Half of their fan and financial base if not more than half of their ticket sales,downloads bought,and cds purchased .It's beautiful to respect all cultures and all people not just your own because everyone is part of the larger universal human family regardless of their skin tone or culture which no one walking the Earth chose as their own .Caucasian Europeans or Caucasians didn't choose to be white just like Africans or African Americans did not choose to be black or darker skinned tone.This is true because most of spirituality that is taught in America is Egyptian, The Torah or Old Testament,The Bible which is Syrian Palestinian or Greek,The Koran which is Arabian which none of those historical spiritual books are based in Caucasian European culture or Caucasian culture.America has taught itself America's history not white history or black history.The civil war was fought because of freedom for all people to live freely not just a war of cultures or skin tone it wasn't a war of African versus Caucasian.Two hunderd and fifty thousand Union white or Caucasian american troops died to free African Americans from their slave owners in the South during the Civil War.All people have to get rid of their own ignorance and prejudice regardless of what culture they think they belong to.All of the people with the last names that end in Son might all be related to Thomas Jefferson regardless of what skin tone they have or what culture they have adopted or learned.People all have to unite in universal culture to become universal human beings together equally so they return to the Pangean ideology which predates African,Egyptian,or Chinese or European Or Caucasian American culture or ideology.Mrs.Knowles should be Proud of herself and her daughters and the Knowles have helped unite different cultures around the world with their daughters music and tours,and videos.Remember most people are universally similar beside the small differences that people tend to polarize culturally and socially .

  23. DJaria Thomas

    I sat at the table jst to listen to this 💕

  24. Steven Odige

    "suppress me and make me not be proud"

  25. LadyKet

    Black Parents have to teach their children to have pride in themselves because they won't see it anywhere else

  26. Petra Pan

    "They have a black history month but we don't have a white history month".... y'all got 11 damn months of white history! The whole rest of the year. So sit down and shut up and if you want a seat at the table so you can learn a thing or 2 then pull a chair up.

  27. xcatastrophic

    this is the best interlude on the album and I will say it till the day I die. a mix of the instrumentals of don't touch my hair and don't you wait, with some inspiring ass words on top. play this at my funeral

  28. Shawn Myrelle

    "I've always nuwn nat"

  29. Aylin Itzel

    Yes, preach. This is one of the truest sentiments I have heard. Some people assume that when you embrace your culture full force, especially if you're black, that suddenly you're anti white. Like please, sit down, let me explain something. Just because it is a different culture from what our very white washed world is used to seeing does not make it a diss on white people. Let us all love where, what, and who we come from.

  30. ShaGoo

    This is amazing

  31. Terence Dixon

    Mom is black Dad is White ;)

  32. SoulfullySowingSeeds

    <3 Being Black

  33. Denise Scott


  34. Zoe Williams

    God, this makes me so angry, I hate the fact that black people have to deal with all this crap, I apologize for all the crap you guys get. I really am so sorry. You guys are all fricking amazing, dealing with the crap that some people give you, as well as staying strong and having pride in yourself. I respect you guys so much, and I hope that this shitty racial barrier goes away soon.

  35. SidneyNneka

    Preach mama Knowles!

  36. Alisha James

    I just Love the backstory for all of the's just a confirmation of what these songs mean to me.

  37. Meg

    I love this. I needed this years ago to pull out on some ignorant people who have said "that's reversed racism".

  38. Jamie Cornejo

    hallelujah!!! Such truth

  39. Lola A

    Omg... Your mom must smoke weed.., that was awesome!!!!!

  40. Regina B.

    Somebody's momma just got deep! 😊 Go 'head Miss Tina

  41. A Campbell

    Try saying it the other way around though. That's the real racism in this decade

  42. Annalishea Perez

    Yes Mam

  43. Christina Lucas

    I felt a wave of relief rush all over my body!!! PREACH MAMA TINA!

  44. joyce sweeting

    Hearing Ms. Knowles expressing herself on the subject of knowing who we are, lets me know a little more about her children. They are aware. My dad taught us who we are when I a little girl. He taught us that we are Black and not only is it OK..its GREAT. He never taught us to be prejudice of others. He taught us we were just as great as anyone else, no more, no less. Then when I satarted hearing that we were supposed to be less than, I didnt get it. I was smarter than everybody my in class and my classes were mixed. But as I grew older, I saw that we did'nt quite have the same opportunity as white ppl. GOD has a plan. Having Tump elected as president is gonna show us that GOD can use anybody for his plan, even Trump. He must bow down too, like everybody else.

  45. Che Bang

    This interlude confuses me😐

  46. jasmine joonie

    come through with facts mama knowles!!!!👊👊👊👊

  47. mastamere

    I lowkey listen to this interlude all day on repeat

  48. Briana Mcclellan


  49. Nigeria McDaniels


  50. Allie M Bell

    I <3 this album. It is beautiful!!

  51. Ronnie Hull

    true mama tina!!!!

  52. Jaylen C

    These interlude's have really great messages, and then the next song goes perfect with this and I drop my phone because it's in flames

  53. Kamika Tanner

    preach mama tina!!!

  54. actright512

    Say it Tina, love it!

  55. christian mcpherson

    So when she says "Tina taught me", she's talking about Tina Turner??

