Knocked Loose - Last Words Lyrics

Master of pain
Swinging his chains
An endless tyrant
Agony in vain

Let me out

Make me bleed
Master of pain
I surrender all I have
To the ones above me
And I won't let them see me

I've accepted my last defeat
And I won't let them see me

This is the end of all things fair
The year of heartache
The season of despair

My last words

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Knocked Loose Last Words Comments
  1. Jaxx

    Coronavirus Core!

  2. A Human


    Lyrics in the description: *"master of pan"*

  3. Naufalziz plz

    Description lyrics:
    "Make me bleed, master of pan"

  4. Seto Kaiba

    Jay on the vocals, Silent Bob on the drums

  5. Emolista2

    See you next year in the Philippines :)

  6. Andres Olivares

    Toda la facha amigo

  7. James Gant

    Fuck, this song has a whole lot of hurt.

  8. jawbreaker

    Shining - black industral misery

  9. The Music Dude

    I am the kid

  10. Steven Seighman

    I got punched in the direct eye 6 times to this exact song.
    I still love it ❤️
    Still goes hard 🔨

    James Garbutt

    6 times. Gutted for you HA

  11. 1nf3rnal D3str0y3r

    00:00 oblivions peak

  12. bojuification

    Happy Mothers Day.

  13. Jude Foster

    1:31 is the softest you’ll ever hear Knocked Loose

  14. BuprenorphineKid

    the opening to this song sounds like it came straight off of a code orange album

  15. Marathon Man Productions

    Such a shame this song doesn’t get as much love as Billy No Mates or Deadringer. Strongest song on the album for me, best use of dynamics too. Only song that comes close for dynamics is the title track.

  16. Jude Foster

    It says master of pan in he lyrics on description lol

  17. Nick Lopez

    When Link finally decides to speak 🥳

    Nick Lopez

    Thanks for socking me in the face Saria

  18. nathan's channel

    I still come back and read your all fucked shit comments

  19. Phillip Clark

    The first KL song I ever heard, 15 minutes after this video uploaded.

  20. Sr. Leo

    1:30 love that black metal vibe

  21. airton douglas guimarães de souza

    Eita som pesado da desgraça do diabo

  22. Jacob Noel

    If you're in the comments because you dislike the vocals, just know it will eventually grow on you, a lot of people have felt the same way

  23. Intoxic8d aka Lil Chuckie

    Bye bye mommy

  24. Maro Vlasic


  25. ecollins320

    Intro sounds a lot like Slowburn by Code Orange lmao. I keep on expecting an "OOOOOO" whenever this track starts

  26. Aydan dearman

    Bryan screamed “ I always watch the mountains, as they look down on shore, DEADRINGER” while he was on the gate while staring into my eyes and my eyes only


    Aydan dearman cool story.. get the lyrics right if you're gonna cream your pants while leaving a comment..

  27. Aydan dearman

    Seeing them live at warped was insane!

  28. Deth Meddl

    Worst grave ever

  29. Connor Jones

    If its got a swinging, smashing, crashing breakdown. I like it.

  30. Ricardo Castro

    This is fucking heavy

  31. Marcus DeBusk

    Heard a counterparts vibe there for a min, then right back to knocked loose

  32. T Kirk

    Fuckn love these guys but pneumonia hawk vibes anyone?

  33. Mathias Sørensen

    Master of pain,
    Swinging his chains,
    An endless tyrant,



  34. Levi Sowell

    This song is soo heavy i can't type straight

  35. Levi Sowell

    Anyone that sees me in the put*

  36. Levi Sowell

    I just gotta apologise ahead of timefor anyone that see's in this pit.... I WON'T LET THEM SAVE ME!!!!!!!!☠

  37. zachsierra91

    Soooo new album soon. Plzz😀😀 your music must be heard!!

  38. ABYSS

    I love their sound... except how monotone the lead singer is...

  39. Maddy Dekker

    I get goosebumps whenever I hear their music!

  40. hopesfall

    Video reminds me of SUICIDE SILENCE - Slaves To Substance

  41. Cats, Coffee & Guitars

    Code Orange and Knocked Loose are really slaying with their new records!

  42. Vincent Cabrera

    If code orange and the warriors had a kid it would be there guys haha

  43. Andrew Spencer

    Code Red Teens

  44. Davy Jones

    So fuckin many good bands coming from the south!! I'm not the biggest downtempo fan, but Knocked Loose and 2X4 do it right!! Fuck I want to crush an eyesocket!!

  45. Jason Bracewell

    When I first heard these guys I didn't like them. Now for some reason I'm digging the shit out of them. I live about an hour from where they're from too, I like seeing an awesome band coming out of Kentucky.

    john larose

    I was the same way the high pitch vocals were not my thing but I kept listening and now they are one of my favorites

    Austin Franklin

    Same. 2015 in Illinois on a job late at night just surfing YouTube and found them. I wasn't digging the vocals and then I later realized they were way better than deathcore growling.

    da scarecrow

    I like Kentucky whiskey lol

  46. Drew Maycumber

    suicideboys and these guys would me interesante

  47. electrica

    This makes me wanna punch people for no reason lmfao

    Ali Daraiseh

    Thats the beauty of black metal man, it takes away anger

    witch blades

    @Ali Daraiseh its not black metal its metalcore/hardcore

  48. Keegs Verme

    The vocalist is A1 in this band. That dude is raw

  49. ManicallyMetal

    People recommended this band too me but they're not very good, they sound pretty meh

    Jacob Noel

    ManicallyMetal their lyrics mixed with the heaviness is why I find it so killer

    Ali Daraiseh

    Different opinions, respectable. I just find this amazing.

