Knight, Chris - My Old Cars Lyrics

Everyone I ever owned, except the one I'm driving now
Been stripped down to the bare bone and sent outta town
There's a Mustang and a GTO, bloody seats, and caved in grill
There's a scar on my forehead, for every busted windshield

My old cars, they haunt me still
'Cause I droven every one of 'em over the edge
It's a wonder I wasn't killed
My old cars, rise up from the wheel
I wish to hell and back was far enough
To outrun, your memory

I drive by that junkyard, count the times you broke my heart
Watchin' Jack play with a socket wrench
Drinkin' beer and yankin' parts
I can count these broken bones, cause broken bone will heal
But I can't stand to count the times you said I love you
Ain't no big deal

My old cars, they haunt me still
'Cause I droven every one of 'em over the edge
It's a wonder I wasn't killed

My old cars, rise up from the wheel
I wish to hell and back was far enough
To outrun, your memory

Last week I bought a 442, black as ace of spades
I sold my half of grandpa's land, bes he's rollin' is his grave
My friends say I'll get over you
But my friends they just don't know
Gonna take her out on a 41, see how fast she can go

My old cars, they haunt me still
'Cause I droven every one of 'em over the edge
It's a wonder I wasn't killed
My old cars, rise up from the wheel
I wish to hell and back was far enough
To outrun, your memory

I wish to hell and back was far enough
To outrun, your memory

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Knight, Chris My Old Cars Comments
  1. Scott Johnson

    Running them no tax cigarettes up I 85 in the day sawed off shotgun under the seat big knot of blow fresh broke heart Bruce on the radio no fucks left to give

  2. amy andrews

    A 442 will skin it back !

  3. Jimmy Smith SR OUTLAW

    Heart is in every song .He ever wrote. AMEN

  4. Misterpolytech

    Stock modified 1968 Delta 88 'Holiday Coupe'; 455 w/ high rise intake, Muncie rock crusher trans, Holly 750 CFM double pumper, Lunati cam, headers; Hot night in late July 1980; 154 MPH on Interstate 280 between San Jose & Los Altos CA at 3:30 AM...Who can forget a car like that?

  5. Scott Allen

    them old cars are like old friends. back in 70.s riding around in 68 roadrunner smoking weed drinking Miller ponies. bad company on the radio. what i wouldnt give for just one of them friday nights.


    Hell yeah

    Malisa ThompsonDavis

    Had a '66 Chevy II Nova ! Badass car ! Had a 78 Monte Carlo I loved too. Used to love the way that dual exhaust sounded when I dropped her down into second going down the mountain.

    Ronald Oelkers

    Your right
    Still have them all
    I may be old but still
    Own my muscle cars
    Even the one that killed me in 1988

    Elton Oberry

    Yep 69 runner

  6. Mark8395217

    This Dude's been readin my mail...

  7. Bob Campbell

    wow does this dude know my story?  or more busted up limpin around than i thought 67 baracuda 68ss chevelle 70 ford gt well hell man 97 mustang wound me up ..miss em all!

  8. David A.

    Ford Mustang ♡

  9. Million Lee

    There were no survivors, Rest in Pieces

  10. Rick Henry

    Had a '72 Tonino with a 351C and a 65 'Stang with a 302....this song brings back some good memories

  11. Wilma Haggard

    How fast did the 442 go out on 41?? I had a 69 442, would get it.

    Taco Gillespie

    +Wilma Haggard Wilma, 31 went thru the middle of the town I grew up in but we took the 69 442 out on I-75 before it was finished between Chattanooga and Atlanta. That's where u could really run it. I think 133 was about the top speed.

    Wilma Haggard

    Hwy 41 runs through his home town.

  12. bbooz

    my old car 1969 roadrunner black on black straight up mopar power

  13. Danielle Watson

    How did I just find this song? It's bad ass, I love it! And so will my hubby (Lawd every time we see an old muscle car he has to tell me everything about it, LOL). I am going to have to check out that website, it will probably bring me to tears. Hmmh, perhaps I will find my 70 Chevelle to spruce up on there :)

  14. Brmobrad


  15. chase hardin

    Yea you're right it's SAMs savage town

  16. Robert Wood

    Chris Knight is BIG here in Texas we love him....

  17. Josh Mcbroom

    the only good old car song on youtube so far

  18. Lisa Scheuerman

    hey do you know where that charger rt picture was taken from ? My husband swears it was the one he helped build for his dad, who sold it....but he is pointing out technicals that do not sound typical, can you help solve a issue? thanks have a merry christmas!

  19. Caro Jane

    Oh thank you, I really enjoyed this :-). Not heard of Chris Knight before, a friend from the States sent me this link
    If I was a car, Id be a bit worn and dinged from some careless owners but still with enough fire under the hood to take you anywhere you need to go LOL

  20. birdrockcabins

    Absolutely wonderful! When and where is his next concert, does anyone know?

  21. Bertrand GOMEZ

    Yes I agree 100 %

  22. Lorin Guy

    yeah ‘My Old Cars”always looked at the women in my life as cars too. Some were high octane hot rods that were dangerous for my health, other cost me a bundle and some were wrecks from the get go. I rode them as far as I could take them, some I left by road side with the pink on the seat, others got crashed,some I just had to let go. I miss them all but especially the one I wish I didn’t have to part with. That one that would have kill’d me had I stayed on the gas. But each haunts my memories,

  23. psilocybin4life

    Cool video man! Nice work

  24. mengle2004

    @noweirdbeard Knight can describe a complicated story in very simple real terms. He is awesome.

  25. 85mustanglx

    i had to see an idiot sell a 2 66 impalas and an early 80's camaro for junk and he wouldnt sell them to anybody besides the junk yard

  26. Janux83

    Poor muscle cars :(

  27. mengle2004

    @rmstudio Yeah, I'm from eastern ky where justifed is set and Chris is pretty big there. Songs like down the river would really fit the show.

  28. mengle2004

    @chico280 I was running out of pictures

  29. chico280

    That extreme close up of his neck was just brilliant..

  30. Deltafried614

    seems a lot of yall would like the lyrics. i got em so message me if you'd like me to send it your way.

  31. mengle2004

    I don't know. If you search all you can find are sites that say they have lyrics but only sale ringtones. Whats up with that.

  32. Bouke Derksen

    Seriously, why are the lyrics to this song unfindable?

  33. weißer Teufel

    This kicks ass! Wish I still had my '67 LeMans...

  34. Bouke Derksen

    Great song, does anybody have the lyrics of it? Cause I can't find them anywhere...

  35. HunterSThompsonFan

    Great video! I am a HUGE fan of CK and this song gets me because right now I'm 24 and I own a 2005 GTO and I just KNOW one day I'm gonna think of that car and start singing this song. Probably around the time my hair starts going and me heart gets broken for the 100th time. God bless and I'm glad to see other CK fans on the internet. Music is my fire for life and Chris' albums have saved my life. I got to tell him that in person too!

  36. freetickeys

    Chris Knight seems to rock out a little more on his new album

  37. Rich Baxter

    Easily my favourite Chris Knight song from his new album "Heart of Stone". All the songs are superb to be honest, but this song has something...

  38. mengle2004

    Thanks Man. I put it together quick the shots of the 442 sliding came from The Hitcher trailer.

  39. tazzjp

    good video,just seen chris in concert not to long ago..