Knife, The - High School Poem Lyrics

Who wants to be ordinary
Who wants to be sweet
Who wants to know mid-term
Which hasn't been dried for weeks

Which hasn't been dried for weeks

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Knife, The High School Poem Comments
  1. WellBeSerious12

    They should have made the song longer... this theme can be played for many things.

  2. ice crystal

    I think it's "One snow mitten", not "wants to know mid-term".

    M J

    I think it is too lol

  3. Roiy Benkel

    Who wants to be ordinary
    Who wants to be sweet
    Who wants to know mid-term
    Which hasn't been dried for weeks

    Which hasn't been dried for weeks

  4. Devenir Nada

    Who wants to be ordinary
    Who wants to be sweet
    Who wants to know mid-term
    Which hasn't been dried for weeks

    Which hasn't been dried for weeks

  5. Martin Rodriguez

    why when I finally find a song that can be maybe the best song ever heard in my life, it just lasts less than 2 fucking minutes?

  6. Sebastian Palominos

    terrible corto terrible pulento

  7. Kasey Pettit

    what happened to the slowed down edit?

  8. Kjelleblaze

    The Knife isnt exactly underground but theyre not mainstream either. (this is speaking from impressions mostly, there are facts tho that point to this aswell) Karin and Olof detests what we call society and its cause of their incredible music that they made it this "far" or whatever, NOT the works of a big record company and the voodoo of advertising.


    +Panem Ravenclaw (Firepaw) thx


    +Panem Ravenclaw (Firepaw) not many i know appreciate the knife and i live in swe

  9. Kah Deh

    I like that it's a short song... somehow makes me appreciate it more than I would if it would be long I think... 

    Nixon Smith

    ..... hm... no Yeah!

    Nixon Smith

    @Nixon Smith totally

    Clever Metaphor

    @Kah Deh was just trying to decide about this... still cant

    Kah Deh

    @Clever Metaphor  Well I keep repeating it. But the fact that it's so simple, doesn't need to be extended... seems better to me. Like a good book, the ending leaves you speechless and wanting for more with just a few words. Better than having a whole explanation of events to end the story, it's simple and straight to the point. 

    Clever Metaphor

    i have to agree with you. it's a case of how you want it to be vs. how you know it should be... and it is how it should be. this tiny little song has so much attached to it for me. have a good one :)

  10. Ivan Garcia

    I need a long version of this .. Is amazing !!!!

  11. Razdva Tri

    You win the internet.

  12. Sara Rose Mimieux

    oh man it's been years since I heard this!!! sooo good

  13. VFXnirvana

    If anyone is looking for a longer version check this edit on Soundcloud
    soundcloud . com/cockwhoreandmacho/the-knife-high-school-poem

    remove the space before "com"


    spf50 Edit is perfect.

  14. Saki

    this is too short

    ren berisha

    if you think about it - so is high school. that's the point of the song aswell. love moves too fast and before you know it, you're at the end of whatever road you were on, and you have to move on. that's why it ends so short... because you're moving on. and you realize how good it was too late.

  15. Bryan Madden

    and some tasty waves

  16. TheIneffableAtman

    I was going to by a couple of the Knife's albums because i discovered them on YT, but since they (or more likely their rec company) had their songs removed, forget it. They make plenty of money anyway and obviously don't need my support.

  17. lekkki1

    self-righteous fuckery....LMFAO!

  18. paul davey

    i just dont give a flying fck what anyone else thinks of the music i like. i dont care if its popular, idealistic, or has cult status. All i need is a couple of friends to listen with and a couple of beers in the fridge.

  19. YAWN2012

    Just so long as fame doesn't turn a band into complete trash, it's all fine. So I agree partly with you and also the comment you replied to that I didn't read at all.

  20. Meizter Prophet

    all that matters is that you have discovered them and enjoys their music!

  21. hi i am rob

    Well said

  22. thebeashow

    om they are from sweden?? i'm from sweden and i never knew their music :(

  23. Otis Jorge


  24. ElCampo999

    Every time someone asks me what my favourite band is i always say The Knife, because they truly are my favourite band. But most peoples responses are "Who?"
    I only have 2 friends who know The Knife, ive only met 1 other person who knows them, and ive never heard them on the radio or TV. So where this idea that theyre "Popular" comes from, i dont know!
    And even if they are, WHO GIVES A SHIT!

