Knowles, Solange - Closing: The Chosen Ones Lyrics

[Master P:]
"That's what makes my life complete, knowing that it's a higher being, a higher power, knowing that these people done paved their way. You know, our great-great-grandfathers and grandmothers that came here, they found some kind of way to make the rhythm. You know, and they kept rhythm, no matter what. Now, we come here as slaves, but we going out as royalty, and able to show that we are truly the chosen ones."

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Knowles, Solange Closing: The Chosen Ones Comments
  1. Kenneth Mitcham

    This album....the horns in the Master P interludes....this feels of New Orleans, this was truly F.U.B.U

  2. Vaughn Gainey

    This whole album is amazing.

  3. MuzikMind87

    The ending with Master P and the horns just do something to me. I picture us all with jewelry and crowns...looking like royalty lol just picture it while listening to it

  4. dclem008

    This kinda reminds me the ending of TPAB with Tupac speaking to Kendrick (and vice versa).. powerful stuff that needs to be heard more

  5. Crissie Morris

    This album is everything!

  6. Sid Ney

    The chosen ones❤🔯

  7. jada williams

    Y'all hear, but are y'all listening

    Jaiden Love

    jada williams I love this

  8. dlsmith300201

    This album is truly magnificent. It takes you through so many emotions, and I'm sure it did for everyone involved.

  9. Afrah Rasheed

    this album was like an awakening or a revival i feel so blessed

  10. LMF


  11. kimmy karisma

    Wonderful album

  12. Ms. E

    This album is Gold. Solange is on to something

  13. Yusef Sellers

    " the stone that the builder refuse shall be the head corner stone and no matter what games they play we got something they could never take away."

  14. JanueSimone Jackson

    this album is great!!!!!

  15. Nate Da Grrreat

    Solange created a masterpiece. This album is for the culture.

  16. Kimberly Fraizer

    Sheer Perfection! 💯💯💯💯

  17. Adero Prescott

    We came here as royalty and they TRIED to make us into slaves and we will leave here as royalty. Capturing us and making us work for you does not make us your slaves. It makes us your captives. They failed. I and my ancestors will never be "slaves". Circumstances don't determine your worth. Labels don't define you. You do. Clear your mind and take control of the words they use to define you and your people and don't use them.



  18. Paradise Small

    I'm really enjoying this new album😍.... I like the fact that you so opposite of your sister... both of you guys are so unique and wonderful ✌

  19. Keonte' Blind

    I just went through a whole album. She executed everything so perfectly

  20. CW043

    Brilliant and Beautiful!

  21. Allen D-Micheal

    this whole album just took me on a journey

    Lady V Ann

    Allen D-Micheal Me too, blessed Sister she is !

  22. Brandi Judah


  23. Jada Lee

    I just did a cover of "Cranes in the Sky"! Please check it out and let me know what you think!!

  24. Paige Wall


    Nyar ttaffom

    Paige Wall Yes! Mr P said it best! The so called negro/Latino man of slave descent are the real Hebrews from the bible. Our lineage traces back to Jacob whom God established the covenant with to serve and follow his commandments to receive blessings.

  25. AGUST D Shooters

    This album is more than amazing!!

  26. Israel 777

    Yes the chosen people.

  27. Miriam Sang

    Master P was dropping knowledge and love how solange stays true to her nawlins southern roots...this album is the TRUTH!

  28. john stewart


    Stacey Montague

    Johnny johnny no pa pa

  29. Mimi T-F

    Loved this album......go Solo

  30. Lee

    Best album ever!❤❤❤ 🌘🌘

  31. J Zammorah

    So happy she is back always a solange fan and this album speaks volumes and that she never left the game!!

  32. T. SHAMOAN

    Adding Master P to the interludes made this album even more 100, because we all know and done heard P stuff and that brother really did show the darkness in the black communities in which a lot of us have known and seen.

  33. ShezSoulRebel infinity

    we are not black ppl nor African American or African we the aboriginals indigenous ppl #KnowThySelf #StayAwake #StayAware #LoveThySelf

    christopher Yedayah

    no we are true hebrews not u-wish ppl but jews from the tribe of judah. Yahawa chosen ppl

    Deniece Parker-Blair

    You're both right.We are the true Hebrews BUT we're also indigenous to the Americas. We were here first and will be the last!!!

  34. robertantonvlogs

    I did a review of the album. Sweet!

  35. Andres Morando

    Lovely Album, i listened to it whilst working out. Best workout yet!

    Allen D-Micheal

    Andres Morando I did the same thing lol I was surprised at how motivating it was to workout to

    Andres Morando


  36. Jazz Baker


  37. blessed Blessed247

    How many people understand what Master P is saying here this brother is awake

    Prophetic Whirlwind

    blessed Blessed247 I do he know who the Hebrews are

    blessed Blessed247

    That is correct it's a blessing to know the truth and to know what's to come it's almost over stay strong my brothers and sisters we shall over come peace and love


    most won't get it ahch but he is definitely saying a lot!

    Andrea Yisrael

    blessed Blessed247 He knows we are the true people of the book.

  38. More Of Kila


  39. King Kong