Knife, The - The Cop Lyrics

I am a cop, shut up
I piss in your mouth

I am a cop, shut up
I shoot you in your face you Motherfucker
I piss in your mouth hahaha hahahahahaha hahahaha

I am a cop, shut up or I'll shoot you,
I shoot you right on the spot you Motherfucking shit

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Knife, The The Cop Comments
  1. Rick Cardo

    should have killed him.

  2. Brah Beh

    Sucks to be mentally ill.especially in America.not a helpful country.

  3. SerousNook

    How many times did he yell GET DOWN? I would have just tazed / shot him after the third time.

  4. Drew Moody

    What a nice cop

  5. Gamemonster90

    Should of killed the piece of shit.

  6. Richard Harding

    well, you run at an officer with a knife saying shot me, kill me, can't say it's wrong if the officer obliges you before you get close enough to hurt him.

  7. Bill Deegan

    Restraint? He's going home to his family...

  8. Ferdinand Valero

    If the Man are mexican or black
    The officer dont ask

  9. 10Ksubscribers No views

    He had a knife you could have tazed him

  10. 4holePatriot

    0:35 That cop shot him for a poor arnold schwarzenegger impression!!!

  11. TheBozzPlaya

    Good Cop, Not a Killer-Cop like others

  12. Anthony Dale Barroga

    This guy deserves promotion. 🙌

  13. szkotszkot

    Must be fake......cops in usa they have itching fingers ...and they shots warning shots in the chest


    Where is the taser

  15. Luke Luke

    Like not a wake

  16. Luke Luke

    They are unconcious

  17. Luke Luke

    All this fight video are hei bong but they are don't now where they are?

  18. Starlise Jun.from.17

    Umm wtf that mf is crazy I would have tased him if he was running at me like.😭

  19. DasWarNichtLustig !

    only one shot to disable him a little bit and its fine ... u dont always have to kill people

    Hayden Robertson

    It's better to aim for the abdomen because if you aim for a moving leg you could miss and hit a car or the bullet could hit an arterie in the leg

  20. Jesus Christ

    *Autoplay: off*

  21. Memos

    if that dude was a black one = a cellphone in his hand and KILLED
    White Dude with a Knife try to Kill you = "Sir please let us help you..."

    Strange World

    Hope this Officer is Always like this = Good Job !!!

    Lebron James

    Theres always gotta be that one person who brings this race shit up.


    Lebron James It’s true and you know it. Thats why I’m gonna try this when I finally get enough courage.

  22. Ronald Butler

    Excellent cop..The cop had the gun the suspect had a knife..he didnt need to kill him..Need more cops like this guy..

  23. Easy Dreams

    Real talk if I was a cop and a guy is goin at me with a knife im shooting till they are no longer a threat.

  24. Brian Kelly

    You see one shot should be able to neutralize anyone he is lucky to still be alive

  25. Tom Hunter

    Good cop my ass. Onother of those stupid cops provoking a situation and getting away by almost killing someone. There is no ground to search someone randomly walking on the street without a search warrant as he was demanding. This is not some dictator state You should be able to defend yourself from any person, even if a cop, trying to block your movement without search warrant and trumping on your right of freedom of movement. Cop was just lucky the guy was wanted.l, which at this stage he didn't know. Just really lucky. Else for what he did he did, if the guy would not be wanted but an inocent person, cop would be so screwed. Just because you are a cop does not give you a free licence to stop and search random people. You have the right to resist because he is breaking the law if he does not have a warrant or reasonable ground you committed a crime to search you.

    Jason Piker

    LOL! Everyone has a law degree these days.

  26. skillz321407

    White armed and attacking white male gets 15 warnings and 1 shot to the abdomen. Unarmed black man with his hands up. Deceased.

  27. sliv5sliv

    If there were MULTIPLE OFFICERS pointing guns at a man who is already wounded, why didn't one of the officers deploy a taser? it would of ended the situation sooner.

