Knocked Loose - A Serpent's Touch Lyrics

If I was different maybe I'd forgive you
But I'm not so my feelings stay the same
I hope you noticed that I tried to keep up
Every time that you decided to change

I bleed out
All you ever did was tear me down
I bleed out
I hope you notice that I'm not around

(I bleed out)

The time I spent
Cannot be repaid
I was by your side
(Empty mind remains)
Extinguish all connection
Cut the fucking chord
I am by your side
No more

Now be still
I'm the judge
Poisoned by
A serpent's touch

This burden weighs heavy on shoulders littered with dejection

I watched the venom
Overcome your spirit
Jealousy holds you now
Distorting your appearance

Bleed out!

I watched the venom overcome
Poisoned by a serpent's touch

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Knocked Loose A Serpent's Touch Comments
  1. Dylan Schlie

    Fuck YES!!

  2. Kybro93

    these dudes shred i cannot understand why they get so much hate

  3. Atticus TheDeathMetaller

    2:21 when you’re about to end someone’s career.

  4. joe hoover

    why does this only have 80k views??? its f*cking lit!

  5. Matt

    This makes me want to wipe with 1 ply toilet paper

  6. Pablo Trujillo Fierro

    These guys! I thought "Laugh tracks" was already amazing... and then they go and release something even better! that is how you do it!

  7. James Eliason

    I hope you notice I'm not around, damn that is some deep dark shit

  8. daniel

    Gave me straight chills when she busted in!

  9. russian d

    Woman goes hard in this.. love it

  10. Kit Brown

    0:06 is the straight up nastiest growl I've heard all year



  12. Sebastián Correa

    any bass tabs? it's for a work :v

  13. Joakim Birkelid

    0:59 holy fuck

  14. NuoXiaCF

    two step

  15. Pisces bro

    Hardcore is back boys!

  16. khrom

    she straight murdered it holy fuck

  17. NRG jinjer

    This makes me want to play wii tennis without the safety strap.

  18. T Rev

    holy shit balls

  19. kevy metal

    Love that change carcass punk i bleed out

  20. alexz1lla 666

    This one needs a music video

  21. infotzricos schwester

    emma <3

  22. fat Kraken

    make me wanna shoot my university lol

  23. Tristan Jenkins

    10/10 a banger

  24. Hunter Castle

    i would absolutely love to see a music video too this song.

  25. Dan Brewer

    dude that weird of tempo vibe in the begging riff with the drums was so unsettling in a good way, and holy shit i had to reeddit my comment, dude that emma boster scream. Are you flipping my flapjacks?. I think i just heard a magical scream. Like i guess some people are gifted with taylor swift voice and some people are gifted with a voice that sounds like a fucking demon.

  26. HXRIN

    0:59 Stand Up And Scream throwback

    Jake Pinnick

    HXRIN damn good ear

  27. Aaron Katzke

    Fuck yeah Emma! Can't wait for Knocked loose to come back to Portland!

  28. M M

    The guest vocals are fucking terrible.

  29. My patronus Is literally Voldemort

    My head just flew out my window

  30. Jane Zetkin

    Emma is the best!

  31. onefunsunday

    I apologize to the pit in advance

  32. Noah Bridges

    R.I.P. Me...I was a 10 year old boy...only in 5th grade, I died from WhipLash and a concussion from this song

    fr tho, R.I.P. Mitch, the lead singer of Suicide scilence, I have been listening to Mitch and his songs since I was 5-7, I was not old enough to listen to them before when Mitch died but he, R.I.P.

    P.s. Don’t tell my parents I listen to heavy metal😂😂

    Nick Goble

    Cocain is one hell of a drug

    Noah Bridges


    My patronus Is literally Voldemort

    You should go in the middle of a pit when the drummer stands up and starts waving his arms to make two sides, just stand in the middle bro

    Noah Bridges

    My patronus Is literally Voldemort 😂

  33. therockstar barber

    Who the fuck is that one dumbass to hate this song?

  34. Nick Coamey

    This album butchers. Plain and simple

  35. Grid

    This is what hellfire sounds like

  36. ThatMetalDude

    Their screams combined can destroy anyone's neck

  37. Mario Garofano

    Just dropped in to say Dying Wish forever.

