Knowles, Solange - Things I Imagined Lyrics

Saw things I imagined
I saw things I imagined
I saw things I imagined
I saw things I imagined
I saw things I imagined
Things I imagined
Things I imagined
Things I imagined
Saw things I imagined
I saw things I imagined
I saw things I imagined
I saw things I imagined
I saw things I imagined
Things I imagined
Things I imagined
Things I imagined

Taking on, taking on the lie
Taking on, taking on the lie
Taking on the lie

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Knowles, Solange Things I Imagined Comments
  1. staytru fitness

    Im fucking love this lady she so slept on she prefect

  2. Sean Livingston

    Kanye West and Solange should make music together. They would change the world for real.

  3. Tramaine Chapman

    She is so comfortably in her element and I'm here for it all thee way

  4. Women’s Bible Institute

    My Lawd!

  5. it's Tay

    Trying to be different , but it’s trash

  6. Manka Expedine

    Whoa, thanks Queen 💜🌹

  7. ALiYYAH

    Just in case anyone was curious about Solange's style in music - She is Indie Pop 😊

  8. The Sweetest grace

    I'm only here because solange has EVERY MUSIC VIDEO comment section OFF. All the way to her oldest videos. I love how she protects her craft & herself. She doesn't leave no room for negativity! If you read this solange, I love you.


    Her harmonies are very perfect and so much neo soul vibes🥰

  10. Special K

    They just let anybody sing. Wonder why her dad never worked so hard to make her as good as Beyonce

  11. the mirages

    Houston is forever in our blood .

  12. The Life Of LeLe

    Why does this song give me The Wiz vibes?🤔

  13. Ariana Maileigh

    Who from Houston recognized the Rothko Chapel?

  14. TACARA B

    Nice to see something different!


    This music is Otherworldly like experiencing a new alien culture

  16. Ibiana C

    I have to say, all your music and video brings joy to my soul,❤💜🧡💚 so for real!

  17. Harlem buttafly

    I feel like I've teleported to a magical peaceful planet; where Solange is engulfing me with her tassel, glittery room of love.

  18. nativelove30lg

    When your hungry but it's nothing in the refrigerator 😂🤣🤗

  19. blackgirlsareperfect

    Stop acting like this so damn deep.......the music was horrible and so was the video

  20. Oz Hernandez

    That looks like Dallas City Hall at night. Dope.

  21. fine and fancy

    Her songs are smooth and complicated

  22. Dante E

    Embracing Black beauty at its finest 💯💯💯💯 and the sounds from start to finish is just remarkable. Solange is taking her platform and capitalizing on it! More black artists needs to create music like this instead of that materialistic bs

  23. Angiey B

    You never know what you're going to get from Solange! That's why I love her!

  24. IzzyLiving

    Reminded me of the Beatles song, revolution 9. Where repetition is used.

  25. Jerold Jones BEY II


  26. Dorinda Morris

    Where have I been. I missed all of this. I know y'all gonna come for me on this. But....... . I still feel like she firing shots at her family. IJS.

  27. Jerold Jones BEY II

    🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥 EPIC


    Dope video yet, love seeing her evolving ♥️


    This is Millennial excellence

  30. Cocoabutta600 O

    That Down Got me wanting to put one in the air and I don’t even smoke 💨

  31. Hazel's House

    It's like Billie Holiday, Bjork, and Janet Jackson all came together and made my dreams come true

  32. joseph lee

    Love the attention to atmospheric and physical space with the use of rothko’s chapel and brutalist architecture.

  33. Prophets Of Rock TV

    This would have been Moesha’s favourite artist, and song.

  34. Prophets Of Rock TV

    This song makes me bask in the glow of my individuality, my blackness.

  35. Federico Rodrigues

    Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique

    Federico Rodrigues

    Iconic, AOTY and best concert of my life

  36. michelle lee

    Bill Pickett and some wierd/af prophecy ish'.
    Love it cause it's in my brain.

  37. Christian Church

    That was Epic. I totally and completely get her vision!!

  38. Janae Stephenson-Brown

    Why this sound like bill wurtz?

  39. Karolína Škopová

    Solange it is very hers. I definitely would not spoil her with big stages. Clubs and festivals. I love her music.

  40. Elle Cox

    Also I’m in love with the Houston Rep 🤘🏽🤘🏽 Houston Texas babyyyy

  41. Elle Cox

    A true artist. She inspires me on so many levels ♥️♥️

  42. kaytlyn johnson


  43. Chiara Dal Moro

    Solange and Hiatus Kaiyote, it would be such a nice combo, musically and visually!!