  50. monaski

    Haha okay I get the vibe that someone in the band is obsessed with Suicideboy$, convinced his bandmates to make short spooky songs only "Metal version duuude".

    Nick Brown

    monaski no way haha. I'm friends with the guitarist Isaac on fb and he put out a status that said "we don't need anymore black metal rappers". he was getting at people like Ghostmane.

    Spooky Goon 731

    Nick Brown what's wrong with Ghostmane, bitch?

    Doug Dimmadome, Owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome

    monaski This has almost literally nothing in common with suicideboys lol

  51. drutubechannel

    I'm pretty sure the acoustics in that cabin aren't very good. to be honest though I'm a bit shocked the cabin didn't collapse from the sheer heaviness of the track.....

  52. David Cissell

    ive accepted my last defeat

  53. John Alex Paredes Ochoa

    Metallic Hardcore are the fucking best ImI

  54. Emile Styx

    New World Disorder!

  55. Apaporn Allen

    knocked loose forever.

  56. Monika Zajac

    That is a fucking creepy video

  57. Monika Zajac

    That is a fucking creepy video

  58. Christoffer Rosenfeldt

    Waheey! Jay and Silent Bob made a hardcore band!

  59. ToastandBananas182

    Counterparts anyone?

    Joaquín Araya

    ToastandBananas182 I think counterparts is faster and more melodic than this

  60. Tristan Jenkins

    Not even really a giant hardcore fan but i love these guys

  61. Adam Payne

    just so fucking good, that is all.

  62. Michael Gonzalez

    Kublai Khan rip off? or am I confused? then again, this sounds like a lot of bands now-a-days.. gimme something new...


    Michael Gonzalez kublai khan is better too. This vocalist gives me a headache.


    Michael Gonzalez Really? I love Kublai Khan and I love this band too I really don't hear too many similarities.

    Doug Dimmadome, Owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome

    HostileKid54 Gonna have to disagree. Knocked Loose over kublai khan any day of the week

  63. theSunsRAYzer

    This song weighs at least 4 and a half tons.

  64. LivingTheLardLife

    think i chipped a tooth listening to this song..fuck yea!!

  65. Dustin Morris

    Their "less is more" drummer brings my true hate out.

  66. Nick Fralic

    bringing the fucking ruckus

  67. Angel Sebastian : : SV

    Esto es hardcore punk?


    A ver... es hxc y es punk porque el hxc viene del punk, pero es más bien hxc beatdown


    Con influencias de Crust y Sludge.

    Mr Dripppy

    Angel Sebastian SV no puto vente a Chicago donde se pone bueno cuando toca esta Banda y te enseño tu PUNK

  68. Dennis Mahardika

    Better than ever

  69. Matt Irwin


  70. Garrett Hurtt

    oh my fucking god

  71. Robert Gaudiosi

    this is straight garbage juice! HOLD THIS L !!!!!!!

  72. SkiesOfmaY

    Jay left silent bob to play some beatdown

    that_dickle_pickle 66

    SkiesOfmaY silent bobs on drums bruh

  73. De Press'd STUDIOS

    sick video

  74. Derk Ender

    fucking amazing band.

  75. Katy Kat

    the fact that i have been to the set and played in the cabin where they filmed this makes me so happy

  76. Sam Brown

    you cant even understand what hes saying. this is stupid

  77. Sam Brown

    silverstein is better

  78. Christoph D

    this is sooo good!!!

  79. timothy arbaugh

    eh. don't like slamming bands, but this was kind of boring to me, enough to leave this comment.

    Ali Daraiseh

    Thats fair enough, I love it though. Different opinioms. Respect tho

  80. efangurl24

    The kid in the video is one of my friends

  81. Hunter Butcher


  82. Ronin Warriors

    better than most popular core bands these days

  83. Plainfieldghoul

    i approve this message

  84. focusedgravity

    got me sweatin'

  85. Floofxfloof

    Never have i had so much high hopes for a band!!!
    Knocked loose taking over The Scene!!!!

  86. Mitchel Carter

    lol forest scene = learn your place LMTF

    Mitchel Carter

    But still dope

  87. evoalex

    I didn't know Silent Bob's friend Jay started a hardcore band.


    evoalex bobs the drummer wym

  88. Bayley Latcham

    This is lit af

  89. sadvibesforever

    This is beyond good.

  90. murderrsirenss

    God damn these dudes rule

  91. Alex Brisson

    Saw them yesterday in Montreal, what a fucking killer show they put on

  92. Nate Cook


  93. jkteddy77

    And Knocked Looses world domination starts...

  94. mclaughlink311

    Idk I just can't dig the vocalist

    Michael McDonough

    Sounds a little weird on recording. I don't think it's the best mixing. But live, goddamn.

    Brandon Reich

    I never could before either, he definitely grows on you.

    Mateo Corales

    I listened to Loser before I got into these guys, and their vocals are the same as his. It's one of those styles that grows on you, trust me.

    nik bones

    I am just finding out about them 3 months ago and I hated his vocals but it definitely does grow on you. Band is pretty good, I’m stuck in the mid to late 2000’s of hardcore/metalcore/deathcore so I’m trying to find some new music

    Jeff Newsome

    Dude I've been stuck there too. Please help.

  95. Jesse

    God fucking damnit everything about the guitarists tone and style is just sex.

    Meaty Jon

    heaviest tone i've ever heard


    Jesse listen to black tongue and traitors lol

    Clark Cantrell

    Traitors sucks big asshole

    Mateo Corales

    Clark Cantrell This is the type of shit that gets you killed at a show, kids 😂

    Clark Cantrell

    Ive seen a lot of Traitors fans. I have nothing to be worried about

  96. NarukeSG

    Blackened Beatdown