Knocked Loose - Denied By Fate Lyrics

Betrayed by the promise of death
You pulled me back from my final breath

I thought that I was finished
My knees to the floor
The hands of time
Have pulled me back for more

Every time you show your face
Everything falls out of place

I run towards the light
In search for escape
I am rejected
At heavens gate

Betrayed by the promise of death
Betrayed by the promise of death

I must fall
Lose it all
Cast aside
The end denied

When the worm was lowered
I took the bait
Exhale life
Remove the weight
My attempt at salvation
Denied by fate

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Knocked Loose Denied By Fate Comments
  1. hyperjak810

    Maybe someone see if the songwriter needs to see a therapist, lyrics are pretty dark


    Great song tho

  2. AverageMike

    They said in their AMA that they didn’t realize it sounded similar to BC until they played it back and they said they laughed about how close it sounded to that, definitely not intentional

  3. chiko mendoza

    lol thats kublai khan 100%

  4. NRG jinjer

    This makes me want to play wii tennis without the safety strap.

  5. Brandon Tyler

    All of you guys saying B.C and this sound the same are fucking retarded. They’re not even the same pattern. The only thing that makes them similar is the fact that there isn’t a kick behind the chugs and the snare hits by itself. That’s it. Shut the actual fuck up

  6. Nick Coamey

    Too all those saying rip off you can only be so unique with open string chug and syncopation

  7. Mar Vill

    Silent Hills......

  8. therockstar barber

    My fav song on album

  9. im help

    Everyone is calling KL out on the resemblance to B.C.'s outro... I just see it as a nod of respect if anything. It's sick and goes hard as fuck. I'm sure they're fans of each other.

  10. John Love

    Ending breakdown is a Kublai Khan riff CAN I GET A COOKIE??????

    Brandon Tyler

    John Love no because it’s not the same. Yes, they’re kinda similar, but not the same. Shut up


    SIMILAR breakdown but not exactly the same... both slap tho

    Xela D

    @Brandon Tyler Also a band could very well have never heard a song you claim its ripped off from and it's an accident

    NRG jinjer

    KL made this song way before kublai khan. Kublai khan just released it first

  11. jimjim462


  12. Joseph Bastidas

    The casualties at shows are going to be astronomical


    not really

  13. Ian Becker

    Okay, so I had to listen to the end breakdown and the end breakdown of B.c. by Kublai Khan because I knew something was up. Idk if it was a blatant rip off but it's very close. Chugging pattern is slightly different...but c'mon


    And how many songs have skank beats in em? Bands in the same genre will always have a bit of overlap. That's what makes it a genre

    Kamikaze Gorilla

    KL did it better.

    dead meat

    just something that happens in writing heavy music. breakdowns get copied and pasted all the time its not usually on purpose

  14. Derk Ender

    this band is the best

  15. Stokely Fan 666

    The end of the song is a rip off of the end of BC by Kublai Khan

    chris christophson

    Fuck it this shit goes (don't wanna get into an argument with any music heads who will prove me wrong but every band and sounds had it's influences. They've definitely done stuff that sounds different from this so I can still fuck with it. Isn't imitation the most sincere form of flattery? Fuck it let em live ♥️)

    Mario Garofano

    @Djentleman XIII But that's exactly what i'm saying lmao, BC is not the original, this is a TYPE of style (or if you prefer a pattern) used in many, MANY hardcore/metallic hardcore songs over the years: cut-down breakdown riff and closed hi-hat drumming.

    Djentleman XIII

    ​@Mario Garofano You could definitely make that argument! However, where would you draw the line exactly? When you listen to the two breakdowns, they are just WAY too similar for me to go "Oh, I'm sure it's just an accident".
    Here are the patterns side by side.
    BC: 6 4 2-2-2-1-2 6 4 2-2-2-1-2
    Denied by Fate: 7 6-1-1-1 7 6-1-1-1 7

    As someone that got into hardcore 3 years ago or so, I'd love to hear an example of these cut-down breakdowns from other artists! I absolutely dig them to pieces, regardless of my willingness to showcase the similarities.


    Jason LovesABR Woah there, let’s not get ahead of ourselves now, we don’t disrespect the Khan

    William Meakins

    And Bryan sounds like the Warriors Vocalist... so?

  16. Kevin Corkran

    inject these riffs into my fucking veins please


    Just pure riff masters. And they transition everything so perfectly, it's incredible.


    Heavy groovy riffs are big brain time

  19. Evan Meier

    I’ve been waiting for this album for a while now🤘🤘🤘

  20. mxdiggitydom

    *W O W*