Knife, The - From Off To On Lyrics

We can not wait much longer
We want happiness back
We want control of our bodies
Everything we've lacked
I think I even liked it
If the feeling was mine
A little something about my body
Is it the warmth inside

When we come home, we want it quiet and calm
We want you to sing us a song
When we come home, we pull the curtains down
Making sure that the TV is on

If you move a little closer
I'll tell you what's my aim
It's every evening on a big screen
Hosted by celebrities
I had a dream about deleting and killer whales
Is it the feeling of your body
Or is it the feeling of mine

When we come home, we want it quiet and calm
We want you to be around
When we come home, we pull the curtains down
Making sure that the TV is on

From off to on
From off to on

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Knife, The From Off To On Comments
  1. Raley Delk

  2. Isaias Roldan

    Qué clase de fenómeno estamos presenciando ?

  3. ki hide

    is there any song similer to this?
    like the atmosphere

    Asa Mercury

    I'd suggest listening to the album this is taken from if you haven't yet as well as Fever Ray's 1st record

    Corneliu Anca

    The Knife- The Captain, The Knife- Wrap Your Arms Around Me, Fever Ray- Mercy Street. I try to add to what Asa Mercury suggested

  4. carmen köchl

    magical ,,,,,,,,,

  5. Megafayce

    Voice at the end is very "Alien" breathing

  6. Kirsikka

    sounds like imogen heap

  7. Jack Stoneshaft

    that dude is in the red space suit is high on weed

  8. SvargaYantra




  9. sally dahlgaard

    this movie was made by a nazi, i cant belive you hype it

    Esben Egholm Nissen

    dont hate the player, hate the game

    Yellow Calx

    Wanting to make a film about resistance under the Nazis is almost exactly opposite from being a Nazi.


    Esben Egholm Nissen LOL

  10. Julian Grant

    great album

  11. Alisson Steph

    Sounds more like Fever Ray


    +Alisson Steph same people

    Alisson Steph

    +OannesProject I know, but the two projects have different sounds.


    ahh cool i get ya :)


    Well, it comes from Silent Shout, and that album has just its own sound

    Coke Nancupil

    I was looking for this song as fever ray ep, then I remembered it's a TK song :P

  12. yakisueba


  13. neuteka

    very well made!

  14. Cebby

    Kubrick + the knife FTW

    sally dahlgaard

    i u like the knife you should check out this danish dude! he is upcoming and has a taste of the knife ;=) search: onkel reje

  15. Eugène Onéguine

    The movie is 2001 not 2010 you cinematographic illiterate !

    Knut Elch

    The Clip for the Knife song was made in 2010..

    Eugène Onéguine

    @Knut Elch
    Why is it uploaded on the 14th of august 2011 then ?

    Knut Elch

    @Eugène Onéguine  original channel shut down by yt

    Eugène Onéguine

    @Knut Elch
    Oh I'm sorry, I missed something. It's weird though that you've entitled the video that way... this randomly led me to confusion.


    @Eugène Onéguine

  16. Clematisian

     . . . "My God ... it's full of stars!"


    so it's from Space Odyssey?

  17. BlueGuise

    This works beautifully!

  18. Hiro Protagonist

    I was on Pepsi when I 1st heard it. It was like.... amazing!

  19. OtherSyde

    What?? Silent Shout IS one long climax. It's an introspective, otherwordly brain-gasm. This album on DXM is mind-bending, as well.

  20. ElectrOlivia

    My god it's full of stars

    sally dahlgaard

    you celebrate a nazi i cant belive it, kubric was sympathatasizing with the nazigermany in many decades


    deres majestæt ahahah shut the fuck up


    thanks hamilton for enlightening the young...2010 is one of the greatest.

  22. hamilton721

    Young people, this is Kubrick. It is 2001. It is one of the 20 greatest films ever made.

  23. Fusili75

    I was on coke first time I heard Silent Shout.. From that point, I loved The Knife !

    sally dahlgaard

    woa i am s9o glad to heat was it a nice cokee and where u get it form


    ¡Gracias! <3

  25. ketatrypt

    ohhh you have no idea... dude wow.. no words can explain the glory of this hole album on acid.. Every time I listen to it, it just takes me right back. The hole album is just so over the top... It is hard music for my friends to understand. Hell one of my friend said that the song Silent Shout didn't have a climax. like W00T??

  26. plastilina000

    2001: A space odyssey

  27. Knut Elch

    2010 i made this vid :)

  28. plastilina000

    2010 or 2001?

  29. Pedro Alba

    It's more like Jodorowsky, right?

  30. sugarkaneification

    This looks like a Kubrick clip

  31. Francisco Sousa

    This is kinda weird, but touching aswell.

  32. Sean Dahl

    This song = Acid trip

  33. Heatherette Gia Bonet

    why does this video have hardly any comments, or likes? It rocks.

  34. Richard Randonis

    a space travesty

  35. PY11235

    I did not no my grandad was in this video

  36. 00oww

    @maethodik It is quite probable these people exist.

  37. sebhma

    i've been listening to the knife for many years and i have to say this is one of my absolute favourites. you can always find a new sound or dimension in it.

  38. Zorica Vuletic

    I decided that life would suck without The Knife (and Fever Ray).

  39. Nifunifa

    made me want to watch the movie again incredibly dine!

  40. MidgetguyII

    That was very nice. = )