Knocked Loose - Forget Your Name Lyrics

Forget your name

Sever the tie that binds
Bonded by blood
Tainted soul leave me behind

Whispers echo within me
Begging to remove the stain
Only the blood that fuels us
Is what keeps you and I the same

Leave me behind

Distance is the only way
I can't hang on the words that convince me to stay
Anything to separate
I run from the life that connects us by fate

You hide
Behind an oath that was written in blood
Back into the shell you use to cover up

Cover up

I dropped the dead weight into the shallows
I walked the turncoat up to the gallows
I tore the cancer out, your image faded
Brother in arms, amputated

No love lost
Forget your name

I am leaving you there in the flames
A dead flower at an unmarked grave
You are a traitor, we are not the same

I will forget your name

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Knocked Loose Forget Your Name Comments
  1. russian d

    We getting music video for this masterpiece?

  2. russian d

    This song is unreal ... deff (in my opinion) album of year.

  3. luax


  4. Martin Beckmann

    Song starts with the exact breakdown from the Blood Has Been Shed song - Faded pictures Faded Memories -

  5. Chris Faith

    You forget your name at a Knocked Loose concert because of the concussion you'll sustain.


    Us Metal lovers “How many fight riffs in the new Knocked Loose album?”

    Knocked Loose “Yes”

  7. Joakim Birkelid

    Holy fuck, his lows are amazing

  8. Tony Hahn

    better song on this album? fuhgeddaboudit

  9. Josh

    I mean it as no disrespect to Knocked Loose, I fucking love this band and this whole album, but Keith's feature is my favorite part of the whole mamma jamma, and has my favorite lyrics. I'm an admitted ETID fanboy though, and Keith Buckley can do no wrong.

  10. Nathan Cavazos

    I’m leaving you there in the flames 🤘🏼

  11. Joseph Bastidas

    Keith's whole feature is the highlight of the album imo. Vocal delivery and lyrics from him are always on point.

  12. Krisna Permana

    Keith Buckley never goes wrong!

  13. NRG jinjer

    This makes me want to play wii tennis without the safety strap.



  15. Brain Damage

    Lets start with a breakdown!

  16. kevy metal

    Ive done this too

  17. Matt

    That opening riff is absolutely fucking disgusting

  18. Joshua Skyy

    god damn this fucks so hard

  19. Anthony Gates

    These guys are fucking slammmmmmmersssss

  20. Mark Slobodian

    Intro is THICC

  21. Zachary Jollimore


  22. Zach Rollins

    My all-timer ETID, Keith Buckley, mixing it up with my new favorite band??? They had me at “Hello”. Shit is FILTHY!!


    Heard them for the first time as support for the Low Teens tour, and I never saw this shit coming. Holy fuck it's rad.

  23. Jonathan Hill


  24. Tentacle Brain

    Fucking fuck yea

  25. Darren Lesinski


  26. Dead On The Inside

    *You’re a traitor, we are not the same. I will forget your name.*

  27. The Antarctica Project

    Favorite of the album <3

  28. st1tchedup21

    Hands down best song on the fucking album

  29. WhenWilliMissU

    Banger af

  30. Alex Wesely

    Anytime I get as excited as I was for this album to drop its been a let down. However, this album is nothing but front to back incredible. The last time that something ripped this hard was disgusting back in 2014.

  31. Liam Curran

    This song is STUPID heavy. Best on the album imo

  32. RID Rider

    Парни молодцы, классно ебашите

  33. Heffbomb

    One of my favs off the new record. Such a banger.

  34. I ship Bonnie and Damon!!! :P

    I actually kinda like this.... it’s different and different is good

    But I don’t get how they haven’t lost their voice with all the screaming..?

    Link Freeman

    Skill... seriously, not joking.

  35. Gabriel A.

    This whole record fucking SLAMS. Can’t believe they topped Laugh Tracks like this, and Keith!! Duuuuude

  36. Lucas T

    Man Keith always coming through with that amazing wordplay

  37. Gnarwolf

    this album FUCKING SHREDS way beyond any expectations , a fucking MASTERPIECE .

  38. Onamorata

    :12 .... UUUUGH - that fucking groovy ass riff. Jesus CHRIST

  39. Blane Newhard

    Not a huge KL fan but this is a banger

  40. Kurt Pope

    Yooo this shit is the slap happy dapper

  41. Gabulo Macana

    Una piña de gorila en la nuca!

    1nf3rnal D3str0y3r

    Callate gei

  42. Krisna Permana

    bloodyhell, this is banger than anything in this world

  43. Eric Campbell

    It fucks me up how they cannot write a shitty song thus far, it's as if they're in it for the music and not for the scene-clout

  44. Gin Hell

    Dude pisst me off right when the song came on the biggest smile came on my face he asked me what I was smiling about I told him
    " You are very lucky I'm allergic to jail'

  45. red240 Red

    Damn love that gritty production and raw tone.

    Not super into the band but shit is heavy

  46. Christina Brady

    God damn Keith 🥵🥵🥵

  47. Cody Jones

    Bah God, that's Keith Buckley's music!

  48. Sean Echnat

    has there ever been so much promise in a young band? each album gets better.

  49. Bob Gnarly


  50. Tim Vecci

    Buckley murdered this !