  38. dead meat

    no one:

    pure noise comment section: this made me cRoWdKiLl mY _______


    Thank fuck someone said it

  39. Jack

    Brian looked way better with long hair just sayin

    Tyler O'Toole

    Not even gonna lie

    Zachary Jollimore

    Looked like a Hardcore version of Jay from Jay and silent bob, so I'm kinda glad he cut it off lmfao


    Jack I completely disagree

  40. RobinMaes2300

    This song makes me want to crowdkill a herd of drones

  41. Fabi Firen

    In what band is emma?


    Dying Wish

  42. Psykowo

    Bro this is my fav track off the album. The destructive aggression this song captures makes me wish more bands in 2019 were like this. Hell yea Knocked Loose! Favorite band of all time.

  43. Luca Farace

    This fucking slaps. Knocked loose get better with ever song. Deleted my whole Spotify because all I will be listening too is this

  44. Nate Donias

    The boys killed it as usual but bro Emma fucking destroyed it at the end what a perfect feature👊🏼👊🏼💀

  45. Tyler Fallon

    This shit goes hard as FUCKKKK

  46. 1nf3rnal D3str0y3r

    Heavier than a blackhole..

  47. Jerome Williams

    Emma copped a feature.....and she KILLED IT!!! Damn this a great record!!

  48. Sam King

    Okay now I'm obsessed with dying wish shout Emma Boster fuckin killed it

  49. Logan Bowman

    Someone thought that was the download button but its two spaces over bud

  50. Nafiny

    That my favorite one😈

  51. Mike Atherton

    She's Cold

  52. cody mason

    This is and Belleville are my faves off the album that death metal influence cannot be fucked with.

  53. Jack Helgeson

    Straight eargasm boys

  54. QuietMind

    2:12 when you're playing Borderlands and a midget appears


    HAHAHA amazing!

    Hunter W


    Mr. MultiDutch

    Loot Midget Engineers at the wild life preserve, ah good old times.

  55. Memory


  56. Kevin Quirt

    This song hits so hard it made my gummy worms into a serpent

  57. Joseph Bastidas

    Welp. Looks like I went from trying to sleep to crowdkilling my mattress.

    Ben Goh

    Can relate

  58. Rafael Moya

    Emma i love you❤❤😎

  59. marshel Welch

    Holy fuck I love this. So aggressive 🔥🤘

  60. Guillermo Lopez

    This and Belleville are my favorite two songs but the whole album SLAPS. Makes me want to crowdkill my best friend

    1nf3rnal D3str0y3r

    Same here,Belleville just melted my face the first time

    Kyle Gibbs

    Ironically, I love Bryan's vocals but this and Forget Your Name are my favorite tracks on Blue because Emma and Keith both SLAUGHTERED their tracks.

    Emily Burdette

    Kyle Gibbs same!

  61. same

    damn shes a beast!

  62. Kevin Corkran

    Emma was a PERFECT fit

  63. tenaciousjoe24

    2:05 shits about to get wild


    Emma killed that shit!!!

  65. liam bailey

    Yo what band is Emma in someone please tell me

    liam bailey

    @Jocelyn Dutra Thanks im gonna check them out


    Dying Wish. The best metalcore band out.

    Jane Zetkin

    She's such a sweetheart, honestly.

  66. Chris B

    Guest vocalist straight up murdered it

    Mitchell Chavolla

    A dying wish !

    Joseph Bastidas

    @Mitchell Chavolla The irony of the comment

  67. Jordan Quirion

    Listened to this and Belleville so far, and of course the singles, holy fuck this album is so good. Wish my iTunes Pre-Order would download :) :) :)

  68. dreamingindogyears

    2:12 CHILLS


    I fucking love the way she says "jealousy holds you now" oooofff

  70. Fernando Garcia

    Jesus Christ her voice fits perfectly


    I thought it was still Bryan at first but then I remember it was one of the guest vocalist tracks lol. She's fuckin unreal tho.

    Mitchell Chavolla

    @†HΣ DΣV¡LS ЯΣJΣC† Hell yeah bro emma from dying wish!


    Mitchell Chavolla lol yeah I've heard her band before. She sounds a lot better in this tho, even tho her screams and shit are sick in their own stuff.


    Like a fucking glove.

  71. mxdiggitydom