Knocked Loose - Mistakes Like Fractures Lyrics

The light is stopped by the tree line
And I am chained to the ground
I see the horns in the tall grass
They still follow me around

Mistakes like fractures
Hiding underneath the skin
Mistakes like fractures
Buried underneath the weight of sin

I will atone
For the things I've done here
And God only knows
That it's all stuck in my head

God fell silent
When I cried out

I cry out

I cry out for an ending
An escape that is over due
Faced with the final judgement
No hand to pull me through

Mistakes like fractures
Hiding underneath the skin
Mistakes like fractures
Buried under all my sin

I followed the rabbit
And I found my fucking ending

I see the horns
They follow me down
God fell silent
When I cried out

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Knocked Loose Mistakes Like Fractures Comments
  1. X NeverTryToCorner

    0:06 anyone hear br br DENG?????!

  2. Rob Angerbauer

    This makes me wanna eat the desert first out of my lunchable..

  3. mike harness

    Y'all need a new singer...let the guitarist sing fire the front man

  4. U-tube editoR





































  5. Claire H

    the guy in blue is literally me when I'm on my period and slept too long lmfao

    Deven Mellor

    As a guy, I just thought of the blue Man group 😂

  6. Austin Franklin

    The lyrics of my life...

  7. Frank Huston

    Dude this guy is a shitty painter... Hes deff getting fired from the union...

  8. Alex MayheM

    When the guitarist have better Voice than Vocalist

  9. Bartimus Trashwalker

    ~Heavy Metal Elements~
    Knocked Loose

  10. J Mendola

    If I was in Disembodied, I’d prolly be pissed, tbh...

  11. Parker Bennett

    these guys rust in the shower

  12. Kohn Kyriakou

    love a good Celine Dion cover band.

  13. jacob. ws

    0:38 that bass slide tho made me wet

  14. michael florez

    The classic X swatch!!

  15. high psi

    Got sent here after the unify show. Got damn these go hard live!!!!

  16. gg wp

    welcome to malaysia !

  17. Nihilism110

    The guitarist dude should be the vocalists!!!! He was bringin it wit dem vocals !!!!!!

  18. Isaac Figueroa


    I think I like it.

  19. Ron B

    The band is great. The singer not so much

  20. Reaper Kezia

    This song is literally just one giant breakdown

    Cyka Blyat

    I'm ok with that at this time in my life tbh

  21. Matt Ybarra

    gotta see them live asap

  22. Cesar Figueroa

    Too heavy too lovely

  23. Goblin TDL

    Wtf are those vocals 😂😂

    Deven Mellor

    Just screaming of course, good screaming though imo...

    Goblin TDL

    @Deven Mellor I know lol they are just more high pitched than I'm used to

  24. nolliefsbigspinx

    At 1:30 favorite kind of twostep

  25. Jesse Walters

    Now I can never drink blue Gatorade...

  26. A Human

    So I decided to check out a band I never heard before

    I just came

  27. Joo Young Min

    Please come to Korea!!!

  28. Samuel Sanchez

    Sounds like Iago from Aladdin

  29. Branden Schaefer

    Glad to see the Hardcore scene is making a comeback. We needed it.

  30. Samuel Lingard

    I just got showen these guys now im going to there show in new zealand this week haha. im done for this will be fucken insane


    This music makes me want to kill myself....and then when I'm dead I want to eat my rotting corpse and wash it down with some egg nog....Merry Christmas

  32. RextheRebel

    New friend: Yo, how heavy you like your metal?
    Me: Yes.

  33. The One and Only Lord Farquaad

    2:40 on....holy shit

  34. Wally Tolson

    Keep it up guys

  35. unoriginalgoals

    Still like holy fuck



  37. Gary Hernandez

    Sounds like Cancer Bats but better..

  38. Vasya Pupkin

    Vocal is the purest shit I`ve ever heard of. Thx for pissing me in ears. Appreciated that. Breakdowns won`t save this poor boy. Sooner he`ll spit his chords out! It`s neither scream, nor fry, not harsh. It`s dog shit!

  39. Kerry Knowles

    1:27 omg! Why isnt he doing all the singing?

  40. BrianK 70

    This has to be the result of global warming.

  41. Ash Bentley

    I sat through this entire video with a face like I’d just smelled something really bad... the highest of compliments...

  42. isaac guerra

    They need a different singer

  43. Frank Cardone

    The bass slide. So gawt damn beautiful. This is the hardest song I've ever heard.

  44. kevy metal

    Best frontman ever my life my soundtrack

  45. Jonathan

    Overrated band

    Trent Wilson


    Familia Andrade

    @Trent Wilson everyone call them the frontmen of the new metalcore/hardcore era, of a course they are overrated

    Trent Wilson

    @Familia Andrade Well just because there good doesn't nean there overrated

  46. Robert Florez

    Found these guys on station on a Christian station lol 9.04

    Baban kumar Singh

    They are definitely doing God's work here lmao

  47. quicKnife TM

    Блин! Инструментал вообще охеренный, но от вокала у меня уши текут кровью...

