Knocked Loose - Belleville Lyrics

Make me feel
I need you to make me feel

Grasping towards the sun
To reach the light of day
I've fallen in the dark
Afraid I'll have to stay

And now I'm faced with
Ultimate despair
I need you to make me feel
To make me fucking care

I'm growing numb
I'm growing numb

Eroded soul
A twisted knife
Weathered by
The pain of life
And doubt it all
I've lost my wings
(Afraid to fall)

And everyday
(I'm growing numb)
I can't
(I'm growing numb)
Can't feel
(I'm growing numb)
I can't feel a thing

The heavens
Cry tears of fire
The heavens
Have denied my way

If this is the end then take from me what you will
A hollow vessel with no blood left to spill

I will hide from the spotlight
I will stay in the dark
Pain cannot finish
If pain never starts
Pain cannot finish
If pain never starts

Make me feel
I need you to make me feel
Make me feel

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Knocked Loose Belleville Comments
  1. Serpenthyne

    0:18 just bops

  2. El Cappo

    Metal is back ladies and gentlemen

  3. Leonaza7 NPC

    my fist attacked my throat

  4. Nolan Rey

    Heard this album caused 3 earthquakes

  5. Joseph Rego

    punched myself in the face and slit my wrists


    Vocals on point, beast mode activated

  7. Thaddeus Ciesielski


  8. James Eliason

    Fight your dog,

  9. Michael Kilgore

    This brought me back to knocked loose. Way to be one of the only ones to par for par with the varials.


    Knocked Loose is putting out that real shit 🔥🔥🔥 I love the energy 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. soulful2767

    Im going numb like its a different shade of blue

  12. Colin Riley

    For me, one of the main things that puts this album above Laugh Tracks is that they stopped using so many effects on Brian's voice. With screams this raw you can't keep that shit hidden behind effects. It needs to be displayed

  13. Bryant McNamara

    Calgary Barbell just sent me here! This is sick.

  14. bim5150

    That drop at 1:28

  15. ecollins320

    1:17 FUCK yes

  16. ColdDayInHell

    A screaming Mickey Mouse. Oh how I love Knocked Loose. Whenever I hear similar bands, I say to myself, this isn't angry Mickey ;)

  17. luax

    i cant get over how good this song is, everything

  18. Dillan Carney

    Groovy riff

  19. Makeu Upset

    Scream in my face

  20. Jacob Heaton

    This song describes my addiction

  21. Ruby C.

    This is giving me some old school alternative metal vibes.

  22. Mark Jones

    This song is fucking amazing... but you just know somewhere there are a bunch of angry white skinheads jamming this hahahaha

  23. Zach Damery

    This gave my chest hair it's own chest hair

  24. robert wilson

    I played this at my in laws house. Cuz I can crowd kill in their house Bastards

  25. Robert Ringwald

    I live in a town named belleville... Nice

  26. Vax_Graphite I

    0:56 enter sandman

  27. tacotown11

    I'm scared to take this album thru airport security

  28. kevy metal

    Pure noise bring them too Australia or i will wait in the dark

  29. DraculaXHunter101

    My influenza shot just turned into a heroin needle once the first riff started playing.

    William Meakins

    Nah, thats EyeHateGod bruh

  30. Sebthespooky

    This album is strooonngggg boi might go grab this on hard copy now.

  31. Big Blue Nation 98

    First the new tool album (my favorite band) and than I find these guys from MY OWN STATE! Where have I been


    I found them this year too I been sleepin

  32. Enjoi Joshua

    I have a full beard after hearing this

  33. Dan Brewer

    man metal is really good for anxiety, the intensity seems to help dissipate it,

    Jens Baumann

    Metal? .... we've come this far? The scene is watered to death with ppl who dont know.. and even worse, dont care... yeah.... metal


    Ladies and gentlemen, i present to you a doucebag with a stick up his ass. Give it up for Jens Baumann!

    Kealan Admire

    @Jens Baumann ...that was barely coherent dude.

