Knocked Loose - The Gospel Lyrics

Bury me, I'm counting down the days
I like the way you stand with God when you're too afraid

You'll spend your whole life running
And you'll still end up with nothing

But I've washed my sins in the blood of Jesus

Bury you 'til it fucking hurts
But I don't want to be a member of your fucking church

Tell me, why are Christians so accepting of death?
Does that mean that I don't believe in God?
'Cause I'm not ready to leave yet
No I'm not ready to die at all

But you, you've got it all figured out
You're counting down the days
But what makes you so certain
You're the one to be saved?

'Cause let me tell you
Love like this must cost and arm and a fucking leg
Because my tongue will not move
No matter how hard I beg

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