  48. Nate The Mate

    that’s a lotta blue you know

  49. Nelson Di Salvatore

    And thats how the Blue Men are made

  50. Conservative Dad

    What is this pop shit.

  51. coldstas

    Came for the bangin tracks, stayed for the comments!

  52. Caffeine & CHAOS

    Damn. I hope he can keep up with those screams.

  53. Alexander Sjöberg

    Ricky from Internet Today got me here, amazing stuff! Instant fan.


    im just triggered people call this punk. this is hardcore not punk . punk died in the 80s and it will never be that great again. search up the plasmatics for true Punk. and don't let anyone trick you punk hasn't been around since the 80's.

    Alexander Sjöberg

    @BUBBLEGUM GUN I'm pretty sure your comment wasn't meant for me here dude : p

  54. Adrian Pain

    Hardcore Matters! You can love all the other stuff but...

  55. ryan butler

    One of the best new heavy acts in the past decade by a mile.


    Im mostly in thrash metal and death metal but damn this shit slaps!

    EVOlution Production Studios

    DANK_MY_MEMES but does it Djent?


    @EVOlution Production Studios no

  57. Trent Wilson

    What did this guy eat a smirf?

  58. Andrew Young

    Baseline sounds Metallica ish? With like idk maybe acdc sprinkles?

  59. Daniel

    See you in Domination mx ❤️🤘

  60. Dan Zipperer

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to drink the blue liquid.

  61. Mike Rotch

    The DRUMS

  62. eric philpot

    This is exactly like the last time I painted my living room

  63. Urban Dictionary

    Heavier than your mom

  64. goku black

    im a old hardcore, metal head whatever u call it used to crowd mosh to trapped under ice and down to nothing , some ghost inside?... ive been hearing about this band n this is trash everybody must like the name of the band and the merch, bunch of posers, suck my dick

  65. Singgih Sans

    I really love knocked loose but not for the voice of vocalist😂

  66. Ewolf5150

    Vocals fucking suck ass. Completely ruins this band

  67. John Mcdonald

    Kentucky boys slamming🤘👊🤘

  68. headbangsinadtr

    bryan garris :
    me : thats hot

  69. thegreatx


  70. Majesty D

    love the band great singer and music

  71. 1983electric

    Vocals like nails scratching chalkboard

  72. a tiger.

    they are in desperate need of a new vocalist

  73. Dust Crane

    Lmao they put themselves in the video how mature lol guess you never seen a tool video .

  74. Justint533

    I swear some of these lyrics are about rdr2

  75. David Walbrun

    I really want to like this band so I can be a part of all the hype, but I just cannot get into the dudes scream

    R D

    David Walbrun took me a while and now I’m a huge fan

  76. Asonia

    Damn supertf is going hard

  77. Alex Galloway

    These fuckers get down! lol

  78. Arnold Duran

    i dig the beats but i just cant listen to this because of the vocals 😣. Its way to fucking high pitched. why cant the guy with the old navy sweater do the vocals😥

  79. Paul Mills

    Pity about the lead vocalists voice , could have been a pretty good band

  80. Interesting Channel Name

    Man my teacher said he listens to this , this is some heavy shit

  81. ben schneider

    This song makes me wanna drink table salt so bad

  82. Harry Stamper

    So these guys are spite light. Nice

  83. Gorilla

    Damn this guy sounds like Phil Anselmo 😁😁😂😂🤣🤣

  84. Kuya Jaycub

    Why is Peter Parker so angry

  85. Tony Cleveland

    These dudes kick ass!!!

  86. heyimdylanlmao. ttv

    Slam and a angry pre school kid meets and makes music

  87. MeYouBlin

    dude lowkey sounds like a girl

  88. ByoKip

    I'm Blue, da ba de-da ba dae

  89. Lettuce Man

    I'm blue da ba Dee da ba die

  90. E Kap

    Singer sounds like a 14 yr old angry kid trying to be a singer but failing. So bad. Good luck with that.


    The people’s champs 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  92. Qhajajs Shsks

    Wow I tought this was going to say like 7 years ago but it's 7 months, I hope they never change this my new shit

  93. Dániel Sebestyén

    Am I the only one noticing the hidden Jingle Bells reference at 0:45? 🎅🌲🔔

  94. TheCliet

    This band would be so great if only they got a singer :(

    D Reyes

    TheCliet find something else to listen to if you’re unfulfill or meet us in the pit with that nonsense

  95. Swigg's Shank Shack

    These guys look like late night stockers at your local Wamma Lart but sound AWESOME! 👍🏻👊🏻

  96. Quallaballa

    Could someone please explain this video? I don't understand it

  97. SH1TNAM3

    When Billie Eilish is filming when the party’s over in the room above

    Trent Wilson

    Lol knocked loose is a real fucking party

  98. brandon hutton

    his screams are soo much more powerful than other bands out there

  99. El Sasquatcho69

    Someone said this band was its own genre and all I gotta say is a lot of you have been missing out for so long apparently. They are different in some ways but literally have people never heard cancer bats. Like c'mon they are good tho. Still I'm just disappointed.