Knocked Loose - Guided By The Moon Lyrics

Guided by the moon
I hope you find your way
From here you go alone
In Hell I will remain
Waiting to see you again

(I'm surrounded by your echo)
(An episode of throes)
(Every thorn I lay beside you)
(An extension of the rose)
(In the bloom of the agony)
(I grip tight to feel the pain)
(With all the blood I draw)
Leaving handprints of your name

Guided by the moon
I hope you find your way
Led by the hand with fingers coiled
No evil left to fray

I watched you cling to life
A strength I never knew
I don't know how to feel
This is a different shade of blue

I was visited by Death again
An angel of the dark
Come to take you home
In the shape of a shattered heart

Shot out of the sky
Buried underground
I have a bone to pick with Death
He still follows me around


Shot out of the sky
Buried underground
I have a bone to pick with Death
He still follows me around

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Knocked Loose Guided By The Moon Comments
  1. Bob Sciascia

    Fucking nasty

  2. luax

    favorite song in the album

  3. joseph p


  4. Nick Luciano

    Crazy how Knocked Loose can drop two 10/10 albums in a row

  5. Joseph E

    holy FUUUUUCK this is the stand out song of the album IMO. FLAWLESS through and through. This is going to be so good to see Live on November 4th (Montreal)

  6. NRG jinjer

    This makes me want to play wii tennis without the safety strap.

  7. Samie B

    My favorite song from the album

  8. Jay Borders

    The cool thing about this, is that the audio at the end is from the silent hills demo

    Reid Rousseau

    I think you're referring to In The Walls.

  9. Александр Петров

    1:17 slipknot

  10. lee helikson

    Most underated track on the album

  11. J Lansdale

    Just saw that nigga today

  12. Josie Hill

    This whole album get me fucking WET

  13. Patrick Petit

    Pfff knocked loose do DOOM metal know ?
    Where's the "in your face effect" that i found in Laught track ?,
    And what is this horrible production with poor sound of guitar and vocal too up.

    And everyone who is happy.
    Do you have hear seriously ?

    russian d

    It's just a different shade of blue. Album is great

    Robert Regan

    xTheTorNando Patrick Petit just crowdkilled you in broken English.

    B W

    Can you even hear bro?

    Echo Tango

    Can’t tell if troll or for serious?

    Strarn White

    Patrick likes Metro Station naa naa naa naa

  14. Rocky Treadway

    I keep hearing Stan's sister screaming at Stan and throwing the couch at him. "Turrrrrrrrddd!"

  15. No Ego

    Kojima is a great compositor

  16. Mar Vill

    Handprints...... Buried Underground???? I smell something.... Silent.

  17. Теодосий-Зограф Колев

    Am I the only one who thinks this album is better than Laugh Tracks?

    Francisco Milacher

    No, you're not.

    Patrick Petit

    this album is more metal. With a production not heavy this time. i prefer laught track.

    x _ x

    Patrick Petit lul normie

    Kevin Quirt

    It is, they have gotten better each release. Laugh Tracks is gonna be a classic though. I really like that album along with this album.

  18. Jean Choquette

    One of my favorite from you guys for sure


    Favorite track on the album tbh

    Gavin Isgreat

    GRANT’S RANTS same

  20. Ricky Smart


  21. Kevin Accettulla

    Probably the best song they've ever done. This album is incredible. Album of the year contender for sure. I love how much more cohesive this album is than their earlier stuff.

  22. 1nf3rnal D3str0y3r

    2:10 laugh tracks style :)

    Disasterpiece 22

    More like....slayer style. Which was what they were paying homage to on laugh tracks (oblivions peak esp)

    1nf3rnal D3str0y3r

    @Disasterpiece 22 whatever man

    Disasterpiece 22

    @1nf3rnal D3str0y3r i wasnt being a dick lol. KL is my second favorite song..i was just saying that Isaac and cole have both said their more thrasy sounding riffs were inspired by slayer!!

    poop guy

    1nf3rnal D3str0y3r that riff reminds me of a song called illusion of destiny by blistered, its kinda a small band but they remind of me knocked loose :)

  23. weak and weary

    1:45 there you go ;)

  24. Tommie Wesley

    I have these words in my heart fuck you hardcore queers

  25. nathan's channel

    i'm spin kick you off the stage ,if you dare to jump on with me haha.

  26. Flex Pandora

    This song is so hard it beat the shit out of my dad in jail

  27. HoldenTench96

    This shits all over Laugh Tracks.

  28. Kid Buu

    Totally spiked my fucking phone into the ground when that breakdown hit. I’m really glad I put the case on it this morning. This album is insane.

    Jason LovesABR

    I would never hurt my phone like that unless it was an old one lol.

    Kid Buu

    Jason LovesABR I definitely didn’t mean to, but that breakdown hit and I didn’t have a very tight grip on my phone. It has a little crack in it despite the case but oh well lmfao.

    Jason LovesABR

    @Kid Buu Well, at least you didn't make up your story like half of these comments probably did lol.

  29. Jean Choquette

    The breakdown was so nasty it made me smack my momma so i had to smack myself because no one smacks my momma

    NRG jinjer

    Copied lmao

  30. Mitchell Sheridan

    ill fight anyone who dislikes this

    Coleton Donaldson

    This music is shit.


    @Coleton Donaldson did you give this album a listen? Did you love it, did you hate it? What would you rate it? You're the best you're the best.

    x _ x

    Coleton Donaldson pussy

    NRG jinjer

    @Coleton Donaldson you'll catch these fucking hands if i ever see you irl.

  31. Jesse King

    This is the musical equivalent to a freshly baked cake. Mmmmmm.

  32. Joseph Ebbs

    whoever reads this comment i am begging you to slice my throat open to this

  33. Capt Noah

    jesus christ, this album is getting better and better each track..

    Patrick Petit

    This album have a shitty metalcore prodcution, and is too metal compare to the heavy prod and punch had laught track.

    Reid Rousseau

    I at least agre with you, Capt Noah. The production on this thing is very, very good. Clean but not so clean that the live aesthetic is gone. And yes. It's heavy as fuck.

    x _ x

    Patrick Petit laugh tracks was boring besides 3 songs it was overhyped

  34. greg thorpe

    These lyrics are so intense

  35. tenaciousjoe24

    Would not wanna be death when knocked loose comes around

    Disasterpiece 22

    Have u not listened to the lyrics of this song? Lol

  36. Kevin Corkran

    it's called A Different Shade Of Blue because it's talking about the black eyes you'll get from these songs

    Jason LovesABR

    True. Nothing to do with The Story So Far lmao.

    J Lansdale

    Nigga shut the fuck up

  37. MeatyBunz



    How to get punched in face through monitor


    Good thing my cat has 9 lives cause nothing was gonna survive once that last breakdown hit

  40. Dom C.