Knife, The - Minerals Lyrics

White sand made up of shells upon which rests carious rock
Then prismatic feldspar between these and former ones
Hard white rock with yellow spots
A heap of white balls beneath white sand

Same process now going on shore, living iron found in it
Sand white from decomposition of feldspar in places
Every rock is covered with pistiform concretions in places
Impossible to tell whether it is Breccia of modern or older days

Lower beds of white sand become filled with large boulders of lower rocks
Beneath this comes a line of another stratum
More soily and contains large and more numerous shells
A regular bed of oysters remains attached to the rocks

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Knife, The Minerals Comments
  1. Lou Wallace

    Appreciate your work here. Do you have a video on adding the thumb stud to the Statera? I also can't seem to locate those particular refillable oilers on amazon as most are plastic bottles? Subscribed.

    Blade Banter

    Thanks for subscribing. They are sold as vape bottles and really it seems like the KPL bottle. I don't have a video of that I just did that one evening.

  2. Richard Lenzo

    The testing does not include other things like corrosion resistance (which adds abrasives and friction); evaporativeness; how well it stays in place; or how temperature affects it's performance and how each lube creates optimal action. Also, if the washers rotate with the blade or stay stuck to the liner, then you get a differnt friction effect, lube aside. By-the-way, 3-in-1 oil has some pressure/friction reducing additives that go way beyond mineral oil. It would sell quite well if it were labeled with amphibians, reptiles or showed mystical colors. But doesn't that make it work better too? Opinion can make an oil even slicker!

    Blade Banter

    It's something I tried to gain some information, other than the opinion of feeling smoother. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  3. Grammer Natcis' hair are you're christmas present;

    Hum, happy I came across your channel, subbed. Was about to buy KPL and ship it in (i'm from the Caribbean), I may just go to the drug store and get some mineral oil instead.

    Blade Banter

    Many folks use mineral oil, you may need to reapply more often but for cost of mineral oil at least here, one bottle is a lifetime supply. And that is a very long user name.

  4. reytos03

    A vice or clamp would be a little more accurate than holding knife with your hand

    Blade Banter

    Very true, haven't worked out the format for that, and to be able to integrate it into the video.

  5. Will EDC

    I wonder what the results would be to lube the detent ball as well. Of course that needs to be cleaned between the products.
    I usually put a drop on the ball if the knife has been sitting long term. The liner lock is always putting pressure on the blade stock
    Lol what if kpl was repackaged mineral oil haha

    Blade Banter

    It could be possible although he states it is a base synthetic. In the tests I do put a drop of the lubricant on the detent ball as well. The marathon test has all of the lubricants, but its like 50 minutes long.

  6. xderiwx

    Since KPL says their weight is 17, if you had to guess, what would you say the Bluelube and Mineral Oil would be rated at?


    Blade Banter

    Blue lube is a bit thicker or at least seems so in moving the bubble in the tube. Also in putting a dab on a surface and elevating it the kpl runs quicker. So I would say blue lube is 20s to 30 weight.

    Blade Banter

    Will be an interesting test with nano lube and KPL heavy as they are the same weight. At least one of the nano oils.


    @Blade Banter I agree. Can't wait for the test video! Thanks again for doing this! So weight wise, mineral oil is thinner than KPL?

  7. rustyvavles

    I've only used mineral oil on my 60plus collection because it's cheap, readily available and food safe but I've always wondered how it compared to more hyped methods. glad to see it's performs reasonably well. I use a hypodermic needle to apply the oil great.

    Blade Banter

    Nice that's a good way to do it. I like those bottles I found. Original purpose seems to be for the Vape cigarettes.

  8. Chris Franks

    Drop the 129. It appears it was a fluke cuz you consistently got mid 90’s.

    Blade Banter

    That seems to be the consensus future ones will have 5 pulls dropping the high and low.

  9. Lemon hoko

    So mineral oil wins? great review and tests!

    Blade Banter

    For that aspect, there is still the matter of longevity, but don't have a good way to test that yet. But in this test yes.

    Lemon hoko

    @Blade Banter For me thats what really matters, longevity is low on the list...if you maintain your knives on a regular basis, it shouldnt be a factor on how long your oil will last..depending on use, I take apart and oil with mineral oil atleast 3 times a year if not more...Im glad my gut instinct was right about mineral oil...Ive been using it on my knives for over 10 years now.