  28. Mrs Bojangles

    I wanted to see a cop DIE.

    BoD Assassin

    @Mrs Bojangles
    Why tho

  29. Based Snowman

    You can't walk along a highway here in NAZI Germa...I mean the United States of America.

  30. Antwion Daniels

    Best cop ever?😂🤧

  31. Chris Taylor

    The Officer hear was amazing, he could of killed him.

  32. Arif

    Just shot his legs, why you yelled dumbass

    BoD Assassin

    Could you type that comment again in English please?

  33. eric dietz

    In ancient times guards just stabbed people in the stomach with a spear, or cut their head off. The police really have tremendous courage to face these lunatics every year, i just have a hard time even believing cops exist in our world today. I know for sure the "police" in some countries are nothing like what we have, those ones don't help anyone and just rob people. Our cops are the REAL thing, and not easily replaced. We should be there for them too.

  34. truthfully here

    now cops gonna kill for no reason, i only have machete and have no choice just to fight to my life rather than dead in yellow color

  35. Anton jansson

    in Sweden the Children with beard do this Every day

  36. Mr Weapon

    Was his pistol P226 ?
    Yeah that was P226

  37. victor zhong

    great cop

  38. Okezy

    Very well handled, definition of a good cop

  39. Just Check ❶

    Finally good things about cops

  40. Stealth AgentTM

    0:58 new remix for get down stay down

  41. RocK StaR KilL YoU

    Good cop

  42. Vista Danza

    Thats not fair pig!! Pig pulls a gun on a knife🤔 Fight fair bitch ass cop!!! Sombody give that pig a knife!!!! 😂😂

    M W

    You are a dumbass

    Glydelle Salado

    @Vista you're imbecile 😄😁

  43. I thought it was a guy wearing an ape mask

  44. Riley Berner

    If only all cops were like this instead we are stuck with cops that shoot people because they thought a phone or a comb was a weapon

    M W

    Riley is what we call a dumbass

  45. Midnight Rambler

    if he was black CNN would be outraged

  46. Kamote Banana

    it would be really impressive if this cop stop the perk...with a nerf gun...or a slingshot....

  47. Andrew Russell

    Lunatic needs to be put out of his misery.


    Andrew Russell yeah but luckily the cop had a big heart. I would have killed that poor basterd

  48. Amberdoll2003

    First hes like KILL ME KILL ME NOW then hes like IMMA KIILL U the officer shoots him and hes like okay i go kill someone else

  49. Baddy187

    I hate folks who hate cops by default.

  50. Bobby Boz

    Not to be the elephant in the room but so many video showing non blacks getting chances to live but if the same scenario was to happen to a black...i guess most police are comfortable/tolerable/patient with what looks like them or a family member or friend

    M W

    What? You do understand that the vast majority of people killed by police officers are white people don't you? That is a fact

  51. Jenny Young

    This is the difference between a cop that wants to help and the ones that became cops to bully and kill. This one didn't want anyone to get hurt.

    M W

    You are a dumb-ass

  52. Ssgt. Silva

    If he were black , cop would've already reloaded after emptying first clip on him.


    Thats what a racist would say


    Ssgt. Silva good the black dude would have had a knife

    Mr. Cyanide

    that's not everywhere bud, stop listening to the fake news.

    M W

    Ssgt is a dumbass

  53. Bill Allenbaugh

    CNN is so desperate for viewership they now put their trash on youtube now because the majority of Americans dont have cable anymore because of their trash fake news. Now they gotta earn money from youtube because they are so desperate. They get what they deserve. Now they gotta come on youtube.

  54. DI LOO

    Ow... We are so gratefull he did not kill him...If you think this way you are beyond salvation...

