Knife, The - She's Having A Baby Lyrics

So you're having a baby
In November

Is it enough with my blessing
Or my kissing
Why wasn't I told?

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Knife, The She's Having A Baby Comments
  1. Stymi

    I know this too well. It was September though. It will always hurt but I sincerely wish the best for them

  2. Daniel Gómez

    I remember the son of my sister born in november

  3. PoshLifeforME

    Accepted loss, sadness, in this song.

  4. Martin Rodriguez

    So tender, so smooth, it reminds me of waking up on Sunday morning when it is lovely.

  5. Gutter God


    Yuki 420

    Exactly @Gutter God

  6. Genevieve Lee

    This song makes me cry.

  7. paw2086

    Adore this song, cheers

  8. soffchen

    Thx for upload :)