    Blade Banter

    Great, the needle tip oiler bottle is a nice addition.

  10. Shortcut Reviews

    Would be interesting to do a long term test, lube it up, let it stand a week and then test. Lube that doesn’t stay put is less helpful then something less likely to run. Why lube has weights I believe. Great test, I also agree with other comment do 5 and throw out the high and low.

    Blade Banter

    Great thanks a lot. I did the pull prior to starting this test as KPL was left on the knife. The result was in line with the prior pulls.
    I'll need to figure out a method as I've been thinking about the long term. Nano-Oil is next.

  11. Michael Emler - Crazy Sharp

    I’d be curious to see how it lasts ... run the pull test after a week of carry and see which ones have the staying power

    Blade Banter

    Yeah that will be the next step with things as the mineral oil seems like it is pretty thin. Seems the parameters would work for n extended time will need to look into that for future ones. Thanks for watching.

  12. Jack FarmBoy

    And the plot thickens.... sorry couldnt resist 🙃. Keep up the good work 👊

    Blade Banter

    Thanks seems to be a valid assessment so far.

  13. BigRedEDC

    The 129 seems to be a fluke. Very interesting test....thanks for sharing!

    Blade Banter

    Thanks seems to be going pretty well.

  14. Steve Milk

    Love these videos very interesting results and the consistency using the hot glue placement is genius. Ignore the 129 I say that mineral oil is very impressive. Also check out hops 9 and daiwa reel oil (I have both if needed) sigh I need one of those applicators but not 12.

    Blade Banter

    If the applicator makes life easier $10 isn't too bad and you would have a lifetime supply of containers.

  15. Slick Slicers

    You ought to repeat the test say 100times. That would throw out a few outliers, sufficient to produce some proper significant stats. I’m not sure how good a video that would make, but the results would.

    Blade Banter

    Yeah would need to fast forward that one. I'll be looking at how to accomplish more of a long term testing.

    Slick Slicers

    Yeah, it would rival one of Super Steel Steve’s cardboard cuts. Forgot to mention, I’m impressed by these results. KPL & Blue Lube are stupidly expensive here in the UK due to shipping costs ($20+ a bottle) but a half pint bottle of food grade mineral oil is under $4!

    Blade Banter

    Yeah back to your point on longevity, I'm not sure how the mineral oil will hold up.

  16. Harry Wright

    Thanks for testing as kpl_is all the rage. I have two bottles, one 3 in 1 machine oil and a product smkw zelos called coon p.( more expensive). For pivots I can't tell the difference. Thanks

  17. mrblauer1

    I would like to also see a comparison to 3-in-One oil. Thanks for doing this, it is nice to see an actual comparison vs advertising hype.

    Blade Banter

    Thanks that's what I was going for in having a measurement other than presumed feel.

  18. Zach’s Stuff

    Very nice breakdown of the mineral oil! Obvious improvement from the 129, but wonder what the retest would show? Maybe just needs more time to lube the internal parts? Like the testing! Keep it rolling!

    Blade Banter

    Since the last test where I had the KPL in to the day I did the new video the results were similar. Will at some point need to figure out a long term test.

  19. Old Fool

    Keep the practical test coming. It would be interesting to see the lubricants abilities over time. We use the knives for extended periods before we re-lubricate. Just a thot. Thx for your time and efforts, Furbs

    Blade Banter

    Yes eventually could do that but it isn't practical at this time as I would need the same knife for each lubricant, and financially that's not available and it will add more variables as where the hot glue was applied and such. Will be thinking about it though.

    Old Fool

    [email protected] Banter

    Blade Banter

    No problem thanks for watching.

  20. Bubba Peppers

    Interesting results. I'd be curious to see several identical knives with the different lubes over an extended period of time. Does one lube degrade or get "gummy" vs continual lubrication... just a thought...

    Blade Banter

    Yeah not set up for that currently but that's what I was thinking. Also there would be variables for each knife so would need to get their baseline and check the change even the same production knife probably has variations.

  21. John Scarborough

    I'd be curious to see how a full synthetic oil like Mobil One compares.

    Blade Banter

    Interesting not sure. Maybe a 0w30?

    John Scarborough

    @Blade Banter well nano oil comes in a 10 and 5 weight so synthetic motor oil should be easy enough to match. Is KPL listed as to weight?