  55. Elaine Cochrane

    Don't they have tasers?

    justin mize

    You never use tasers in a deadly force scenario. Tasers are very unreliable

    M W

    What dumb-ass would pull a taser on somebody attacking them with a knife? Oh can I guess I dumb-ass would be Elaine

  56. StraksParty

    Respect for the cop, this is how all of th em should be

  57. slickback17

    “ im gonna kill you, I’m gonna kill you “
    3 min after bleeding out
    “ okay I’m gonna kill somebody else “ 😂

    Logic O

    Not really funny but okay

  58. Jay Black

    This is the type of cops we need on the streets. He didn't just kill him and you can tell he didn't want to.

  59. Efekan Zorlu

    Bir bizim kavga videolarını izliyorum bir de bunları izliyorum ve ilaç gibi geliyor amk

  60. Famed Gaming

    Fake news

  61. Ricky Webb

    Wow I think I wud of shot him twice, best police officer I’ve ever seen

  62. xc5647321 xc5647321

    If this happened more often we could in time cull the herd of the useless consumers.

  63. Ha Ha

    This cop is good most of the others would shoot them 10 times until they die but this cop only shot him once.

  64. hyper neon

    Bad cop damnn hr hit with bullet then later cops kicked him shit

  65. The Shadow Knows

    A white murder suspect pulled a knife out and advanced on and threatened an officer. Suspect shot only once even after the threats continued. Laquan Mcdonald a black teenager was walking with a knife @ 17-20 feet away from officers in a non threatening manner with 15-20 cops on scene.... executed by a punk ass cop who fired 16 shots into the teen's body...1st or 2nd shot probably being lethal. What wrong with this picture? Is there a subliminal message in these whites vs blacks police encounters? I asked the question but the answer is obvious...yes, there is a message which is loud a clear and not subliminal.

    M W

    So you think you now most cops he? Lol

    M W

    If you wanna make this a race thing then tell me why most people killed by police officers are white

    M W

    FYI walking with a knife in your hand and refusing to drop it after being told multiple times by police officers to drop it is a threatening act

  66. Darktunes RobloxTubeYT

    If he was black tho

  67. gembob83

    Murder man arrested!

  68. iamrichboss

    Good cop

  69. Cryptic Ice

    At that point, When he pulled the knife out he went from suspect to Str up i did it.

  70. SP São Paulo

    Meu deus que adrenalina que os policiais vivem,ainda bem que o policial está vivo.

  71. Turtle

    “Keel me”

  72. chris smith

    There was actually a call for an investigation to prosecute this cop?! Liberals really
    don't want there to be any law and order in society, unless they just want all cops dead
    in the line of 'duty'. Back when this was a sane country, that whacko would've been 86'd
    and for good reason.

  73. Robert van Driel

    That cop is a shining light. He did not need to kill the man. He kept himself safe, and begged the man drop the knife. Id shake the cops hand if I met him. Well done Officer!

  74. Nick Perez

    If the man holding the knife was black the cop would've been shot him 20 times. It's not mean it's just facts tbh.

    M W

    There is no call to prosecute the cop

  75. Cornelius Lambert

    that guy should have been quicker to slaughter the pig. 🐷🐽🐖


    Stop siding with criminals

  76. Jater Grant

    Evil police


    Jater Grant to be fair the cops warned him so many times, he has more patient than I would

    Jater Grant

    What about Hong Kong cops? Americans say Hong Kong cops are violent,two sets of standards


    Jater Grant you mean the riots that had been going on down there?

  77. P V

    So many other cops would have killed the suspect. This cop was obviously scared for his life, yet rose above his fear to do the right thing. A true hero.

    M W

    It's a fact that you're a fucken idiot

  78. HunterDellz

    Pulls something out of pocket* Bad Cop: Shoots head immediately

    Actual murderer running at you with a knife - Good Cop: Backs away and shoots to disarm immediate threat without lethal force or intimidation

    justin mize

    HunterDellz he didn’t try to shoot to disarm, the perp is just lucky he didn’t get hit in a fatal spot. Cops don’t shoot to disarm.. its not the movies.