    Jens Baumann

    @IDFK how dare you... 😂
    Dont think you even understood... but troll on boy... couldnt care less


    @Jens Baumannyou contradicted yourself. if you don't care, why respond? Also the reason metal isn't growing as much is because of people like you who scare off newcomers with these toxic ass remarks. It makes no sense to hate on someone for something as trivial as not knowing the proper sub-genre.

  34. Nick Yannopoulos

    I got a slight chub when I heard this for the first time.

  35. TheJustJoshing

    Amazing guitar tone and instrumentation, but I can’t get behind the vocals. Way too high pitched for my taste

  36. noah m

    Bro what the actual fuck. How does someone make a song this heavy. Mind blown. Absoloutley fucking BANGER

  37. Videl Phoenix

    Damn. I missed a Knocked Loose album? Well, I'm here now and this song got me dropkicking walls

  38. Travis Turner

    This song makes me punch myself in the pee pee saying: "bad boy! bad boy!"

  39. Lara C

    i feel like i dipped my face in acid

  40. Thug4Lyfe LoL

    This is absolute durt

  41. Ashton Wood

    leaving the likes at 666 > liking the video

  42. Madaline


  43. Lord Drip

    This album is in my truck it will never leave..I need to find the tab somewhere asap I love how fucking heavy this sounds I don't have a 7 string but I can drop b or a and get close

  44. rol trans

    The band with the worst artwork covers evah. The song slams tho.


    Laugh tracks cover was good

  45. Julian Escobar

    Not sure if this is intentional but the bit at 3:05 sounds like a nod to the start of a breakdown in Radical Lacerations by Sanction. Similarly, the final breakdown in Denied by Fate sounds like a reference to B.C. by Kublai Khan. Love it.


    Yeah that DUN DUN DUN part of the breakdown does have a Sanction feel to it. Just needs that tasty snare lol. Their new shit is killer as well.

    Julian Escobar

    @†HΣ DΣV¡LS ЯΣJΣC† ya i was expecting that part lol

  46. Steve Cowen

    Checking in from Belleville, Michigan! Knocked Loose fucking crushes!!!! See you fuckers in Detroit soon!

  47. D R

    Belleville, New Jersey Baby.

    Robert Ringwald

    Thats where i live

    D R

    Robert Ringwald stop telling other men where u live

    Robert Ringwald

    @D R Chill out, its not like i said my adress or something, geez

  48. Gabe Thomas

    Whoever gave this a thumbs down I need you to cut it off and shove it up your ass! Right now!

  49. NRG jinjer

    This makes me want to play Wii tennis without the safety strap.

    Sovereign Mind

    fucking mad lad

    Lisa Barnes

    How are you not imprisoned? Fuckin’ insane. XD

  50. Jordan Belantes

    Album fucking RIPS

  51. Ty Suhh

    When that fucking riff blasts off and Brian screams “IM GROWING NUMB” is an eargasm and a half

  52. The Narcopath

    Hard As Fuck

  53. Kennedy Noise


  54. Jake

    Whats yalls top songs on the album so far?

  55. K Tierney

    Been blasting this album all day, best they have done 👍

  56. Fabian Toxxic

    Ahhh nice My cousins & I grew up in Belleville NJ

    joe galli

    Jersey represent

  57. Dan Council

    That guitar tone is crushing. So good.

    Joseph Bastidas

    The power of Will Putney


    Joseph Bastidas it's also the ibanez and evh/boogie amp combo

  58. ImLucky7en

    The perfect song to start an album (and my weekend!)

  59. Dan Campbell

    I vote this as the new anthem for Belleville, Ontario

    Joshua Smith

    Dan Campbell I concur

    Joey G

    I legit was wondering if they wrote this about belleville hahaha but yes I'm from Kingston so this is the closest thing I'll get!

    Nick Tucci

    This song is about Belleville NJ which is where they recorded this album and LT

    Patrick Forget

    that would be sick lol

    Joseph Bastidas

    @Nick Tucci Cool af to see Jersey get some love on a track like this

  60. Tucker 89

    These guys and malevolence European tour!! Cant fucking wait.