    Blade Banter

    I heard that it was 10 weight but that's just through videos I don't know if that was confirmed.

  22. D E

    Awesome, thank you for doing this! Makes me feel more confident that I am not losing out by only using mineral oil. Food safe and lubes well. Win-win.
    I am thinking it's fair to leave out the 129. It seems like it's way too far off to have not been a fluke.
    Those bottles you bought look perfect. I'm going to grab some for myself.
    It's pretty cool that nano lube found your tests and contacted you about trying their products.

    Blade Banter

    Yeah it was opposite it reach out to them, but they did review the test before agreeing to send their product, which seems good to have some validity.
    The bottles work well probably exactly the same needle and cap as KPL just bigger.

  23. Sam Brown

    Yeah I say in the future do 5 or so and then kick the outlier number

    Blade Banter

    Yeah thanks will probably do so and kick out the high and low number. Nano-Oil is on it's way.

  24. Rodney Pearson

    Awesome testing like my KPL

    Blade Banter

    Nice, it was interesting with the results.

  25. Roy Fernbach

    Perhaps start doing 5 pulls, disregarding the best and worst.
    Some other ideas: Frog Lube, 3-in-1, Tuf-glide, 10w30... just to give reference etc.

    Blade Banter

    That's what I was thinking is the 5 pulls and as you said drop the best and worst.


    If you do frog lube, you've got to do a comparison with coconut oil (since everyone's 99.9% sure that's all it is.)

    Blade Banter

    That's what I had heard too.


    @Blade Banter just whatever you do, don't look into the whole Fireclean - Tuohy lawsuit fiasco. It will change your opinion of humanity for the worse. FrogLube/Tracklube guys aren't exactly shining examples of transparency, but I understand why they want to protect their "secret" formula. At least they're not suing anyone.

    Blade Banter

    Good to know and thanks for the information.

  26. DontBotherNone

    Have you thought about also trying to test how well these work after a longer period of time? Would be interesting to see how they hold up, but it seems that might be a lot more work and/or have a lot more variables to try to control for though.

    Blade Banter

    It would be an interesting test but currently cost prohibited. Unless CRKT is going to provide me with one knife per lubricant. As the long term test would be add then test, then probably every day or so open and close then test and different increments. It's not a bad idea but currently not a test process I would be able to take on. I have thought of it though.

    Pioneer X MNL

    Im using mineral oil for my knives for almost 2 decades now, so far mineral oil performs very well on my knives

    Blade Banter

    Yeah did fairly well in the test. How often do you find that you need to reapply?

    Pioneer X MNL

    folders and fix blades i reapply every 3 mos for my collections, and for my edc every 2 mos they never get dry easily

  27. Ohio Knife Lover

    I use Hoppe’s No. 9! If you want to check it out here’s a link for when I bought mine in a needle applicator bottle

    Blade Banter

    Nice and interesting that they have a limited edition one that is probably the original bottle graphics.

  28. Ron Broeders

    I'd leave out the 129 as it deviates too much from the rest. Great test method, I love this stuff. Thanks! 🤘🤘🤘

    Ohio Knife Lover

    Ron Broeders Agreed

    Blade Banter

    Awesome thanks for the feedback, that's what I was thinking but wanted to be transparent on the results. Nano-Oil is on it's way.

    Blade Banter

    Thanks for watching and the response.

    Ron Broeders

    @Blade Banter Excellent! Looking forward to that one👍

    Blade Banter

    It's reassuring that they saw some relevance in the test. They are providing the test samples.

  29. Todd Burdick

    I'd like to see CLP

    Blade Banter

    Not familiar with that one will need to do a Google search.

  30. barry levitt

    I would like you to compare the KPL to Hops gun oil. Excellent review.

    Blade Banter

    Nice thanks for the comment.

    barry levitt

    @mrblauer1 I have been using Hops for about 40 years and I have wanted to try the Daiwa reel oil but I have not been able to find the needle dispenser locally. I have the KPL which I purchased because of the needle tip. The KPL seems to be working fine.

    Blade Banter

    The empty bottle set I got from Amazon work great.

    barry levitt

    @Blade Banter Thanks for the information.

    Blade Banter

    No problem same cap and applicator as the KPL bottle.