  79. King_of _da_Pride

    Why didn’t the cop fear for his life? It is clear that a knife willing white man that is crazy and is trying to kill him. And he gets arrested. But unarmed black people 90% of the time die when they have an encounter with the police.🤔 IJS

  80. Phil w.

    What i would like to know is why the officer didnt shoot him even when he was walking towards the officer wtf and being a so called murder suspect fucking bullshit.... 🖕🏿

  81. Rick Sanchez

    If he was black empty the clip on him

    hellfire films

    Are you fucking serious

  82. Brodie Keown

    this is fully justified and shows how 99% of all police shootings come to be. its the less than 1% when there are complicated circumstances, errors and/or police wrongdoing that the media....looking at you CNN....... latches onto and uses to misinform people and push a hysterical, anti-police victim-hood agenda.

  83. Pl pave

    Sig Sauer 226. super accurate gun

  84. seriful seif

    this is how a cop should act this is one good cop with good training and the ability to control a dificult situation.not like other cops that shoot you in the back or they whait for a reason to shoot you.look at chicago cases where a white cop shoot a black guy in the back of the head.or let's not even mention the cop who choched a blacked guy to death while he has screaming i cannot breath sir i cannot breath sir.if that is not a federal case then what the fuck is going on with the law in america?

  85. James

    This may be the one and only justified police shooting that's ever happened in recent times

  86. cgoh 500

    Great cop. We need more of these officers.

  87. Jesse James

    U should have just killed the piece of shit.

  88. john jacques

    Officer's were intended to disarm and not kill. Excellent job

  89. ShOcKwAvE

    If the offender doesn't have a gun why dont cops just shoot for the legs??

    meena jones

    Or arm, knee, foot, shoulder.

    rar rar

    @meena jones It's simple. Adrenaline will work wonders in not noticing pain.
    As someone with extensive background in the way bullets, rounds, grain, the human body works. A whole magazine will not stop somebody in even if in the leg torso etc. especially since these are probably just 9mm. or 10mm. rounds. The only way to truly stop a suicidal maniac souped on adrenaline is to shoot the epicenter of that adrenaline. The Heart. Or head.

  90. Humanoid Weapon

    Good cop

  91. Jonathan Van Winkle

    justified first shot,,THEN taze his ass,,,,THEN TO TRIAL,,,?

  92. Jesus Margarito

    This is a very fancy way to suicide. Just get a knife, approach a cop, and threaten him with it.

  93. Travis Gulley

    If your a very high risk suspect and the police have their guns pointed at you Never resist the police and listen to the police or else they will open fire and shoot you the reason cops have guns is for when they have to arrest very high risk criminals

  94. Cool asian Dude Gang Gang

    Some people wanna die


    And if he was black

  96. SeeWhatISee ??

    I felt that when the officer said, SIR PLEASE DROP THE KNIFE.
    " he pulled a knife and I BACKED UP" 🗣great job officer 👏🏾👏🏾❤

  97. mykamui

    That is the rational and appropriate response to someone who has a knife you dont have to kill him if there is no imminent threat to your life or anyone else, as long as you are not close to him and no one else there is no need to kill him. Every human using their brain would come to this conclusion, they should know that. Just disarm him by disabeling him, hell shoot him in the legs to get him down why does it always have to be the chest or head??? I think all those US killer cops just use stuff as an excuse to kill people. All those blade wielding criminals get shot dead. Why? The entire system is flawed in the US. I am impressed with this intelligent brave and rational thinking cop, applause!

  98. MDEV

    "Kill me! Do it now!"
    -Arnold Schwarzenegger 2016

  99. Rohan Plantboy James

    I don't get everyone praising the cop. He freaked out like a little girl. Americans have an incredibly low standard for what makes a decent cop.

  100. theresa bollman

    The laws are now making it very dangerous for a police officer to protect himself...something has to change before they all leave us.