  51. Matt

    Crunchy intro is crunchy

  52. Paul Douglas

    My balls are super wet

  53. Jack's Vocals

    The opening groove reminds me of Blood Has Been Shed. KL didn't disappoint with this album


    Fucking hell mate! You did hit the nail on the head. Faded pictures, faded memories, right?

  54. Dallas Roberson

    Who tf is disliking this?

  55. Jeffrey Edwards

    This album is going to grind my bones into dust and I couldn’t be more excited

  56. Chris Benoit

    Keith!!! I wanted this so bad after seeing him sing the breakdown of Deadringer live with KL.

  57. The ABacross

    Awesome to hear Keith!!!

  58. AHorizontallyChallengedOrangutan

    Them opening riffs are very Gojira-esque

    Ari Arnalds

    AHorizontallyChallengedOrangutan true, probably the reason I like them so much


    AHorizontallyChallengedOrangutan this album seems a lot darker and I love it even more for that. Those dark groovy chunky riffs are always my favorite.

    guy on a gravitron machine standing sideways

    Lots of death/thrash metal influence on this album and I'm loving the vibes it gives to their already brutal sound.

    Bill Forest

    Spot on. It instantly reminds me of "Death of Me" by Gojira. The record has a couple Gojira riffs peppered throughout it.

  59. Adrian Luna

    This shit slaps, my boy!

  60. Rizz3n

    Hardcore album of the year, hands down.

    Anthony Gates

    No sir these guys are number 2 kublai just dropped album of the eternity

    NRG jinjer

    @Anthony Gates KL>Kublai Khan

  61. Gormless Manlet

    Fuck me Keith's part is mental.

  62. TheMightySascha


  63. glenn vandierendonck

    The lyrical content is great in this one ❤

  64. TheAlmondChannel

    Keith brought back the vibe fron Ex Lives, idk how he did it but fucksakes, that's unearthly

    Jason LovesABR

    ETID have been so consistent these past few albums.


    @Jason LovesABR i agree completely. He really outperforms himself over and over again.
    I feel Keith on this song just hits the right amount of raw anger and emotion, kinda reminds me of Moor and Ex Lives with how aggressive it is

    Baronel Grímla

    helk yes, hearing his part made me wish there was a new etid album on the way already

    Sam Votaw

    @Baronel Grímla oh, there is....

    Michael Malm

    Baronel Grímla I believe there is

  65. Mitchell Sheridan

    2:12 hits like a freight train

  66. Jean Choquette

    How to make a knocked loose song even better, just a few drops of keith buckley


    Jason LovesABR

    Brendan was on Billy No Mates at the end. Don’t think there’s any proper, official credit for him anywhere.

    Jason LovesABR

    @pressxtosplode Then they need to get Bryan on a Counterparts song lol.

    Jean Choquette

    @Jason LovesABR Absolutely this would be amazing


    Jason LovesABR

    Ooooooh yeah now we’re talkin’

  67. Federico Ceretta

    Blended in the guitars I'm pretty sure there is an HM2 track, amazing

  68. Flex Pandora

    I don’t remember who I am but great song 10/10

  69. Kevin Quirt

    This record is a banger. A lot better than Laugh Tracks. Which is saying a lot


    Somehow lol. Once again, not one bad or mediocre song.

    Aaron Kay

    It was the end of the day when I noticed the album was released at work... I turned it on and opened up the pit.

    Kevin Accettulla

    I liked Laugh Tracks but this is so much more cohesive of an album than that was.

    Anthony Gates

    For sure I think this shit slams more aswell

  70. Jake May

    These guys have officially made it to level 2


    naw bro they found the secret door and skipped to the star world


    I'd say lvl 3

    Anthony Gates

    Jake your dumb as shit these guys are past level 10

    NRG jinjer

    These guys beat the entire hardcore game years ago

  71. Bracken Yardley

    RIP to the people in the pit during this song!

  72. Joel Nesbitt

    They’re really on another level

  73. tenaciousjoe24

    Forgot my name after listening to this

    Karl V Redweld

    Who art thoust against, Dark Lord of the Sith?

  74. Desirous Gypsidity Fan

    Brother in arms



    Desirous Gypsidity Fan



    That breakdown almost made me cry, it was one of the most beautiful things I have heard in my life. I felt the same thing you feel when you are utterly inlove with someone.

    Desirous Gypsidity Fan

    @Ravenous this (right here) is the first time I'm listening to their newest album when being drunk. Holy fuck I want to commit suicide by destroying my crib.

    William Stone

    my cock is thrObBING

  75. tristananvilcaster

    Neck=Broken. Music=BR00TAL

  76. MeatyBunz


  77. Kevin Corkran

    so many good riffs on this album

  78. Brendong

    My neck, ouch.


    There's really no words to describe how amazing this album is. Keith fucking murdered it as well. Love that whole ending with him.

    Jason LovesABR

    They need to get Brendan Murphy on a track next time. Or Jesse Barnett. Or Jamey Jasta.


    @Jason LovesABR Brendan is featured at the end of Billy No Mates.

    Jason LovesABR

    @mpezz98 Alright, then we need a CP song with a Bryan feature lol.

    guy on a gravitron machine standing sideways

    @Jason LovesABR new Counterparts album on November 1st. Hopefully we'll see one then, that would be sick.

    Jason LovesABR

    @guy on a gravitron machine standing sideways Right, I was definitely impressed when Stray From The Path did it.

  80. The Devil Wears Supreme

    This is good

  81. Dom C.