  25. federic0

    don't have to be mean, theyre only human, not droids like us ;)

  26. MegaPatrickbateman

    What she said.

  27. pissgraven

    That's the comment of the year right there!

  28. One4u2nv

    @sophsophsophia ☆〜(ゝ。∂)Diggin' the message

  29. AerialNadir

    Nothing gold can stay.

  30. Katja

    i know what comment you are on about and you got it wrong . what the guy ment was he dosnt want this band to get famous? and why, think about it. have you saw all them bands that sell out in the end? they turn shit where they cant do everything they want. they go to major record labels and they just get buried to death. yeah more chart sells and what not, but we dont want cheesy music.

    and they will get influenced, look at how many people watch the knife videos. thats enough.

  31. MMD

    @sophsophsophia Best comment on youtube. Period.

  32. plasticweenis

    @sophsophsophia I greatly appreciate this comment. Greatly.

  33. 54321Adela

    Pure beauty.


    good song

  35. Kris

    Epic song ! the beat is mind blowing, i could have erection just listening to this, Knife is just outstanding in it's filed !

  36. shinryohji

    Short, powerful with a bitter sweet feeling and that hint of imature angst in the lyrics that that perfectly suit the title.
    A really good song.

  37. Jaela

    Uh, they are fairly famous. Heartbeats has over 1 million views, doesn't it? All of their songs have thousands of hits on youtube. Guess what? No one should care. Music is music. Great music is The Knife.

  38. thetwinkleturnip

    @Mattprole I think they re with us on that - even if they do become famous, I hope it's in that daft punk sort of way.

  39. rusalkadust

    @sophsophsophia AGREED TEN-FOLD! They're pretty fucking famous now anyway... are these fans going to stop being fans just because of that?! I love it when music like this hits mainstream... it means that there is some hope after all with the general public!

  40. Alejandro Gallardo


  41. Jeremy

    @ziroytle tim and jean come around

  42. Kalinda Khan

    @Mattprole they kinda already are...

  43. Alejandro Gallardo

    and its karin dreijer i know

  44. Alejandro Gallardo

    fever ray competition

  45. Alan Ibal

    @Mattprole We are two!

  46. 6stops

    Nice on the ears, but painfully short

  47. Plasti cover

    @sophsophsophia Thank you

  48. Sophia Ritchie

    Whyyyyy are the top comments such bullshit? Music is music, and fame may be a disgusting thing, but music is made to be listened to. If the world never hears The Knife, The Knife won't be influential, and if you don't want their music to be influential what the fuck. Your creepy cult alt music ideals are not about music at all, they're about you and your self-righteous fuckery.

  49. New Name

    @Aueneye I doubt they'll WANT to become famous. They refuse to accept awards; they just avoid the public's attention any way they can.

  50. Sui Cedere

    So wonderful....

  51. Righteous Anger

    Damn they're ugly, but good music.

  52. BatteriesDead

    The brother is SO hot!

  53. MightySaturn5

    @MightySaturn5 ...we may go with "Tee-melt"

  54. MightySaturn5

    @nonSteel Joannie's the one with Fever Ray, she's the one that delievered horseradish soap to the set of the new video The Knife was making, I know Joannie uses ladders everytime she's done this before but two weeks ago (last Friday) she made a piping hot apple pie for the 'after shoot' which was held at the range they were having target practice at, so in case someone says to know Fever Ray is to have high quality pie availability you'll instantly know its true that she wants to be called Melty

  55. Ty Steger

    These are some ignorant ass comments, shocker I know, but the knife has been well known for a long time before Karin had her solo project. I think it was this thing called the internet because when you have people in South America playing Heartbeats and Pass This On, I'm pretty sure you've made it to the show, wether or not soccer moms in North Carolina know who you are (who gives a fuck).

  56. Jesse Dowd


    stop being a tool

  57. linkbramley

    @Aueneye well said... very well said.

    The real test is if the "loyal" original fans will stay that way once the wagon is overcrowded.

  58. OhNoItsGojira

    @Mattprole I hope they never tour or never make another album. I'm selfish like THAT.

