Knowles, Solange - Don't Wish Me Well Lyrics

I went away this concrete don't have love for me
I took a day, too much talk and not much to see
I know you always speak on something
So I'll leave on the mic for you

And I'm going all the way
But I'll leave on the lights for you
I'm going all the way
And now you're almost out of view

Cause when I say what I mean you ought to know
You got to know, I don't let it go
Cause when I say what I mean you ought to know
You got to know, I won't let it go
Away away away

Look what remains
Pour ashes where they claimed my name
They say I changed
What a pity if I stayed the same
Thinking that everything is funny
But don't say that the jokes on you

And I'm going all the way
But I'll leave on the lights for you
I'm going all the way
And now you're almost out of view

Cause when I say what I mean you ought to know
You got to know, I don't let it go
Cause when I say what I mean you ought to know
You got to know, I won't let it go
Away away away

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Knowles, Solange Don't Wish Me Well Comments
  1. Sonny Bravo

    I dig/enjoy Solange's music MUCH more than Beyonce's. Not to take anything for the Queen B. Her performance is unmatched except by Janet. But on the music side, I prefer Solange

  2. Lauraleehtx


  3. ChooseWisely

    Queen Solange 👑take your crown

  4. Msbutter love

    Aug 2019 still listening. Music for your soul ❤️

    Xavier Jones

    Yasss!! This is my favorite song out of the album! But the album is so damn good!!😭 I've changed my perspective on life after listening to the album...😆

  5. jean charles

    c'est nul

  6. David Aragon

    Solange need to get a card table and quit playin

  7. Natalia Zentel

    2019, anyone?

  8. Brandon Lawson

    I miss this album 😑 a little let down with latest work.

  9. Sister Keta

    Idk what it is about Solange. She is just DIFFERENT.

  10. Tierra Mackey

    Still vibing to this in 2019 ❤️

  11. Gabrielle Simone

    I thought I was woke till I heard this album then realized I was sleep the whole time

  12. Charlyn Gardner

    Needed this in 2019.
    I don't know where she was at when this art was created, but I feel validated listening to it. Like someone understands what it is like to walk away from someone or something you loved. Don't wish me well, just let me go all the way.

    Shakieta Garrison

    I get you Charlyn

  13. Tomahawk Emir

    Love this album!! This song is one of my favorites.....

  14. Les Sal


  15. Les Sal


  16. Les Sal


  17. Anita Mki

    solange needs to release another album😣

  18. Valentina B

    Fuck Beyonce... Solange is so better.. So real.. Thumbs up


  19. Iheart Michelle

    Still playing in 2018 Luv this song

    Syretta Spates

    Its almost give me something I could have hear Aliyah singing🤗

  20. Whitney Pittman


  21. Kelsey Brown

    My boyfriend got hooked on this song . Omg I love this song now

  22. Africangyal

    I think people don't realise how great Solange is because of Beyonce's shadow. Sometimes I wish she wasn't her sister. :-/

    John Smith

    she is way more sophisticated than her sister

  23. Phathi Katurah

    fave song by solange so far

  24. That’s NaeNae

    Solange and Beyoncé are basically twins

  25. Mirabel Mimi Nyass

    It is annonyng solange.🤔


    U just couldnt let her be GREAT.....could you😐 .

    Ndumiso Mnyani

    You ugly jealous gumball faced biaatch

  26. av av

    thinking that everything is funny but don't SEE that the joke's on you

  27. Naturally Dope

    My favorite song

  28. JOY store

    beauty! it sounds like a cry to healing

  29. Bennesha Northern


    Veronica Bryant

    what you say!!!! I listen to this everyday!!!

    Veronica Bryant

    she's super beautiful inside n pit like super

    Veronica Bryant

    check out the making of asatt omg I also watch n listen to that she's everything with her natural hair n talent! truly gifted and untouched with her soul with a lot of people are afraid to become!

    Bennesha Northern

    Veronica Bryant yes indeed!!

    Metal Fingers

    Solange is too creative for a made up industry controlled by Illuminati

  30. Tiki Martinez

    Some of those lyrics aren’t correct, but man I am loving her soulful songs. Her voice is beautiful! ♥️

    Keith Hubert

    @Tiki Martinez --Excuse me??? The lyrics, singing, music and voice are ALL on point!!! Smh - Lol

  31. Dawayne Levenberry

    Didn't like her until I heard this song. This joint is fire!!!!

  32. Naiomi Millar

    Best song on the album

  33. XVI DripKidd


  34. Faith Wright

    just the way it starts is lovely

  35. David Bennett

    This collection of songs, weather it sells a million or not needed to exist. These are things that MUST be said. Thank you Solange for being SO poetic and SO real.

  36. Karmanesha Spraglin

    Gives me all the feels of being in New Orleans hot summer day so relaxing

  37. Lelee S

    I've been listening to solange for a few years now and her sound is unmatched.

    MsHappy thomas

    No one is touching her message and delivery 💯💯💯

  38. Kieferland Brown

    solange is real and she beat jay z ass lmao

  39. CrownMeQueen


  40. Asita BURNEY

    my favorite song!

  41. YaYa LES

    All this knowledge and lot of us still not woke

    C. Harr

    YaYa LES yup

    Nicola LadyofLove Wade

    YaYa LES Ase Ase



  42. Dimitri Smith

    I don't know what Solange was thinking, but Im feeling it! lol

    Naledi K

    i don't know what you're feeling but i feel you

  43. Tara Sweet


  44. Ayana Horton

    love love love it

  45. Jerome Robinson

    I love this song ❤ Solonge did excellent 💯💲

  46. Emanuel Brauna

    could this song be a message for somebody in her family?

    The King

    Emanuel Brauna I honestly think that...

    Braylon Jacob Gorman

    Emanuel Brauna yep! Her sister!

    Paris Melvin

    Braylon Jacob Gorman how do you know that?! LoL 🙄

  47. dee n

    this song is so hot

  48. ThePrettyMisslady

    and now your almost out of view.🔌

  49. Lamar Wiggins


  50. La'Shonda Moore

    new groove song on deck❤❤

  51. Adam Geer

    I can hear David Longstreth's influence in this; sounds great.

  52. Yolie C

    Those harmonies tho!

  53. MyNameIs V

    Go head Solange! This cut got my bass boomin in my Jeep.

  54. Violet Flower

    This is my fuel to my heart's fire!

  55. Tiyana Summers

    She's the truth so powerful rock on babygirl love this song

    michelle smith

    Tiyana Summers coming from a fan and an appreciation of vocal talents. She is one of the purest and clearest sopranos I have heard be unresticted on an album on a while. And she lets her background talent roam free. That is true talent.

  56. Tiyana Summers

    omg this my motto in 2017 I'm going all the way! Cause when I tell u what I mean u got to know

  57. Tawanna Houston

    This song Jam!

  58. D Dee

    Soooooo dam relaxingggggg

    Sophia Brooks

    CRAZY #RIHANNANAVY Underrated for sure

    Mya Mcmillion

    Hamzs Haty so very. I agree.

  59. Jamie

    pretty song 😊💙

  60. Queen Erica


  61. Sondra Nicole Bradley