    Antoinette Jeff

    christian mcpherson .... She's speaking of her mother Tina Knowles.

  56. Jason Waite

    Never hit Hov


    There is can be no such thing as reverse racism. The only ppl who have the power to ne racist are the ones eho have laws/establishments in effect to be able to take away from the livelihood of a race. No race has that power on earth except white ppl against all races and all most white ppl dont even have that power. Anything else is just opinion or preference or prejudice which is not the same as racism. It really comes down to just having respect. Racism is an entire different beast.
    Build with me.

  58. D'Andre Smoovee

    I love sitting at this table!

    Huni Brown

    me too. I feel tina. just cz u pro black don't mean u are anti everything else. why cant we be proud to be who we are? terrible.

  59. Winter Fall

    These people are race obsessed.


    And white People weren’t? For like hundreds of years?

  60. Albert Dillion

    I am black white and native american

    So happy for my blend. It is the future

  61. SweetCase 1988

    Yes Mama Tina, the Truth shall set you free.

  62. Nate Da Grrreat

    beautiful transition

  63. Kawana Rule

    Yes so true 😘❤️❤️✌🏿️

  64. iam ks9788

    I'm a proud black women

  65. blumountaindew

    Speak on it! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  66. Veronica D. Giovanni

    Speak on it Mama Queen!

  67. Quentyn Cole


  68. riz1738

    this should have been called "you mad or nah" by ms tina 💚

  69. Kia Rae

    This album is sooo relevant & sooo needed in our generation! Yasss Solange, I done got my seat at this table honey & I can not get up!!!!!!

  70. Scars And Makeup

    Go to school on them Ms. Tina

  71. Aarin Foster

    Tina personified blackness with this piece and gave birth from her loins and gave us Solange and Solange birthed this opus "A Seat the Table". This piece is what drove the darker hued fabric of this album. Just simply beautiful.

  72. Lisa Lloyd

    ✊✊✊✊ I'M PROUD TO BE BLACK✊✊✊✊✊

  73. Rosen Gordon

    white culture aint real. fuck apologetics.

    Don L

    You enjoy Major scales, minor ones, Brass instruments and verse chorus form? The rhyme schemes employed in said music that hail from old English all the way back to Chaucer? Do you enjoy even machine you used to type this comment and the system of truth seeking that enabled it and all recent advancement to be created? Yup, you're proving it's real just by giving me something to reply too. Ain't gotta hate to celebrate Blackness

    Reign Free

    +Don L that long explanation confirms that whites still have no culture. No ones hating there's absolutely nothing to hate on.

    Don L

    @Crystal Mami nonsense, I was trying to educate you. I can just list shit since it sounds like you're ready. Circuses, 90% of modern Theater, Hollywood, cartoons, all Modern Cinema, overwhelmingly most modern literary modes themes, Mass printed books, Nerd culture, comic cons, Cosplay, Modern figure drawing, most modern forms of art, concept of perspective in art, complimentary colors, electronically synthesized sound, anatomically correct drawing, culture of competitive and rigorous scientific progress since the 16th century, modern musical notation, Capitalism, Democracy, the concept of a University (which is different from all schools before it as it was founded exclusively by scholars, not kings/ religious orgs/ patriarchal families). Um what else, huge swaths of formalized area of study.... Of course I'm being really broad but there's plenty of things White culture has innovated on or flat out invented in its own unique way, just like Black culture gets credited for innovating or creating most forms of music that's popular in America today


    Crystal Mami But they do have culture, just as we do. It mixes and blends

  74. Brandi R. Love

    ok now Solange...unique music!

  75. Quieesha Burns


  76. Alana Walker


  77. May ann

    STAND UP! Love everything on Solange's table

  78. Michael Jenkins

    "all we have been taught is white history, so why are you angry?" PREACH TINA!

  79. Sasha Bella

    black is beautiful

  80. Aneesah GIlbert

    My seat at the table is heated with memory foam because I'm gonna be here for a while.

  81. Breh Breh

    Yessss Tina!!!

  82. maggmaxxx

    Only racists think we're racist for loving our beauty. It doesn't mean we don't love our white fam.

  83. PHD in Me TV

    GO Ms. Tina! Abundant Love Beloveds!!!

  84. Estelle Johnson


  85. Estelle Johnson

    I LOVE MAMA TINA!!!!!!!!

  86. Tessa Strickland

    I love this.

  87. Chad Charming

    Tina took the words out my mouth. Pro black doesn't mean anti white

  88. Monet9614

    Ain't nothing but the truth #sayitloudI'mBLACKandPROUD

  89. Wyoming Oregon

    Miss Tina gon' educate today. I LOVE MY BLACK. MY BLACK SO FLY

  90. Tim Jr.

    Sipping Lemonade at this table 🙌🏽

  91. Eva Adesuwa

    absolutely love, love, love THIS. Preach.

  92. k j

    I wish this interlude had been in the Dont Touch My Hair video SO much!!!
    I have been blasting this interlude at stop lights all week. Ms. Tina is gettin everyone together in less than two minutes.

  93. Nikki Dillard

    i love it. i. love. this. taught me a little something more about Tina that i didn't know.

  94. Miriam Sang

    Come through Mama Tina...preach!!!