  59. Kasey Pettit

    such an easy song to play on syth : D

  60. carly williams

    needs to be longer

  61. mygrisgris

    the heck r u talking about?

  62. nawmean

    Just found this....

    DAMNNNNNNNNN this shit is badddassssss!!!!!

  63. M Machkofski

    too short!!:(

  64. Maruša /


  65. Bosch Bentley

    i love the knife <33333

  66. MidgetguyII

    I'm going to be making a ton of fan-made music videos for The Knife! I'm going to call it "Another Audio-Visual Experience".

    = )

  67. Andreas Reinold

    This is even better than the stuff she's doing with Royksopp. Great dicovery for me. Iam going to buy stuff by them.

  68. regan garizurieta

    @Eskimotto Karin is my life. Check out my song and give me feedback...she's a huge inspiration.

  69. Stassis

    It's better to have a small following who genuinely care than to have a million superficial bandwagon followers.

  70. domenicoscot

    this songs great but its abit short. I dont know why they didnt make it longer.

  71. mastorbatrix

    @Aueneye that's fine, as long as you don't all of a sudden hate them once they become famous just because you feel less unique. The Knife will never be as popular as pop though

  72. Jl Brady

    @Aueneye Oh, ofc. But some people/bands either try to become famous, or when they do they crave the media and allow themselves, full-knowingly to get sucked into the pit of decayed music.
    Knife seem to be the folk who wouldn't jus' let it happen straight up.

    Although, as others have said; they remain pretty under-the-radar as it is, and that's probably for the best. Their music isn't "poppy" enough for it to hit the charts and become famous anytime in the likely near future.

  73. Jl Brady

    @Aueneye Good thing is, at least, that they don't seem like the type of people who'd fast become media-whores and start to shite themselves up. All the bandwagonners will jus' be like "oh ya, they're pro..." until the next fad comes along, w/o ever actually bein' able to truly appreciate the genius behind their songs.

  74. IslandLife04

    So did Karin re-use this song when she sang with Royksopp on "What Else is There?", both songs sound VERY similar

  75. FonzimousPrime

    i heard a different version of this song,
    anyone wanna help me out?
    it was called High school poem by the knife also,
    but this isnt it,
    what did i hear?!

  76. Melis

    oh, ok :DD

  77. visvys

    this is the full version :)

  78. Melis

    isn't there any full versions of this song??

  79. ha11ett323

    this beat is HEAVY!!!

  80. Luis S.

    yes these are so deep i think...

  81. TRBNGR666

    never thought a guy named "bonerfacefuckercunt" could speak such truths.

  82. rezony33

    reminds me of Lullaby by the Cure

  83. Luis S.

    Who wants to be ordinary

    Who wants to be sweet

    Who wants to know mid-term

    Which hasn't been dried for weeks

    Which hasn't been dried for weeks

  84. Jonathan Barrett

    anyone know what hardware they're using? Or is it all software synthesis?

  85. charlie adams

    I wish this song was longer!

  86. Nathaniel M.


    Thank you so much for uploading!

  87. lekkki1

    freaking brilliant. Gorgeous. and I have to say, the knife HAVE been big for some time, just not in america. But that IS changing, I hope the knife have the integrity to withstand the onslaught of massive american critical acclaim. I think they do.

  88. DonnieDarko1

    I DID, that HoW I found out about them!

  89. DonnieDarko1

    YOoo WTF are these guys getting more and more incredible to me????!!!! its like am addicted to them, every nite or so just trying to look up ANYTHING about them, COME TO LOWER MANHATTAN! OMG, I think am a fan, I am indebted to all the others for putting up their old music vids b/c w/out them, i'd never find out anything bout' em. These guys are absolutely incredible, you people are incredible, please put up more stuff of theirs!!!!

  90. DangerBirdFliesAlone

    ;) ok. but i've seen somebody mentioning longer version

  91. Anton Khaytovich

    I mean 1minute 23seconds long :p

  92. Anton Khaytovich

    I dont think there is any. Album version is 1:23

  93. DangerBirdFliesAlone

    does anyone know where I could get a longer version?

  94. Anton Khaytovich

    wish this track was longer :(