Knocked Loose - A Fetish Lyrics

Flesh and bone
Hollow chest
Your curse I live
You follow
You haunt
The burden of your skin

And I need your blood
A fetish
And I need your blood
On swift wings death will come

And I can almost fucking taste it
I crave your end
A reality you deserve
Brought by my hand

And it wouldn't be the same
If it wasn't me to pull the trigger
And my eyes roll back
As your spirit leaves

I'll take your hand
Guide you to the end
Your time has come

Now your spirit leaves

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Knocked Loose A Fetish Comments
  1. 385 Garage

    0:56 Damn

  2. Haris Rehan

    1:00 when KL goes OBITUARY.

  3. Matias Carreras


  4. Ronok Miah



    I feel that

  5. Ronok Miah

    would love to see a tape of the moments when they recorded this masterpiece in studios. am sure that this will be a legendary classic in some years.

  6. JayPBizzle

    0:57 - 1:10
    "You ought to know your fucking biscuits. I creamed your egg. A reality you deserve. Plop by my head."

    Anfernee Heath

    JayPBizzle "I creamed your egg" I'm fuckn dead!! Lmao can't unhear that shit now

  7. Richard Peacock


    Who else would buy the crap out of that if it went on merch?

    Wolfgang Heisenberg

    Richard Peacock go get it printed on a long sleeve bro

  8. Xylem

    The growl vocals sound like the guy from Obituary

    Dale Kay

    Fuck yeah!

  9. James Seifert

    That riff!!!!

  10. James DeHart

    Related videos to this is all Sexual Fetish stuff lmao

  11. Mario Garofano

    this hit me so hard that my face just got blown away to thew sound of this

  12. Kevin Neal

    reminds me a taddddd of axewound. such a bad ass fucking band

  13. Finn O'Bryan

    no lyrics?

  14. Alex Calabro


  15. yungderek


    Jace H

    don't forget the EEEAAAAUUUUGGGHHH

    Brian Clark

    Lol just listened to that part literally just now as I type

  16. Nick Spaloss


  17. Birth A Legend

    what kind of grunge is this?

    Jace H

    Weird name but it fits quite nicely



    1nf3rnal D3str0y3r

    Not even close...

  18. Kaley Murphy

    Would absolutely love to see a tour with these guys and Code Orange.

    constant perception

    dude yesss

    Brian Clark

    Basically the same band lol

  19. Derk Ender

    This is the coolest album cover too.

  20. Eric P

    Nothing compares

  21. Zachery Edwards

    Holy dick this is so good come home and let me fight to your breakdowns

  22. Liam Gauntlett

    bedroom mosh

    Andrew Marshall

    Liam Gauntlett crowdkilled the drywall too huh

  23. Zambou Zambou

    album of the year with one will never be one of us for me.