  44. Lipstick Capone

    Afro Couture! I dig it. My fave video of hers. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 #ImDown😎

  45. Plane

    Well Kanye, Solange was first with Sunday Service

  46. Talks with MiMi

    I love this who's the deity behind her?

  47. M Haynes

    I wish that I could like this video a million times more.

  48. tyyahnna

    solange needs grammy’s

  49. Matthew Kyle Smith

    I’m ready to hear this in 2030 thinking back on life In 2019

  50. Kasim Patton

    love all the visuals, dope queen mama

  51. MR. SMALLS

    Unpopular opinion
    Solange makes better music than Beyonce


    Solange is an artist and Beyoncé is an entertainer.

    Kristin Rhodes

    I agree with you both

  52. Eddy Lancelotti

    I love Things I Imagined so much. Seeing things you imagine is making dreams come true.

  53. deedeelove93 forevermore

    I don’t get the video lol like what’s the meaning behind it and why do that guy got a chandelier mask on

  54. SinSeared

    She's incredibly sexy.

  55. mir mir

    My friends thought I was weird for singing this song but idc I love this song 😂

  56. Bea Smith

    Solange is an underated ARTIST.

  57. Roderick Sutton


  58. Molly World

    Her music reminds me of an Aquarius mind ... "We're all of that but none of them"..sooo free..

  59. Erica Williams

    I can’t get jiggy with her voice🤷🏽‍♀️

  60. Shaka1978tru

    I don't really have words to describe this

  61. jamie lunes

    Deep in the cuts!

  62. Elias Taborda

    Bill Withers???

  63. Billy Times

    I love her vids Always a deep message in them solange is very underrated.

  64. Lateshia Childs

    I just love and adore Solange music. I love her style too.

  65. Toni Twitty

    Solange is so underated. I luv her music.

  66. Space Toast

    I just realized she was in Dallas when they filmed this 😂

  67. Monique Simmons

    Afro futurism

  68. Monique Simmons

    The less likes mean theres more simple minded people out here

  69. Shae Powell

    Solange is so creative

  70. Shae Powell

    Is this the city hall in dallas

  71. Jennifer Evans

    This album remind me of summer ☯️🏵️☀️

  72. Hellblazer s


  73. Cauã Carvalhos


  74. Bambo Leona

    TE AMO 🖤🖤🖤

  75. piaoliang jiejie

    They:Compile alot of weird stuff and make trippy music they will call you a genius , ahead if your time
    Solange: yes

  76. Chris G


  77. Maurice Markray

    Her music and visuals are so dope HER AND COMMON WOULD MAKE A GREAT COUPLE

  78. Nefertiti

    Weird but a nice daydream 💭 song.

  79. BLACK ICE*

    If Solange wasn't so fucken weird. One might be able to decipher code. Damn! Too much money and privieledge, fucks the whole world up! what is the point!?

    herb blowz

    More like Unique not weird.

  80. Nadiera Lacey

    Solange ❤❤✨✨

  81. Clarissa Yvonne

    Hmmm interesting song....there something about it that gets in my's what YOU want to imagine.

  82. iiike

    Tyler: I'll do background vocals on your album if you do background vocals on mine

    K Dot

    Facts! Said the same thing.

  83. Rick Rock


  84. Rabbi Kalala

    Solange for the people ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

  85. diane abi

    I appreciate the work she puts on her art.

  86. J. D. R.

    0:50 she sort of looks like Jorja Smith to me.

  87. Healing The Soul/Food Addiction

    This is Black Gold!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤🦋🎵🎶🎙🎹💪

  88. Putki

    What's with the visuals? Lots of weird symbolism. Dude riding the white horse, dance with the angel in the beginning etc. The music is great though

  89. Tis

    Solange the real queen

  90. electroaudio

    That signature Solange hand wave

  91. Rosemary Haireka

    "And now my heart knows no delight!"

  92. Sharita Williams

    Real music ... Just like erykah badu

  93. Sharita Williams

    I play the drums and piano

  94. Sharita Williams

    Love the beat im a musician

  95. Meg megie

    trend setter

  96. Cliffinho Kisero

    instrumentals tyler the creator would use. Beautiful

  97. carmellac2000

    its something about her music, it makes me feel weird but in a good way.....don't laugh but I feel so powerful and at peace. I like feel colors and shit going through my body. this album puts me in a trance

  98. connor mars

    love how she incorporated Rothko into the film

  99. cat cat

    C'mon downtown Dallas!