  61. D6onGPS

    Was hoping for something a little more BRUTAL this time around


    D6onGPS This new stuff is really good, but yeah I know what you mean, something like pop culture would be amazing.


    D6onGPS Bruh, wdym this is the most brutal shit ever

    Trippy Bruh

    Bruh what?

    Tyler O'Toole

    @Ctissier98 This album is more brutal in the metal sense but Pop culture was heavier..

    Donovan Chilton

    Bitching about the tuning change and you don't even know it

  62. Kevin Quirt

    I am glad Chad Kroeger found a better taste in music and joined Knocked Loose

  63. Dropbear_

    AOTY material right here.

  64. Mitchell Sheridan

    KL make the fattest 2-steps

  65. Derk Ender

    These deep screams are insanely beastly.

  66. SotirzvaniDjubre

    I just ripped my foreskin with my own teeth

  67. Josh Barnes

    Fuck me that guitar tone is filthy and those riffs are savage, but I cannot stand this dudes squawking voice. He sounds like a fucking muppet.

  68. Oziel Prado

    "Pain cannot finish if pain never starts" woahh that's deep

  69. Joseph Bastidas

    That is how you open an album

  70. Oleg John Konings

    Seriously Unreal. 10+

  71. Otis Jackson Junior


  72. em ily

    i’ve been waiting all day for this album and i am not disappointed

  73. Stephen McCann

    Holy shit that breakdown at 1:17 sounds like straight up Pantera!


    Minutes? Alone.

    Tristan Cata

    Stephen McCann I thought the same shit

  74. bruce banner

    Goddamn I've been waiting for this day for too damn long, so souped for the tour now, see yall at playstation theater

    Unleashed Gaming

    bruce banner ill see u there too bro

    bruce banner

    Look for a kid wearing an original master of pain knocked loose hoodie with red strings or a limited edition knocked loose/higher power shirt that's purple and white, when ya find that kid ya know its pit time

    bruce banner

    **update** Webster Hall

    bruce banner

    Who's ready???!!!

  75. tenesajuancruzenyb

    Legends says if you go to a Knocked Loose concert you don't come back alive to your house

    Jason LovesABR

    @tenesajuancruzenyb No idea. Probably, but just waiting to announce.

    Mikey Ceja

    So I died 3x?

    Jesse Sinclair

    You right. I'm at my house but I'm dead

    James Games

    Do you go to a friends house alive?


    As rotting out said when i saw them live, “when knocked loose comes out to play, you motherfuckers better call some ambulances”

  76. tenaciousjoe24

    This song makes me feel

  77. Jake Gordon

    After hearing this song, my charmander just skipped over being a charmeleon and went right to being a charzard.

    S E

    That's cool, did you magically skip age 6 and go straight to 7 as well?

    Jake Gordon

    @S E Not sure, did you magically skip being a dick and go straight to being a useless asshole?

    K Tierney

    @Jake Gordon fries taste like potato

    My patronus Is literally Voldemort

    This comment is great actually

    Desi Thug

    @S E lmao

  78. AreTrees

    Let’s go boys!!!!

  79. V A P O R W A V E L O R D

    I just punched my brother for no reason


    Been blasting the album all day since I got it in the mail. Once again like Laugh Tracks, I can't even pick a favorite song or part. It's just ALL so fucking good. But the ones with these groovy riffs like at 1:17 are always a fav lol.

  81. KneePit 67

    Fuck yeah

  82. Kevin Corkran

    just started a fight with myself and lost

    The One and Only Lord Farquaad

    So yourself won?


    This album will be #1

    Derk Ender

    it better be

  84. Shelby Baker

    Holy shit 🙌🏼

  85. Chantz Likes Punk

    Skskksksks I wasn’t prepared it’s already so fuckin good

  86. Ali Chahrour

    now this is epic, and mad.

  87. Daniel S

    Three seconds in and already pumped 🤘🤘

  88. Stets

    Ohhhhhh fuckkkkk 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  89. El eze

    ARGENTINA 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  90. mxdiggitydom