Knowles, Solange - I Got So Much Magic, You Can Have It (Interlude) Lyrics

[Nia Andrews and Kelly Rowland:]
You did it from the get go, get go
Let's go look for magic yeah
They not gon' get it from the get go get go get go get go
Don't let anybody steal your magic yeah
But I got so much yall...
You can have it yeah

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Knowles, Solange I Got So Much Magic, You Can Have It (Interlude) Comments
  1. aidan & co.

    Thought she would have called this the intermission to match with the last line of Borderline but this is still incredible.

  2. Dante'

    Solange is great!

  3. L Summer Darden Watts-Gibson

    i love you for sooo many resison you are the strongme . you endero more then maintain. you going on tore see thing and living life . and want you b covered in love wen night are dark. and ppl dont get it. there is the stong u then year is ur we are pretected i rot these word. so u woud have on thoughdays we you need to tell you self sumth in love always Summer.

  4. Ryen Sol

    It's hard to tell Kelly and Solange apart in this song

  5. xcatastrophic

    love this

  6. SBTV


  7. Mider-Span Man

    0:06 was used in her song Junie.

  8. weedman6926

    Damn that's the shit right there. My favorite moment of the album so far. Don't kill me ya'll. Still learning Solange...her early stuff didn't reach me, but she's coming with it on this album. Didn't know she could get deep like this

  9. Billy Larkin

    I love the Fantasy in this

  10. bryce atu

    New Destiny Child?

  11. Thelma Jones

    she could have kept this to herself sounds dumb ass hell

    Candice Debebe

    You mad huh?

  12. Miriam Sang

    One of my fav interludes, they sound so good together!

  13. Nate Da Grrreat

    oh my gosh

  14. Louis Stanley

    To short!!! I love it

  15. ShezSoulRebel infinity

    we are magical and powerful beings i am you are we are indigenous ppl the aboriginals not black ppl nor African American or African #StayAwake #StayAware #LoveThySelf #KnowThySelf

    J. Decole



    That's right! Ase!