Knocked Loose - No Thanks Lyrics

No handouts
No thanks
No strength to burn my bridges

Sentenced life in hell

I've been ashamed all my life
But I have never felt like this
I put myself in my grave
And the dirt is spilling in
I need answers
To the questions
That I've never had the words to ask
Too embarrassed to ask for help
But too slow to run from my past

Now I'm left with the pain I feel
Sentenced a life in hell

You may see me
I may look different
The stress has weighed on my bones
And I can't fix it

Time has passed
I still feel the same
No handouts
No thanks
No strength to burn my bridges

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Knocked Loose No Thanks Comments
  1. Juanita Sauceda

    "to embarrassed to ask for help" fuck yeah! I feel like I'm the only one.....

  2. Bill Scannell

    This band is fuuuuuuucking cool. Death metal and punk had a baby, and it's Satan himself, and he's as insane as you would expect. You have to love the short song times, the themes,, the vocals. Especially the vocals. You can't find any better than that outside of an insane asylum.

  3. Sr. Leo

    the intro is similar than the intro of my plague by slipknot xd

    Pancake Cow

    It’s like the exact same

  4. Memz Beats

    damn, i can see crowds at shows going crazy chanting "Sentenced a life in hell"

  5. Matt Cope

    His screams kinda reminds me of Sworn In. Brutal and straight to your face I dig it.

  6. Lupe Luna

    "To embarrassed to ask for help" Fuck yeah!!!!

  7. Brandon Roach

    1:08-1:28 is the fuckin greatest. Have to change underwear each time I hear that part

  8. tristananvilcaster


  9. Damian Manigat

    I love how the bass is utilized in this band

  10. Silenc9

    fucking love the riff at 1:08

  11. theapocilip

    Fucking sick album \,,/,

  12. Christian Karcher

    Saw them live last night and it's safe to say the place was demolished

  13. Kevin Neal


  14. Treggify

    What on earth happened on this track? They sound so over the top angry. It's by far one of the best on the album. He sounds even more high pitched here.


    It's as if they all simultaneously got left by their gf's haha


    I’m from the future and buddy if you like higher pitched vocals you’re in luck

    Desi Thug

    @ichugbacardi151 omg u ok

  15. Natasha K

    So much sludge <3

  16. James Seifert

    1 dislike. Lol fuck

  17. AntiGravity

    Been jamming this band since the start and they keep getting better and better its crazy how fucking great they are

  18. J L

    No thanks? Yes please

  19. Ben Smith

    This is my favorite song off the album. That fucking riff is so good.

  20. dead meat

    that fucking riff 1:09

    Robbie x-x

    best part

  21. Flow Nova

    best one yet

  22. Nintendodo64


    Twelfth line in the lyrics.

  23. Drew Cooney

    Most savage vocals I've heard in a while.

  24. Kennedy Noise


  25. Ethan Harris

    Why is this the grooviest, heaviest, and impressive band of 2016?

  26. Jp Mojica

    A H H H H H

  27. Mario Garofano


  28. Mario Garofano

    one of my favs so far <3 \m/

  29. Mathew Montanari

    the final breakdown is fucking sexy

  30. Tsorer

    fuckin' hell, heavy intro. Reminds me of Thy Art Is Murder's song intros on their Hate album

  31. Cameron McCarty

    I haven't heard one thing I haven't liked from this album so far

  32. Nick Spaloss

    Gets so grooovy after a min love that jam

  33. Brenton Deveraux

    Heard this song live last night, insane to say the least. Love these guys!

    Nick Spaloss

    Good to know they played it I'm hoping they would this tour

    Brenton Deveraux

    If you ever get a chance to see them live, you won't regret it!

  34. Derk Ender

    This band is fuckin AGRGGGGGGG

  35. Joel Small

    holy fuck

  36. taylor goulart

    them vocals in this one tho

  37. Austin Werner

    The stereo mix in these tracks is intense

    Flow Nova

    they jam exceptionally well

  38. Charlie Qualmann


  39. BenKoonDrumming

    This is what the end of the world sounds like


    No thanks.

    guy on a gravitron machine standing sideways

    aka what warped tour will be this year

    Sara Suk



    while I sips my tea to this