Knocked Loose - Misguided Son Lyrics

You are never coming back

I watch loyalty withdraw
Remove all connection
No pulse remains in tact
I feel we lost direction
When you stabbed me in the back

Be quiet now
Misguided son
I am justice personified
All the lies that burn your tongue
Will start a fire
From the inside

I followed in your foot steps
Until you covered your tracks
Nothing is the way it seems
You are never coming back

Compassion revoked with every twist
Of the knife that you stabbed me with

Be quiet now
Misguided son

I can't be better if I pull myself down with you
I can't be better if I pull myself down with you
Down with you

Justice found its way
Misguided son
Down with you

I followed in your footsteps
A truth I can't accept
Your punishment is existence
A greater pain than death

I would rather die than be like you

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Knocked Loose Misguided Son Comments
  1. ThiagoEntertainment Est.2020



  2. Curt Latham

    I like it. Its like a throw back to early 2000s hardcore


    I love that the riffs from 1:42 to 2:04 are the same riffs but flipped around with a twist on them the second time thru that section (at 1:523 ). These dudes are so good.

  4. NRG jinjer

    This makes me want to play wii tennis without the safety strap.


    Bloody Sic Album
    Great work KNOCKED LOOSE

  6. Samie B

    That 1:20 though ☠️

  7. Johan Joachin


  8. Koda zaddy

    Hmm I've always felt like these guys are hardcore but everyone says they're metalcore i dont wanna really debate on gerne overall i can hear the hxc influence but these guys are fucking sick

  9. Doot D:

    The beginning is the same riff used in The 4th of July by Soundgarden

  10. Mar Vill

    Silent Hill Silent Hill Silent Hill Silent Hill......

  11. Joel Econom

    I don't know about anyone else but I'm getting some serious Pennywise vibes at 1:18

  12. Jonathan Brière

    0:52 to 1:14. I was dancing with a bones in my pants. DAMN!!!!!

    Bigfoot Jones

    That's my favorite part of the album

  13. Jake

    That guitarists vocals are so damn good wtf

  14. Andrew Miller

    1:20 😂 😂 😂

  15. Thomas Legan

    These lyrics work fucking amazingly with this song!

  16. Sepia MtAnoia

    "Be Quiet Now,
    Misguided Son.
    I am Justice Personified.
    And all your Lies that burn your Tongue,
    Will star a Fire
    From the Inside."

    Man, I felt that growl fucking hard.

  17. Crimson_ Sean

    Fucking amazing. Think its my favorite track on this album.

  18. DegenerateGringo

    Miguided son

  19. Gabulo Macana

    Que buen disco que hicieron estos hijos de remil putas!!!! Metallllll!

  20. Sean Irwin

    I took a day off work for this, waiting for it to arrive on my doorstep. Still called in sick. And will do for life. AOML

  21. Jor ge


  22. Dropbear_


    Listening to 'A Different Shade of Blue' may cause you to harm loved ones. Listener digression is advised!

  23. Nicolas Gorszczyk

    Daddy issues anthem


    Neck beard virgin

  24. Momoy Fart

    Fucking love the album 🤘

  25. john larose

    Isaac needs to start up a doom metal band


    Jayke Garganera he already had another band called Inclination if you don't know.

    Jayke Garganera

    @†HΣ DΣV¡LS ЯΣJΣC† i see. Are they still active?


    Jayke Garganera last I saw they were but now that KL is doin a headlining tour I'm sure they're takin a real from shows.

    Jayke Garganera

    @†HΣ DΣV¡LS ЯΣJΣC† I see.
    When you're busy doing tons of touring, you have to choose 1 band to stay and 1 band to leave Especially both bands want to make it big in the scene.

    Wes Sones

    Jayke Garganera Isaac doesn't do any vocals for Inclination but yes they are active

  26. The ABacross

    You forgot to add the S on to Misguided on the video.

  27. Julian Escobar

    On the music video the word "Misguided" is missing an s

    All jokes aside this is killer

  28. Lewzis

    they did not fuck around with this record. Jesus

  29. Marcus DeBusk

    Hell yeah, some new shit to bump at work today!

  30. Retard

    What happened to Vein

    x _ x

    the fuck you mean what happened to them

    Vince Caruana

    I thought this song sounded a little like Vein too lol.

  31. Kid Buu

    What a fucking amazing album from front to back. I don’t think I’ve loved every single track off an album in a very long time.

  32. Lisandro Argañaraz

    Fuckkk yesss

  33. Capt Noah

    this is the best album ive heard this year. ive been let down a few times this year but Jesus christ, Knocked loose didnt. SPITE better bring their fucking A game, this is my AOTY so far


    Dale Lapp if you like this def check Laugh Tracks as well. Both have no mediocre or bad songs. Even Pop Culture but it's more raw sounding production wise.

    NRG jinjer

    @†HΣ DΣV¡LS ЯΣJΣC† Imo
    Pop Culture is their most hardcore album and this album is the heaviest, but laugh tracks was the first metal noise I've heard and my first riff i played on guitar was Knocked Loose.

    Dale Lapp

    @†HΣ DΣV¡LS ЯΣJΣC† I'll check it out thanks for the recommendation!


    @NRG jinjer oh shit, new soulkeeper?

    NRG jinjer

    @ecollins320 hell yeah its one of the heaviest songs I've heard check it out lmao

  34. tristananvilcaster

    So GOOD! Every song is a masterpiece!! 10/10 👍

  35. Liam Gideon

    What a fucking trip my god

  36. Satan Ramirez

    8====D ~~~~

  37. Kevin Corkran

    these songs are gonna sound fucking insane live

  38. Ace Gonzalez

    In twenty years, we will look back at these guys as the fathers of a new wave of metal

    Jason LovesABR

    @Julian Escobar Idk man, I really find *melodic hardcore* to be such a vague umbrella term. Shai Hulud, and Misery Signals could be considered either subgenre, who CP is clearly influenced by. And they're 100% influenced by even some metalcore bands. Brendan is a huge It Dies Today and Killswitch Engage fan. Well Blake is moreso the KsE fan after I saw his Facebook post and I can hear it in some riffs. But all I'm saying is that they do have screamed vocals and downtuned breakdowns much like the way Every Time I Die, Converge, Hatebreed, and many others also consider hardcore.

    Julian Escobar

    @Jason LovesABR ya they definately have metal influences too

    x _ x

    @nuvo stop being a cuckold please they are a metalcore band


    they aren't metal, but they definitely have been influenced by metal.

    A Human

    @DokkaebiGaming technically any subgenre of metal is still metal. This wouldnt fall under any other category, its just a specific type of subgenre

  39. kimberly likes pop punk

    Ughhh yess

  40. Evan Sales

    Miguided Son


    LOL I was about to point out the same.

    Matthew Lake

    I was thinking I couldn’t have been the only person to see this


    Yeah whoever edited this fucked up hahahaha

  41. Nick Tomski

    2:28 BRB spin kicking my neighbors kid

  42. mxdiggitydom